Levelmaker - Chapter 48

Published at 25th of July 2018 12:13:25 PM

Chapter 48

The Knick and Honnard Store

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TL: Yuki
ED: Chinozuku

This here now is where the Inn run by that young adult person who saved me from those hentai lolicons bad guys .
Upon entering, it really gives off a nice atmosphere inside .
But it seems that the price for rent seems high .
Ult-san then notices me and called out to me .

「Oh… Alim-chan, you came by . Are going to take a room?」
「Really… The prices for the rooms here will be 500 Bells for B Class, 760 Bells for A-Class, and 1200 Bells for S for an overnight stay . So are what do you want to choose? (… If it is according to what I see, Alim-chan will probably choose the A-Class so maybe I should lessen the price by 300 bells? How ’bout that?)」

I want to take care of this new body . So that’s why I’ll take the S Classroom . Well, I do have around 800 thousand Bells on hand so money isn’t really a problem…

「S Class Room please, for now, good for 10 days . 」
「Ah, S class for 10 days is it… Eh!? Are you ok with the bills?」
「Yup . I’m okay with it . 」

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I take out one big gold coin, one gold coin, and one large silver coin .

「Hue~~ were you probably someone like a nobles daughter or something? Then S Classroom for 10 days is it . 」
「Then let me lead you, the room is over here . 」

Ooh, It looks kinda like a Luxury Hotel I saw on TV some time ago . I will enjoy this room for now . I will be playing trampoline on the bed . Anyway, I have nothing to do any more for the time being . I ate the food prepared by Ultz-san, and then took a bath and went to bed .
Good Night .


Good Morning .

I am now making my way towards the store called “Knick and Honnard” today .
It will be not good if I go too early, so I guess I’ll take my time and go there around 3 o’clock I guess? Until then, what would be good to do? Having some conversation with Ultz-san? Nah, he seems to be busy at the moment . Well, whatever . I’ll just be bothering anyway . So let’s move there now . Yup, have to go there now .

I walk around using a map and arrived in front of the said store .
When I opened the door and it gave out a nice sound, there are sure are a lot of weapons displayed inside . A sword, a spear, a bow… None of the items seems mediocre at all as you examine them . Then a big hairy man came out from the back of the shop . [TL: Hagrid, is that you??]

「Welcome jou-chan, or maybe, you are that Alim-chan?」
「Yes! That is so!」
「Is that so, you really came by . Oi, Nii-san! Nii-san! Alim-chan came by!」[TL:OnePunchMan Niiiiiiiii-saaaaaaannn!!!!] [ED: Glad he’s not calling him Nii-Chan TL: That would be disgusting XD]

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Well what do you know, I’m glad that I have arrived just at the right time .
The big guy is calling for someone inside the shop .
After a few moments, I can hear the sound of people walking down the stairs . And from behind, a man which looks similar to that big man before appeared .

「Hou, so it was you who wanted to learn blacksmithing and enchanting, a girl right?」
「Hnn… It really is a pretty girl, as Arkin-san mentioned」

Oh please, I will be embarrassed if you praise me so much . [ED: And again, I feel conflicted about this]
And they began talking again .

「I’m Honnard, store owner of the weapon shop here . And this one is…」
「Knick, I’m a blacksmith of this weapon shop and the brother of this person . 」
「Please to meet you, Honnard-san, Knick-san!」
「Ah yes, please to meet you . 」

Fumu, as expected of someone Arkin-san introduced .
They seem to be a good brother .
Knick-san will be the one to guide me .

「Then first, let me tell you about smithing . Let us move to the second floor Alim-chan . 」

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[TL: I sure have probably read a lot of weird stuff coz it makes me think of something here . ]
[ED: Don’t worry TL-chan, no “Ugly Bastard” tag is present]

Then after moving to his workplace, knick-san began to teach me about the tools used for blacksmithing and how they are to be used . Then he begins picking up the tools and showing things like how to process iron while explaining how it works .

「Hou, It seems like you’re getting the hang of it . 」
「Ehehehehe… … …」

And so, I finally manage to get the skill from this point .

「I was able to learn the skills!」
「Thank you very much for the help!」
「Oooh, It’s good, I will pass the items you have requested when you are leaving later . 」
「Then, it’s time to go to Honnard, you will be learning enchantment from him . 」

I moved down from the second floor and moved to the weapon shop below this time .

「I’m able to learn to smith!」
「Is that so, Alim-chan sure is a fast learner . Then the next one will be an enchantment . 」
「Oh, the first is, what we call enhancement is … … …」

Talking about it, in short, is something like this .
Enchantment mainly uses either Demon core or MP . [ED: I guess she has unlimited MP TL: Not really she just have A lot to the point that you normally can’t use it all . ]
It seems like you have to construct a magic circle using something called an enchantment pen and pour MP into it as you draw . The stronger the enchantment the more the costs it will require .
And on another note, enchantments are essentially written directly on things, and magic cards are created for those who do not enchant skills .
The first things Honnard-san taught me is how to write different magic circles and the types, and actually writing one to show me . And let me write one as well . And also, it seems that I could also master these skills .

「Honnard-san, I have been able to learn the skill!」
「Ooooh!? So fast, seriously . 」
「Yosh!… then if you any more questions don’t hesitate to come by again! Do your best and work hard to master them!」
「Oi!!!… Nii-san! Alim-chan was also done learning enchantment!?」

The sound of Knick-san moving down noisily from the second floor can be heard .

「Oh! As expected . This girl is really amazing… and then after that, here are the things you’ve asked for . Please confirm it . 」
「Ok, thank you very much . 」

Hmmm, the quality of work is really good . At times like this, appraisal king really is convenient . I then paid the tools and reception fee .

「And then again, thank you for all this!…」
「Ooh!… Alim-chan! Do come back again!」

After all that, I left the store of “Knick and Honnard” and then proceed to the Inn . Now, I’m looking forward to what things and skills I can make from this .