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Level 99 Villainous Daughter - Volume 1 - Chapter 12

Published at 1st of April 2020 07:55:38 PM

Chapter 12


At the end of the first year of school, when the long spring vacation was approaching, many students invited me to tea parties and parties .

They were told by their parents to extend an invitation to me, so when they invited me, they do it with a fearful voice . When I refused their invitation, they had this complicated expression mixed with relief and disappointment .

Naturally, I was told to come back to my parents’ house . The invitation didn’t even hide the purpose of introducing me to a wonderful person . In the first place, these are the people I’ve never met, and I wouldn’t say 「I’ll go home . 」 to a house I’ve never been to .

There was a place that I really want to visit this spring break . If there’s no invitation for me to go there, I’d still go there on my own . But it would be better if I was invited to go there .

A week before the break started, when I’ve been tired of waiting, she finally talked to me .

「Yu-yumiela-sama, may I speak to you? 」

「Hai, it’s fine, Jessica-san . And you can drop the -sama . 」

Her name is Jessica Monford, and she’s the one I was waiting for .

In the game, she was friend with Alicia, but because of Alicia’s being approached quickly by the capture targets, they have no relationship .

「Yumiela…san, do you have any plans… for the long break? 」

「I don’t have any plans, I’m free . 」

So, invite me to your home .

「Ano, recently, there’s a dragon appearing in Monford, my family’s territory . Right now, livestock is the only damage, but we don’t know when people will be attacked .

The army won’t do anything since there was no human harmed, so I thought Yumiela-san could do something about it . As I thought, you can’t… right? 」

「Let’s subjugate the dragon . 」

That was a prompt decision . I didn’t expect the story to go so well .

This is an important event in the game . In the original scenario, Jessica asks her friend, Alicia, for a help for the crisis in her home territory .

However, because of my irregular influence, they never become friends . And so, at the last straw, Jessica asked for my assistance .

I have my reason for accepting her request . The reward for this event is very attractive .

「Um, is it really okay? 」

Jessica seems to be bewildered because this was going so well . Aren’t you glad? I’m happy that I’m the one you asked for doing this .

The last day of the first year happened without any incident, and now I will come to Monford’s territory for my break .

Jessica, who was afraid of me, on our way inside the carriage she was able to speak to me normally .

Baron Monford’s territory is a place full of nature . Oh, it’s the countryside . It would make sense if a dragon appearing in this territory, there were an uproar .

「I’m home—, I bring someone who can handle the dragon— 」

Jessica announced her return in front of her residence with a loud voice, and the servants came out one by one, delighted at her arrival .

「Welcome home, Ojousama . You bring a friend along . 」

Heh, a friend . It’s a pest control extermination machine .

When we were admitted into the house, we met Jessica’s father . It was a short meeting with Baron Monford .

「Thank you for your invitation . I’m Yumiela Dolknes . 」

「Thank you for coming . However, there’s a dragon appearing in this territory . I might not be able to entertain you so much . 」

Baron Monford said that in an apologetic tone . Eh? You should be talking by letter, right?

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「Dad, Yumiela-san is the one who will subjugate the dragon . 」

「Is she as strong as the Demon King as Jessica said? 」

At the Baron’s puzzled expression, remembering Jessica’s explanation . Did you write that I was as strong as the Demon King in your letter? When I threw a sidelong glimpse at her, she explained in a rush .

「Yumiela-san is level 99 . Um, and I wrote that Yumiela-san was strong enough to defeat the Demon King, not that Yumiela-san is the Demon King . 」

I saw the Baron still looked doubtful . It’s been a long time since I felt like this .

The next morning, I immediately decided to head for the mountain to get rid of the dragon . And I was kept company by two soldiers as a scout .

Jessica was offering herself to go with me, but I politely reject it since there’s a potential fight that could occur today .

「Hey, why do we have to accompany the noble lady’s selfishness? 」

「It can’t be helped . It was the lord’s order . 」

The two soldiers who accompanied me saw me as a selfish girl who wants to see a dragon . I started to walk around the mountain in quick steps without paying attention to their whispered quarrel .

Halfway up the mountain, I found an open space surrounded by the trees, and I decided to wait for the dragon there .

「Let’s take a short break here . 」

They arrived out of breath in my place and sat down on the ground .

「Ha—a ha—a, young lady, I forgot to say, but I’ll run away as soon as the dragon comes out . Let’s do this sightseeing moderately . 」

Are you still misunderstanding? At this point, you should have known since I don’t even feel out of breath in our walk .

It’s here . I stare at the sky without responding to the soldier’s words .

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「W-what is that? That shadow… Is it the dragon? 」

When they looked at the sky, they find a shadow . The shadow gradually gets closer and larger until it reaches the distance that the eyes can see .

「C’mon! Let’s hide! 」

The soldiers quickly hide behind the rocks nearby .

「It looks like they’ve found us . 」

When I told them it’s useless to hide, the dragon was circling around us . Are they on the alert for those who trespass their territory?

As anticipated, the dragon that appeared was a fire-type dragon . The only warning I got before it shoots fire was when the mouth opened .

While looking at the dragon, I think of a way to kill it . If possible, I want to kill it while their body still in perfect condition .

Many of my long-distance magic attacks will erase the dragon remains . And the magic attack that comes from the target’s shadow can’t be applied to an airborne enemy .

「I… I’m done for… I’m going to be eaten by the dragon . 」

Soldier-san, are you have given up already? I decided to give up on getting all the precious raw materials since my companions are in a bad state of mind .

「Black Hole . 」

When I cast my magic, the dragon’s left wing was enveloped in darkness, and then it disappears with the darkness . The dragon, which lost one wing, rotates in a tailspin before hitting the ground .

I tried to stop the finishing blow, but he seemed to be dead after the crash—what a weak dragon .

「Yes! That was amazing, Ojou-chan! 」

They high fives in a moment, and feeling overwhelmed started to shed tears . They felt moved, but didn’t they tell me to handle the dragon myself on our way here?

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「It’s okay to feel happy, but we’re not done yet . 」

Even though the fire dragon has been defeated, but it’s not over yet . The dragon that settled in this mountain is a pair .

In the game, the boss is said to have a fire attribute, so many of the players reinforced themselves with water-type weapons and fire-resistant armor . However, after defeating the fire dragon, they will fight with a wind attribute dragon .

And of course, the second one was stronger . It’s a trap event where you must take countermeasures against wind attributes .

Suddenly, a roar echoed all over the mountain . I wonder if he’s angry about his wife being killed? Or perhaps it was her husband .

The wind-type dragon flew out of the forest near the summit into the sky, coming straight towards us . As expected, the wind-type speed is different from the previous one .

「Oh, watch out! 」

The soldier shouts when they see the dragon about to attack me, but there is no problem .

The dragon stopped before my eyes .

「Shadow Lance . 」

The lances extended from the shadow that attacked them was the cause of their defeat . The countless number of lances was protruding from my shadow . The dragon was stitched up in the air and died .

The soldiers had been on a roller coaster of emotion twice, feeling resigned to their death, they seemed to have aged .

I asked them to come down to bring more people to transport the dragon . This way, I can get the goods I want .

Did you ever wonder why suddenly a pair of dragons appeared and settled on this mountain? They do that to raise their child . They attacked the livestock because they have no time to hunt for monsters .

As soon as I looked at the area around where the second dragon appeared, I found the nest . Things went so well that I ended up smirking .

The dragon’s egg sitting in the nest is just what I’m looking for .

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