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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 100

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:03:28 AM

Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – Berserking Carlos


"What the heck is that!?"

Brim, Thorn, and other crews gazed at the source of the monster's scream . It was close by .

"Is that a zombie's screech?"

"Nah, the zombies have a high pitch . This one is kinda deep . "

"This should be something bigger than a zombie . Maybe it's one of those obese zombies? The grotesque one that looks like Pudge?"

Thorn ignored the Tautog crews as he focused on Crystal .

"Can you give us the visual or can you tell us what happened over there? If it's Misha, then we can move in and rescue her . "

[Roger that . Give me a few seconds . ]

= Ten seconds later =




The ground trembled, and over a hundred of ten-meter earth spikes shot toward the sky . All of them were aimless as their sharp tips pointed in a different direction .

[I've got the visual! It's Misha! She's … flying!? Wait a minute, a newly awakened dragonewt can't fly! She's really a freaking otherworlder!]


Thorn widened his eyes in disbelief . If Misha were one of the heinous otherworlders they knew, she would not have rescued Brim as he was their precious test subject .

Furthermore, Misha would not have told them about the miraculous medicine at all .

Thorn's instinct cried that Misha could be trusted, but the fact was against it . Hesitated, Thorn asked for Crystal's confirmation .

"Should we cancel the rescue and leave her!?"

Crystal also could not decide as she had the same thought as Thorn .

[AARRGGGHHH!!! Fuck it! Chacha, go help her! It doesn't matter if she's otherworlder or not, she's our ally!]

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[Also, I found Sebastian over there as well! I don't know what he is doing, but he's observing Misha from above . Be wary of him when you get there!]

Thorn turned to Brim and other Tautog pilots, who had already drunk the potion and revived their partners . They, too, had evolved into dragonewts like Brim .

"The rest of you should withdraw back to base . Misha already has a machine, so she'll be fine . "

The pilots gazed at Thorn in reluctant, "Can we help?"

"Our mission is already half-success . Get Brim back home first, so nothing can go wrong . Don't forget our base's favorite quote!"

All of them nodded, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong . "

"Yup . Now, don't let this mission go wrong . Get going!"

"Yes, sir!"

Tautog crews got to their mechs while Brim jumped boarded one of the robots, squeezing himself into his friend's one-man cockpit .

"Brim . Actually, you can sit on my mech's palm, you know?"

Brim looked at his friend with an awkward smile, "I'm scared of height . "

"Bullshit! A former skydiver scares of height?"

"Just kidding . I just want to kiss you . I love you, buddy . "

"Scram! GTFO of my cockpit!"

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While Brim and his friends were having a friendly squabble, Thorn rushed back to his mech . Once he got inside Zeris One's cockpit, he connected the communication channel with the headquarter .

A square overlay with Crystal's cam face appeared at Thorn's monitor, far-right corner of the screen .

Zeris One engine roared as the machine dashed forward .


Carlos screamed as he dashed toward Mia . His feet carried the weight of five tons each, and his grotesque body generated hard stones as armor . As he ran, the ground sunk, sending small tremor shockwave toward the sides .

He jumped to the sky, trying to grab Mia .

Mia floated backward, and Carlos missed his target . As Carlos could not fly, he dropped to earth by gravity .

Currently, Carlos weighed over ten tons . Thus, the impact of his landing caused an earthquake and a large crater .

Burrow scorpions and snakes left their nests in a panic . Some moody ones glared at Carlos and jumped at him, thinking that he was a prey .

Carlos turned around and threw rock punches at the oncoming monsters, which smashed the scorpions and snakes into mincemeat .

His action provoked the nearby monsters in the area as the smell of blood and gore enticed them . Two hundred underground monsters screeched and charged at Carlos .

The berserk 3-meter rock hulk disregarded Mia and charged at the monster horde .

Meanwhile, Mia observed the madness below him with an indifferent expression .

He did not tell this to Tama . Roleplaying Jigsaw was not the only reason why Mia dragged Carlos here .

As a berserk overmind could exhibit 300% of their physical prowess, Mia did not want to risk himself as he did in the past . He forced Carlos into this field, so he could aggro all the monsters underground and get his attention off Mia and Tama .

From Mia's perspective, fighting Carlos in this state head-on was a stupid thing to do . Since his conscience was no more and his body did not possess any offensive skill that could harm him, Mia ignored the berserking overmind .

'Once he is exhausted, I can deal with him later, or I should leave it to that old fox . '

Mia glanced at the sky . Sebastian's eyes were gluing at Carlos in shock, and he did not realize that Mia had already detected him .

From the moment that Maou Mia woke up for the first time, he had already spotted Sebastian with his 3D mind map .

At first, Mia ignored this butler as he was under his mech's protection . Now that Mia left Prometheus, Sebastian could be a hidden threat .

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With haste, Mia floated back to Prometheus . He returned to the cockpit and closed the hatch in silence . Since Shurka was still asleep, he moved her aside and leaned back on his seat .


A muffled noise came from outside, but Mia did not care about it anymore . He flipped the air conditioning switch and closed his eyes . Exerting his brainpower exhausted his mental strength .

"Tell me when he's done playing with the scorpion . Imma take a nap . "

*MYA!* (WTF!? You can't chill yet! We haven't returned to base!)

"Sebastian is watching . He'll deal with the rest . "

*Mya Mew!* (Wha!? Since when? Wait, don't sleep! Get us back to base first . You're an absurd banana! Hey, wake up!)

Ignoring Tama, Mia relaxed his mind, trying to sleep .


<<Are you going to sleep?>>


'Yes . '

<<You are not sleeping on a bed or resting inside a proper shelter . >>

<<Your sleeping effect will be halved . >>

<<How long will you be sleeping in-game?>>

'Ten minutes . '

<<Sleeping time sets to 10 minutes>>

As Maou Mia released his tension, Banana Mia Mode took over, and his mentality became wide awake . He stretched as if he had slept for hours .

<<Good …>> "I FEEL REFRESHED!" <<…Night?>>

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Tama slapped her tentacle arm above her chest eye as if she facepalmed herself .

*Mew* (Dissociative identity, schizophrenia, and possibly bipolar . Mish, you need help . )

Mia blinked three times in a row, looking at the confused system logs and Tama, who was having a migraine for the first time .

Although Mia remembered everything that Maou Mia did, he did not inherit his chain of thought .

"Is the game error? I set the sleeping time for 10 minutes, but not a minute has passed yet . But I feel like I had a good sleep!"




Five minutes later after Carlos had gone berserk, he destroyed all scorpions and snake monsters in the danger zone .

Panting and exhausting, the 3-meter grotesque obese body sat down and stared into a distance in a daze . His rock armor dissolved and his skin returned to the disfigured flesh .

Sebastian descended from the sky . Once he landed, he strolled toward the dazing Carlos .

The butler dragonewt did not make a sound . He sneaked behind Carlos and pointed his palm at the back of his neck .

Sebastian's tentacle exited from his palm and entered Carlos, destroying the overmind's cervical spine, breaking his neck bones .

The tentacle did not stop there . It transited in a reverse scissor, and it beheaded Carlos, slashing his neck from the inside out .

Carlos's head rolled on the ground as it was still looking forward in a daze . The headless obese giant body slowly shrank back to the withered old man, and it collapsed like a stringless doll .

Sebastian glared at Carlos in resentment .

'Go to Hell, asshole!'

His vengeance had been satisfied, but Sebastian's job had not done yet .

The issue about the otherworlder was still there .

'I don't know what Misha did, but she's a threat to my base and my people!'

'I'll drag her out of that mech and reveal her identity before everyone! Only that can explain my past deeds . I can't let that PISS sabotages my reputation any further!'