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Chapter 25

"The Night Raiders are a famous pack of wolves in this area," said Xiao . "They have 3 Heaven Spirit Stage experts leading them . "

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Tian Yi listened to his words before casually jumping off the carriage .

"Big Brother!" Meng Xiang called for him with worry, afraid he'd get hurt or even worse— die .

What will happen if he dies? Even if she somehow miraculously manages to escape so many bandits, where will she go? Where can she go? Return to living in the streets?

Tian Yi turned to smile at her brightly . "Do not worry; I will be fine . "

Xiao also jumped off from the carriage and pulled out a whip from inside his robes .

"Two raids in one run, huh? It's actually going smoother than I'd expected . " He laughed, not feeling much pressure from the situation knowing how mysterious of a person Tian Yi was .

"Resisting us, huh? To choose the path of death so casually, I cannot say I'm not surprised . "

The bandits also pulled out their own weapons, mostly short weapons such as daggers and short swords .

Tian Yi shook his head at their actions .

There was 13 bandits and 3 of them including Meng Xiang .

Xiao was a cultivator at the Heaven Spirit Stage while the majority of these bandits were at the Profound Spirit Stage with a few Mortal Spirit Stage .

If he really wanted to, Xiao himself could easily handle this situation by himself and walk out with only a few more holes in his robes .

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Tian Yi, on the other hand…

"What is the point of this? What will you gain out of attacking the innocent?" he asked them in a nonchalant tone .

The bandits looked at him with a weird expression .

Asking bandits what they would gain out of stealing from others… was this something wrong with his head?

"Hahahaha! This guy is a real bird-brain!"

"What a fucking idiot!"

"Hahaha! My insides! I think we should spare him for last and kill everyone else!"

"How should we torture him? Cut his limbs off one by one? Or should we boil him alive? Hahaha!"

The bandits' evil laughter and words made Meng Xiang's eyes watery; she wasn't used hearing such vicious words .

Xiao sighed inwardly . Although he didn't know the extent of Tian Yi's true cultivation base, he knew that he wasn't someone they could afford to offend like this .

"Unreasonable and illogical, huh . " Tian Yi nodded as if he understood their character .

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He waved his sleeves, and a golden glow followed the movements of his finger, creating a graceful yet profound pattern in the air .

"Spirit Arts Master!" Xiao cried out with shock upon seeing the pattern in the air .

It took only an instant for Tian Yi to draw this pattern; it happened so fast Xiao didn't even realize he was done only after staring at the pattern for a few seconds .

Even the bandits were shocked to the point of their eyes popping out of their eye sockets, their jaw dropped .

"S-Spirit Arts Master!"

The bandits instantly regretted their decision to raid this carriage .

Who would have expected to encounter a Spirit Arts Master, people known for their arrogance and pride, in such a poor-looking carriage in the middle of nowhere?!

Spirit Arts Masters are experts who specialize in Spirit Arts or, in other terms, Formation Masters .

Spirit Arts or Formations are arrays, magic fields or spells that require the consumption of the users' Soul Force and can either attack or defend the caster based on the techniques used .

Spirit Arts come in many different categories, such as but not limited to— Battle Arts, Defensive Arts, Restrictive Arts, Sealings Arts, Mirage Arts— and much more .

In addition to their unique techniques, Spirit Arts Masters are favorites chosen by Heaven itself with only one appearing every 1,000,000 births— they are people with one of the rarest gifts in this world right below those born with a Spirit Body, hence their scarcity!

Tian Yi suddenly tapped the glowing pattern in the air, the pattern moving forward a bit before quickly dissipating into shiny particles .

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"Soul Devouring Nightmares—"

Almost instantly after the glowing patterns disappeared, the surrounding bandits fell on their knees and began clutching their head, as though they were experiencing extremely painful headaches .



They began screaming moments later, sounding as though they were being tortured .

Xiao's jaw dropped with shock .

What kind of Spirit Arts did he just cast, exactly?

Many of the bandits began rolling on the ground, their hands pulling onto their hair so hard you could see their scalp being torn out .

Their faces covered with sweat were filled with popping red veins, their mouth drooling with saliva— it was a horrifying sight that caused Meng Xiang to faint from fright .



The screaming no longer sounded human, causing even Xiao, who has killed a respectable amount of people in his life, to be drenched in cold sweats .

Tian Yi's expression was calm and indifferent despite the screaming, his gaze even staring at the struggling bandits without flinching .

"How does it feel— to experience the things you had done to others in the past?" He suddenly said .

"Those innocent people you killed, the way you killed them, even the things you said to them before they close their eyes forever— they are all too clear in my eyes…"

Tian Yi closed his eyes, images flashing through his head like flipping pages on a picture book . However, instead of a story about heroes, it was a story of countless merchants and families enduring endless pain and suffering from the bandits during their travel .

"The cruelness of this world… the injustice… the disappointment people felt towards the Heaven… I was unaware of it until last night…" He shook his head, clearly disappointed in his ignorance .

"Although I came down here to have fun… what fun can I have knowing that I am surrounded by people like you?"

Tian Yi slowly lifted his sleeves—

"You fouled things are an eyesore! Disappear from my presence this instant!"

He viciously waved his sleeves, and a profound ripple swept the place, the bandits touched by the ripple turning into a fog of blood .

The screaming instantly stopped, and both the carriage and Xiao were covered in blood— Xiao even tasting some of the blood due to his mouth being opened from shock .

And just like that, the dozen of bandits experienced the same fate as the three they were searching for— by turning into a fog of blood .