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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 117

Published at 9th of September 2019 05:20:08 AM

Chapter 117

Chapter 117

With the local military's cooperation, the takeover process was smooth . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Misha and Sebastian also revealed their repair kits to the captains and astonished them . With extra tools, they could increase their military size, which could ensure the base safety .

Potions and other supplies from the VIP gift box were also another great news for them . With enough medicines, they would not be afraid of any risky task during their expedition .

Misha gained more confidence as everyone was more open to her . She began sorting the expedition schedules .

Since Llamador and his subordinates deserted from the base, they had to rearrange the garrison teams . Moreover, Balam Squadron was one of their primary defense force, so a new squad had to replace his position .

Currently, Misha reassigned five teams as the base's main forces .

1 . Raider Battalion / Captain Wayne

2 . Silk Spider Battalion / Captain Hewett

3 . Cricket Battalion / Captain Seth

4 . Tautog Battalion / Captain Dolphin

5 . Prometheus Unit / Castellan Misha + Sebastian

Misha wanted the base to be versatile, so she adjusted the forces according to their specialties .

Raider team always acted an armored unit in the past . Their crew members were experts in tanks and heavy AHMUs with reinforced frames . These crews and pilots usually took the frontline in many expeditions, yet they were one of the rare teams that rarely suffered any casualty .

Properties of Raider were seven heavy mechs, five tanks, 50 demi-human infantries, five newly evolved dragonewts, and 14 pilots . Captain Wayne was also a demi-hydra, just like Thorn .

Silk Spider was a long-range unit, but they were also good at logistic maneuvering through the wasteland . Any time that Hewett and his crews joined an expedition, all expedition teams always returned faster than the schedules . Moreover, their arty units usually covered the other battalions when things went south, so they were famous for being a reliable squadron .

Silk Spider possessed three modified artillery robots, 100 crews, 20 transport trucks, and one missile truck, which Misha had stolen from the local force .

Cricket Battalion was Sebastian's trusted allies . They never participated in an expedition, but they were expert in rescue missions . Their assault helicopters were not for attacking, but they used them as rescue choppers . This unit was too valuable to be replaced with other teams, so Misha retained their position as one of the main forces .

Different from the others, Cricket was the only one with air units . They had 50 crews, 10 trained pilots, three assault helicopters, one old F22 jet, five APCs, and three mechs with modified back boosters like Thorn .

After Tautog's scalesmen drunk Misha's potions, all of them became dragonewts and transformed into a powerhouse in the base . With over 200 dragonewts members, the team transited into an elite infantry battalion . Combining with the properties they had, 12 mechs, 200 dragonewt infantries, and 15 humvees, no one could protest about their promotion .

Everyone in Dolphin's team was so grateful to Misha that their relationship level reached the maximum [Loyal] .

As for the last unit, it was Misha and her stolen prototype mech, the Prometheus . Just this unit alone, Misha could steamroll any force in this era, as long as otherworlders or elite dragonewts like Sebastian would not interfere .

This unit only had three members, Misha, Sebastian, and Shurka .

Shurka was a mechanic trainee, so she retained her job . She also agreed to learn the rope under the local mechanic crews in the base .

"It was better than sitting and doing nothing . It's boring to stay at home in-game," That was what she said .

In reality, Shurka began to enjoy the game because of her superior level among the lifestyle players . As Mia fed her green gels and yellow gels, her level had reached 100, which toppled all her rival players . Her overall status attributes also increased because of all fishes that Mia cooked for her .

Good food, a comfortable house, a caring boyfriend, a gaming reality, and blissful bed life, Shurka was living in her paradise .


At the end of the day, Misha remained in her office alone, contemplating her future .

Since she could not return to the real world because she was short of diamonds, she had to adapt to this world as soon as possible .

The first thing that came to her mind was the stability of this base . As long as Shelter 88 was secure, Misha could have more times to gather diamonds, so they could go home with Shurka .

Unfortunately, World War III was coming soon . In the next few years, overminds would reveal themselves and join forces with humans to clean the world out of viruses and mutants .

Misha had to get ready . First, she had to increase her base's military power .

And secondly, which was the most important, Misha had to possess a stronger technology from the future, so they could survive the overmind's onslaught . Moreover, As many players from the government agents would influence the game, shelter 88 would have had no chance if Misha had not interfered .

Now, she read her status menu in the castellan tab . Instead of showing her attributes and skills, they displayed the status of her shelter .




Adult Population: 12,160

Children Population: 1,518

Satisfaction: 72%

Order: 98%


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Military: 1,909

Domestic Employment: 8,592

Unemployment: 3,177


Diamonds: 1,213

Red Gels: 3,091

Yellow Gels: 3,132

Green Gels: 10,054

Provision: 15,000 tons

Chromium Ore: 2,480 tons

Coal Ore: 3,047 tons

Lumber: 5,819 tons

Fuel: 1,920 Barrels



There was other information, such as farms, industrial output, taxes, and military supplies . However, Misha did not care about those right now .

The one that Misha was looking was the technology trees .

Currently, the tech trees of this game world focused on mechanical units, anti-hydra virus, and weaponry as they were in the late years of the apocalypse era .

The available technology and evolution breakthroughs that Misha could research would be Hydra Vaccines, CZV Immunity, Stealth Ballistic Missiles, NP Shields, Mutated Fish Pasteurization, and Esper Power .

Hydra Vaccines were as the name stated, a complete cure of hydra viruses . This was found after World War III had concluded . Initially, the overminds invested in this research to create a bio-weapon, aiming to eliminate all demi-humans and demi-hydras . However, they got the cure as a byproduct, and they used this to draw humans to their side .

CZV Immunity, or Corroding Zombie Virus Immunity, was similar to Hydra Vaccines . Different from the latter, the mutant faction was the one that found this cure .

When they discovered this, human researchers, who sided with the mutants, mixed their assumed CZV vaccines with their cultivated green egg cells to produce a reinforced hydra virus . They planned to use them as a bioweapon to transform all humans into mutants . Instead of getting a bioweapon, they got a cure .

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The research was canceled as it conflicted with their interests, and the samples were kept hidden during World War III . However, humans found this record when they raided the mutant research lab, which they acquired it as a result .

Stealth Ballistic Missiles were developed during World War III as well . As the mutants were using anti-missile satellites, humans and overminds created these missiles to counter the mutants . This technology breakthrough was a deciding factor of mankind's victory as they could bombard mutant bases from afar without deploying robots and tanks to fight them on the field .

NP Shields, or Null Projectile Shields, were developed by demi-humans . It was a shield with kinetic energy, similar to Mia's force field . They equipped these shields with their robots, which made them invulnerable to rockets, tank shells, and AH shells from the human side . Again, this was discovered during World War III .

Mutated Fish Pasteurization and Esper Power came post-war . As humanity needed more food resources, they looked into a way to consume mutated fishes, which were abundant in the sea .

Esper Power was something that the overmind faction tried to prevent, but dragonewts supported this research because it related to their power .

The overmind faction eventually betrayed the dragonewts and massacred the entire race to stop them . However, mankind secured dragonewts corpses and research records to continue their legacy . In the late overmind dominant years, humanity gave birth to a generation of human psychics, which they were the keys to eliminate all overmind factions .

Misha recalled historical event and origins of each tech as she was deciding which one she should research .

She had the power to set the base policies, production, and researches . It would be a shame if she ignored the possible future technologies before World War III arrived .

Hydra Vaccines, CZV Immunity, and Mutated Fish Pasteurization were useless to her and the mutants in the Shelter 88, so Misha crossed them out .

NP Shield tech was desirable . However, since the mutants would discover this anyway, there was no point wasting her base's resources to get it done faster .

This left two choices, Esper Power or Stealth Ballistic Missile .

Esper Power could make the civilians and mutants stronger, but SBM could decide the outcome of the war .

"No need to even think, right? It's like arming myself a nuclear warhead before a WW II . "

Misha operated her game menu and pressed a research tab, wanting to research this tech .

Upon choosing this tech, the game sent her a prompt message .



Misha had a wry smile on her face, "This won't be easy . "

The chromium ores and the fuel were not an issue since Sebastian could terraform the wasteland into a mine or an oil field with his power . On the other hand, provision was a significant problem . The harvest rate of this base was 500 tons surplus per day, which would take forever to get to 100,000 tons .

"Can Sebastian accelerate the growth of crops?"

Misha scratched her head and leaned back on her chair . She planned to consult this with Sebastian tomorrow .

Meanwhile, Shurka entered Misha's office with Crystal and Thorn .

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"We're back!"

"Sup, we're home!"

Shurka massaged Misha's shoulder, "Still working? It's 8 PM already . Let's go home, Mia . "

*Mii* (Go home . Dinner time . I'm hungry!)

*Nom-Nom Mew!* (Agreed . Let's have dinner, rest, and have another dinner, Mish . )

Misha shook her head, "I'm making an important decision . I have to decide it before the end of the day, or we might not make it . "

"What's on your mind? You can tell us . "

Misha turned to all of them, "I'm thinking of researching something . Say, Crystal, do we or our allies have any ballistic missile?"

Crystal nodded, "We do, but they are unusable . "


"The satellites will shoot all of them down if we launch it . "

"I thought we have the full control of those satellites . "

"We do, but we can't disable it for our usage . "

Crystal's face grimaced, "There are warmongers among the mutants . In Shelter 87, our neighbor, their leader always wants to nuke human cities . We have to keep it online, so he won't go crazy and kill all the innocent humans . "

Thorn interjected, "Their castellan is a demi-hydra like me, but he is true to his nature . Heck, he had even tried to kill us when we encountered them during an expedition . Most of their soldiers are demi-hydras . You can guess what their base is like . "


"Anyway, Misha . Why did you ask?"

Misha panned her game screen to the trio, "Can you see my game screen?"

The three nodded, "Yeah, what is that?"

"A technology tree . I'm planning to research into SBM, so we can have a weapon to counter the overmind factions in World War III . "

Shurka nodded as she understood about the future . However, Thorn and Crystal were not in the meeting, so they had question marks on their faces .

"Ah, I'll have to explain all of those again …"

"… Sorry for skipping the meeting . "