Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 106

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:03:21 AM

Chapter 106

Chapter 106 – Sasha in Action

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Sebastian regained his sight again with a nauseous feeling . Upon looking around, he found himself in a small cage .

Beyond the cage, he could see many young girls with the same appearance as Mia, swimming in a pool in the center of a large white hall .

Beside his cage, another prison with 11 young men with Mia's face was there as well . They were looking at him with sympathy .

'What is this place?'

Sebastian attempted to break the cells, but it did not budge . Furthermore, he felt that his movement was sluggish as if he was swimming in a deep sea .

'I can't exert my strength!'

As Sebastian was puzzled by the environment, he heard Mia's hoarse voice again .

"I want to play a game . "

In anger, Sebastian screamed, "Otherworlder! Once I get out of this place, I'll kill every single of you!"

Misha Statue manifested in front of Sebastian's cage . She stared into the butler with dark hollowed eye sockets, drawing Sebastian's attention into the abyss .

Besides the creepy white statue, Maou Mia stood beside her, watching Sebastian with an indifferent expression .

"First, be quiet when I'm explaining the rules . "

Something inside Sebastian's throat shattered, which they disintegrated parts gathered in front of Mia in the form of sparkling dust .

The old man could not gather his air in his throat, nor could he feel his voice . As Sebastian touched his neck, he found that the lower part below the chin had a missing chunk of flesh .

His vocal cord and a portion of his neck disappeared!

"Your objective in his game is to gather information . You can use any means to obtain the knowledge from here, or you can ask the girls and the boys over there . "


"I'm going to give you seven days to study as many things as you can . After that, I'll ask you 20 questions . "


"After you give me all 20 answers, I'm going to let you go . Afterward, my friend and I will never bother with your base and your people again . "


"However, you must answer all of my questions without giving a single wrong answer . "

Maou Mia turned around and pointed at the opposite side of the swimming pool . Five more large cages were there .

As soon as Sebastian noticed what was inside the cages, he opened his mouth to yell at Mia . Unfortunately, he could not speak anymore .

Within those cages, over 200 pilots from the shelter 88 were inside, looking around in confusion .

"For each wrong answer, I'll kill ten of these people . "


"Also, I will not kill you regardless of how you give me the answers . Even if they are all wrong answers, I will never harm you . The only ones that will die will be these people . "

Sebastian understood Mia's purpose now .

'This bastard wants to torture me! I knew it . All otherworlders are the same!'

Mia stared into Sebastian's eyes as he was lost in thought . He mumbled to himself before he turned to the statue .

Misha Statue returned to her place, becoming decoration in the middle of the island pool again .

Mia brought the sparkling dust pieces into his mouth, swallowing Sebastian soul's fragments . After which, Maou gazed at Sasha, the eldest sister among the 72 crews .

"Can you control this body for me while I'm away, Sister Sasha?"

In solemn, Sasha nodded, "Be careful out there . "

"Also, do me a favor . I like Shurka, and I wish to make her my girlfriend . Can you help me?"

"Asking me to score you a girl? You are getting bold, Mia . "

"If I leave it to my other self, I'll remain a virgin for the rest of my life . Do you want to see how banana I'll be when I try to hit on a girl without my full control?"

"Hahaha, true . Well, leave it to your big sister . Do your things and have fun . "

Maou Mia disappeared from his mind space, and Misha Statue's eyes dimmed . Mia's duel personality conscience had left this body .

Sasha had a wry smile on her face when she turned to Sebastian in the cage .

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"You're a sadist lunatic, Maou . How can he gather information when he is muted?"

Natalie laughed as she stared at mutant crews in the other cages .

"Even if he can still talk, we won't give him info . Right, girls?"

All 72 residents burst into laughter, mocking Sebastian and all mutant souls .


On the battlefield, Sebastian collapsed onto the palm of Prometheus . In a few seconds, he woke up with unfocused eyes .

The butler stood in confusion for another five breaths before his eyes regained lights . However, the person inside was no longer Sebastian's conscience .

It was Maou Mia, who was controlling this body .

Sebastian groaned in his throat, trying to adjust his voice .

Looking at Tautog crews who were preparing to finish to fight, Sebastian bellowed .

"AHEM! My apologies, ladies and gentlemen! There is some misunderstanding between Misha and me . Just now, I've had a heart-to-heart talk with this lady, and I have found that I'm in the wrong . "

Dolphin, Thorn, Crystal, and the others stared at the butler with round widened eyes in disbelief .


"Did Misha smash him on the head?"

"Possibly . "

Mia in Sebastian's body continued, "Everyone, stand down! Let's talk inside the base . Get the medics here as well . Check the guys in the mechs . I think they've passed out from the lighting attack just now . "

Crystal's jaw dropped, speechless .


The cleanup proceeded in an awkward manner . As Tautog crews and all scalesmen, who were hoping for the medicines, had been treated with unjust, they were not delicate with their hands when they treated the oppressors .

All unconscious pilots returned to the base infirmary with mysterious bruises, which did not cause by Mia . The partner symbioses of the unconscious cried like babies, telling the medics that they were bullied .

Still, everyone stared at Sebastian and Mia, wondering what had happened during the fight .

Meanwhile, Mia, who was now controlled by Sasha's conscience, changed his clothes into a girl's dress and transformed into Misha as she preferred a girl's body . Furthermore, Mia's body had the natural aura of an elite psychic and a similar threatening pressure of an overmind . It was not a good idea to walk around in Mia's form for too long .

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Shurka also got her new clothes, which relieved her . Unfortunately, the space in the base was limited, so both Misha and Shurka had to share the locker room .

Misha walked to Shurka's side with a wide grin . She massaged her shoulders, "I'm sorry about before . I know that I did many things bad to you in that cockpit . You see, I was too embarrassed to confess that I'm playing as a girl in-game, so I didn't tell you about my in-game character . "

Shurka dodged Misha's hands by reflex . Her inner thought told her that the current Misha was dangerous . Also, because of Misha's beautiful look, Shurka did not have the same feeling when she sat on Mia's laps .

"I-It's okay! It was my fault, too . Let's forget about that little incident in the cockpit, alright?"

Misha continued to walk closer to Shurka while the latter stepped backward . Soon, she encountered a wall on her back .

Sasha thought about a particular move in anime . She commanded Misha to push his palm on the wall as his arm cornered Shurka .

As Misha's body was taller than Shurka, the victim had to raise her chin up to look at the aggressor's face .

A Kabe-Don had been completed .

Shurka's face flushed as she did not expect that a legendary anime event was happening to her .

Misha used another hand to touch Shurka's red face and whispered, "I'll be honest . I'm actually attracted to you since in school, but I didn't have the courage to tell you . I wish I could have told you this before my grandmother had transferred me to another place . "

Shurka stared at Misha, speechless .

'Is this a confession!? Am I getting a confession!?'

Shurka's heart raced, forgetting that the confessor was in the girl's form .

Sasha wanted to continue her drama scene . However, she paused to think as she did not have experience in a relationship .

'I've set up a positive scenario . Now, what's the next move?'

All girls in Mia's mind space yelled and cheered, giving suggestions to Sasha .

[Ask her out!]

[Kiss her!]

[Touch her booty!]

[No, keep feeling her face!]

[No! Ask her to continue what you left off!]

[Brilliant! Continue the sex scene in the cockpit!]

[Fool! Think about Shurka! Push her down in the locker room!]

Sasha got annoyed by the constant screams and laughter .

'Is this what Mia experienced all these times? Heck, that's why he looks grumpy all the time . '

Sasha made her decision, using her judgment .

"Can you give me a chance? At least let me admire you in-game when I can only see you here . "

Shurka's jaw dropped . While she could not react or think of anything to say, Mia's face got closer .

Without allowing Shurka to reject her, Sasha controlled Mia's face closer, and their lips touched .


[Please, sex scene next!]

[Woohoo! Sasha-Oneesama is beast!]

[You should be a man, Sasha! I'll be your girlfriend!]

[That's right Sasha . Once you return to your body, add a wee-wee on you, and I'll be your girl any day!]

Sasha had a headache listening to these mental girls in Mia's space .

Meanwhile, Maou Mia read through Sebastian's memories in his mind space . He understood why this butler was so obstinate about killing all otherworlders now .

Mia controlled Sebastian's body to appease the people from the misunderstanding . It took him 20 minutes before he could rest .

He looked at his clothing, which was in a butler uniform .

*Gao?* (What's wrong with you, butler!? Why did you make peace with them?)

"Eh, I gain enlightenment . "

"Grrr?" (What?)

Mia chuckled as he walked to the locker room, planning to switch out this uncomfortable butler clothes into something else .

Upon getting inside, he saw Sasha, who was controlling Misha's body, kissing with Shurka .

Sebastian's face twitched .

'Sister Sasha, you're a player! I took my eyes off my body a few minutes, and you're already claiming Shurka . '