Life Howling - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

I heard his skull crack into bits and pieces and his last breath leaving his body .

“He’s weak . . . no . I’ve just gotten stronger . ”

I never was the type of person who liked to fight . How did I end up this way? 

A combat skill? That was given in that white room . It’s just a part of me now, since it became part of my instincts . I just naturally know how to fight now .

Everything I think is weird is just my brain being strange . I’m too calm for all of this, and I’m adapting all too well…

Have I always been like this?

I have no idea . I just don’t know anymore .

While looking down at this creature I’ve just taken out, I came to a conclusion on what to call it . It’ll be called a hop goblin .

A hop goblin is something that’s widely used across games with a physique that’s much bigger than the typical goblin .

It’s actually too small… to be called an orc . I mean, orcs are trademarked with all that muscle too .

So, I’ll just call it the hop goblin .

While putting this new name on a dead creature’s body, I checked to see if there was anythign worth keeping .

They call guys like these . . . bums . He literally doesn’t have anything on him . What gives…

Sigh .

Well, let’s just go check out where they dragged the bear to .

If I’m lucky, I might even find their hideout . That’ll be the jackpot .

Thud . Thud .

I began walking, following the tracks on the ground through the mountain . It was rather easy since there weren’t any difficult paths along the way .  

They appeared to be pretty mobile .

Tik! Tik!


Something flew and hit me . The protective gear I had on had blocked whatever it was, and just happened to make that noise before falling to the ground .

Tik! Tik! Tik! Tik!

It keeps flying at me . I looked straight trying to figure out what it was .  

It was a fairly good sized, long needle .

The ends were pretty blunt while the tip was really sharp . Chunks of liquids at the end didn’t make it seem any friendly either .

A poisonous needle?

“Tch . with needles…?”

I guarded with my face with both of hands as I looked to see where the needles came from . There was something smaller than that hob goblin sitting on a branch nearby .

He had a green colored skin on a slender figure . He looked like a skinny monkey, but with longer nose and shaper teeth .  

His height couldn’t be more than a meter . If it came down to a fight, I probably could just beat him to death .

I could see the long, tube-like tool he was holding in his hand to blow the poisonous darts at me . Unfortunately for him, the protective gear I’m wearing is made of reinforced plastic and kevlar weaved into it . That just won’t work for him .

“Divine Attack . ”

Four lights appear above my head . Four of them flew straight towards the monkey and began bashing his body .

Puk! Puk! Puk! Puk!

Puk! Puk! Puk! Puk!


He quickly fell to the ground from a height that was close to a 2 story building . He was now shaking in shock .



“Kiru Kuruka!”

Damn . They all reside on the tree branches . They look pretty primitive seeing how not a single one of them have a bow and arrows .  

“Divine Attack . Divine Attack . Divine Attack . ”

I’m going to consecutively use this attack to take out everything that’s surrounding me . Strangely, and lucky for me, these lights must have some kind of homing function because it’s chasing down those who are dodging .



Three of them fell to the ground screaming . They were shaking uncontrollably while suffering from pain .  

I made my way over to the one that was the closest, thinking they wouldn’t die so easily especially from falling from a tree like that .

“Ki… . kieh . . ”

The monkey creature made some kind of noise and showed me its fangs . It made me realize how different they were from humans . Still willing to fight their enemy while being in great pain like that .

Alright, so you’re telling me that you’re a living, breathing, life form . . Is that it?

But what else can I do here? My job is to kill all of you .

Hweek .

Hweek .

Puhhk .

The mace I brought down on his head crushed his skull on contact . There was blood everywhere with bits and pieces of the skull as well .

I turned towards the others .  

I should call them goblins as well since these guys appear to co-exist with the hob goblins .


Tak . Tak . Tak . Tak .

Eight goblins came down to surround me after something up in the trees made that sound . They were all holding wooden spears as they were screaming my way .

The stench that was coming off of them was unbearable . It was close to that of a rotten meat, which was piercing my nostrils .  

The noises they were making weren’t helping me stay focused either .  

What in the world do they possibly want from me?


They came at me with their spears . It was fast and precise, but it wasn’t strong enough to do any real damage to my gear . It just made few scratches here and there . This isn’t something that a wooden spear can pierce through its surface .  

As I made my way forward, I raised my mace up . Without having to use any of my Steel Body Technique… I struck down with it as hard as I could .


It broke the shoulder of one of the spearheads . I had originally aimed for its head, but he was able to dodge it at the last minute by twisting his body around .

“Divine Bind . ”

I used another Divine Skill . A string of light appeared and binded the shoulder of one of the monsters I had just attacked .

I used another Divine Skill . A string of light appeared and binded the shoulder of one of the monsters I had just attacked .

5% of my Divine power just depleted like that . Luckily, I could feel it recover as fast as it depleted with the help of my ring and bracelet . Maybe, the mace too .

Hweek .


The bind mercilessly secured him and made him fall to the ground for me to smash his head in . While I was aiming to strike his head, other spearheads were coming in for mine .

“Hmm . ”

I turned my body to dodge their attacks . I ran forward and placed my back on a tree with them in my sight .

No matter how good I might be at dodging, I can’t guarantee that back of my head will be completely safe .  

They were coming at me . Charging as fast as they can with their little legs, and jumping towards me .  

Hweek .

I spin my mace round and round to block every spear that comes my way . After, I grip my fast as hard as I can and aim for the guy in front of me .

Pukk .

The force of my blow makes him fall to the ground . He begins mumbling something in pain .

“Divine Attack . ”

Shwahhk .

Puhhhk .

His face is destroyed when 4 divine spheres flew towards him and began pulverizes everything .  

I’d say . . . this attack has equivalency of a hammered work .

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