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Chapter 119

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The pure-white wings flapped, causing gusts of wind to manifest .

Frank actually transformed into an angel and was high up in the air, looking down at Feng Lin imperiously .

"Angel Gene!" Feng Lin stared at this scene in shock as vigilance filled his heart .

"As expected of a genius I hired, you are able to instantly tell the gene I have awakened!" Frank felt that victory was already within his grasp as he coldly laughed . "Feng Lin, if you thought you can do anything you want to just because you are at the mid-phase of the interstellar cultivator realm, you are far too naive and have grossly overestimated yourself . You have also underestimated our Giant Pharmaceutical Company's foundation . Since you knew about the miraculous effects of the ancient divine medicine, how could I not have consumed it? After eating it, I awakened the Angel Gene . This is a variation-grade primeval gene! You should feel proud at being able to force me to reveal my true form . Next, just prepare to obediently wait for your death!"

"You speak too much nonsense!" Feng Lin coldly interrupted, not retreating but choosing to advance as he seized the initiative to make the first move .

All the antagonists in movies always died due to wanting to speak too much .

Who cared if Frank had Angel Gene or Devil Gene? As long as he blocked his path, Feng Lin wouldn't show mercy .

He was nothing but a birdman . Since this was the case, let's exterminate this bird then .

Vajra Dragon Claw!

Feng Lin's hands took the shape of claws as he sliced out with it . His claw force spread through the air, attacking his opponent .

Frank was floating in the air and had a look of arrogance on his face . He didn't realize the swiftness and ferociousness of Feng Lin's long-distance attack . A bloody scar soon appeared on his face as he fell down to the ground . His feathers were ruffled and he cut a sorry figure .

"How dare you!" He forcefully stabled himself . His hair and face were now stained with dust . He then flew up in the air again as he roared in rage, "YOU ARE COURTING DEATH!"

His wings flapped powerfully as his feathers gleamed, becoming erect as they shot forth like a rain of bullets, aiming for Feng Lin .

Feng Lin just wanted to evade, but all of a sudden, a heavy pressure akin to a giant mountain bore down on him, restricting his movements .

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Gravity Gene!

Feng Lin recalled the other genetic ability which Frank possessed . Clearly, Frank wanted to control his movements, making it so that he couldn't dodge the attack .

Since this was the case, he would rather choose not to dodge . He placed his arms before his chest, acting like a shield to protect his vital areas as his skin tightened, revealing a jade-like luster covering his entire body .

Bang, Bang, Bang!

The sounds of metal clashing were akin to a heavy gale in a thunderstorm .

The feathers slammed into Feng Lin, but at the moment of impact, all of them were bent out of shape and fell to the ground instead .

Other than Feng Lin's clothes being tattered and torn, he wasn't injured in the slightest .

"What?" The smile on Frank's face vanished . His sure-kill strike was instantly rendered ineffective, causing him to be stunned .

Did Feng Lin awaken a body-strengthening gene?

As an experienced interstellar cultivator, Frank's judgment wasn't bad . He could instantly tell a part of the Stone Monkey Gene's abilities .

The toughness of Feng Lin's body had exceeded his imaginations . Even his feathers that were as tough as steel weren't able to penetrate Feng Lin's body .

The feathers were as dense as raindrops in a shower . With such a huge quantity of feather attacks, Feng Lin endured them one by one . In the end, he was only left with a tattered-looking underwear, all his other clothes had been torn into pieces .

His almost naked body was revealed . His muscles were well-proportioned and he had an athletic body like a human-shaped ancient monkey, filled with strength and the beauty of wildness .

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As an interstellar cultivator, Feng Lin naturally wouldn't mind the circumstances . He continued launching attacks, giving no regards to his naked body . "Come at me!"

Every punch unleashed a transparent punch force that could be seen clearly by the naked eye . The streams of air erupted forth with the power of air cannons as they rushed up to the sky .

Thunderous explosions rang out continuously in rapid succession . Upon seeing this, Frank wrapped his wings protectively around him, blocking this violent storm of punch force .

Seeing that his feathers could do nothing to Feng Lin, Frank moved his hands, forming a shape resembling a cross and placed them before his chest . A resplendent light grew brighter and brighter, manifesting in the hearts of his palms .

"A sinner that profane God's blood . I shall judge your sins in the name of God . Under this holy light, prepared to be purified!" Frank chanted loudly as he pushed out with his palms .

Angelic Holy Light Fist!

A brilliant beam of piercing pure-white light like the divine light from the kingdom of heaven instantly flooded the area, cleansing the mortal world .

Frank punched out with his fist, and a pillar of white light engulfed Feng Lin .

Feng Lin's arms were held protectively before his face as he collided with the attack head-on .

This white light contained an incredibly scorching heat and had the terrifying energy that could purify anything .

Feng Lin felt a piercing pain all over his body, like he was pricked by needles . The holy light was like tumors, killing all the healthy cells that came in contact with it .

Under the radiance of the holy light's judgment, Feng Lin was like an evil creature that was about to be thoroughly purified .

"As expected of a variation grade primeval gene!" Feng Lin involuntarily sighed . This was the first time he had suffered such a huge energy impact, and it truly caused him to feel surprised .

Feng Lin fully activated the Stone Monkey Gene's impervious to fire and water to the max . The faint layer of luster that appeared acted as a shield against the holy light, not allowing the holy light to seep into his body .

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Frank continued with his barrage of attacks . His wings flapped as he flew around in the air . The holy light beams were launched from all directions, completely engulfing Feng Lin .

Feng Lin was buried within . Looking that there was no commotion for a long time, it seemed that the purification had worked .

After some time, Frank retracted his wings . But just as he was about to land, a sense of danger suddenly appeared in his heart as he hurriedly fled into the air again .

The holy light radiance faded away; a naked body could be seen standing on the ground . If this wasn't Feng Lin, who would it be?

"What? The holy light is no longer effective?" Frank was startled .

What genes did this Feng Lin awaken exactly? He actually suffered no injuries?

Frank suddenly started to panic for no reason at all .

"Get down for me!" During the time when Frank was distracted, Feng Lin squatted and leaped in the air . His hands that were in the shape of claws rapidly grabbed over .

Frank couldn't react in time, and a large number of feathers were ripped from his wings, causing a large patch of baldness that was extremely ugly to behold to appear in one of his wings .

"Even if you are a birdman, I'm going to strip you of all your feathers, making you become a bald bird!" Feng Lin grimly spoke . His hand was in the shape of a claw and ruthlessly slashed out as the claw force traveled through the air toward Frank .

Holy Light Shield!

Frank activated a shield of holy light to block the force from the air .

Contrary to the circumstances, Feng Lin actually gained the advantage and he naturally wouldn't be polite . His strength seemed boundless as he continued with his claw attacks, repeatedly launching attacks until the light of the holy shield dimmed before it fell into pieces .

After a short exchange of blows, he could see some of the flaws of the Angel Gene .

Those with the Angel Gene possessed the ability to fly and they could control the energy of holy light .

However, this wasn't without flaws . This Angel Gene was only a variation-grade gene; it wasn't a perfect gene .

Also, Frank only had a pair of wings and could be considered as the lowest grade among angels . His abilities wouldn't be too strong, and there was sure to be a weakness .

Feng Lin discovered that although Frank's vitality stats were evidently higher than his, he remained floating in the air, not daring to come down .

What did this mean? Clearly, Frank was afraid of close combat!

He didn't dare to get close to Feng Lin because his body was weak .

When he discovered this, Feng Lin's eyes brightened . Since you don't want to come down, let me go up to meet you then!

His aura changed . After storing power, he leaped high into the air, rapidly traveling upward to a height even higher than Frank .

His body then flipped upside down, resembling a shooting star falling from the sky . One of his hands lashed out heavily like a whip, infused with his overwhelming strength .

Bzz, bzz, bzz!

Even before the whip arrived, a white scar could already be seen in the air as explosions rang out .

God Beating Whip Imprint!

Feng Lin's eyes locked onto his target, and a vicious look appeared on his face .

So what even if you are a lofty angel from the legends?

I'm going to whack you so badly until you fall into the mortal world!

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