Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: 120

Chapter 120 – Outpost Raid

Eighteen teams, over a thousand men, over a hundred vehicles, and 50 robots created an earthquake, marching through the wasteland toward the designated Mafdet outpost .

None of them bothered hiding their presence as they had planned to intimidate the outpost into surrender .

During their mobilization, many zombies were attracted to the sound and rushed in . All of them became mincemeat in a few seconds and became the base's diamonds and livestock's food for their eggcat farms .

Aside from mindless zombies, mutated creatures ran away from the troops as they were not that stupid .


Mia was inside Prometheus cockpit, operating it on the forefront of his soldiers .

He did not have to worry about energy shortage today since all eight pseudo psionic engines had been fully charged .

In less than an hour, they could see the outpost defensive lines, trenches, barbwires, and bunkers .


A loud boom came from the outpost side, which also released a white smoke .

Prometheus pointed its palm forward, and Mia's electric force field activated . In the next second, a standard 155mm artillery shell got stuck in the middle of the electric current . It paused and floated in mid-air before Mia tossed it away . It landed on the side without causing any harm to the mutant soldiers .

Sebastian, inside Prometheus secondary cockpit, sent his command through the communication, which had been installed in this mech by Crystal .

"All AHMU, fire a shell in front of the outpost . Send them a warning . "

All 50 robots aimed their rifles forward . The symphony of gunfire echoed through the wasteland and followed by the successive loud explosion noises .

After the explosion, they stopped firing .

Mia worked the hardest as he expanded his 3D sense to the limit, trying to detect if the humans were trying to fight back or surrender .

After twenty minutes of staring contest, several white flags fluttered from inside the bunkers, trenches, and on top of the wall . All robots behind the wall also raised their metal arms over their heads .

Inside the outpost, there were only ten robots and twenty tanks, so they were not ready for an all-out war . Since Mia's troops gestured them with a warning shot, they took the hint and chose to surrender .

All mutant soldiers cheered as they passed the news to the reserve troops in the backline . Everyone was relieved that everything worked as planned, even though their base's motto was not that optimistic .

Sebastian and Thorn leaped off from the mech and went to negotiate with the humans . Soon, over 200 human soldiers walked outside with their hands behind their head .

Mutant infantries gathered them in one place .

Upon inspecting the humans, Mia recognized some of them as well . They were the people that helped him during their field examination when they first journeyed onto the wasteland .

Pitying these people that they were robbed of their resources, Mia thought of a solution . He connected his com-link in his cockpit to Crystal's radar truck .

"Crystal, is it possible to mutate humans with our raised eggs?"

[We can . What? Do you want to mutate all these humans?]

"Yeah, can we?"

[… Let me consult with the butler first . This will be resource consuming . ]

"But we might get 200 soldiers in return?"

[Indeed . Give me a few minutes . ]

Ten minutes later, Crystal came back online again .

[Sebastian agreed, but they had to earn their keeps and they must be willing . Or else, we'll drop them at Mafdet City . ]

"That's good . Thank you . "

It was a big haul for Shelter 88 and its people . The logistic soldiers transferred all military goods to their trucks, which they took all robots and tanks as well . As for the prisoners, the logistic took them to their base as POW for now .

Unfortunately, not all humans had surrendered or co-operated with the mutants .

Inside the outpost, mutant infantries searched through the buildings, trying to bring all humans outside the settlements . However, they met with a resistance force .

Sounds of gunshot alarmed the forces outside, and more infantries rushed into several buildings .

Mia opened his hatch, planning to join the fight . However, Crystal scolded him and forced Mia to stay .

As the primary pilot and a castellan, Mia could not join the siege battles inside the base . He had to leave it to the demi-humans and dragonewts .

Thorn had also disappeared into a hospital with a group of five demi-hydras . He led the squad to raid the underground facility that Mia had once captured inside .

More gunshots and explosion sound came once in a while . It annoyed Mia that the battles were in front of him, but he had to stay behind and look out for the bigger enemies .

Each hour, several mutants carried their injured men out to the prepared medic tents . Mia could see that the medic tried to tend the wounds first . Then, they allowed the injured men to regenerate . For the near-death ones, they did not hesitate to feed them with a potion .

Hewett's Silk Spider's helicopters were busy flying around the outpost . One of them rushed toward a location and unleashed its two 30mm-rounders chain guns' bullets into a building .

Observing the battles from afar, Mia was jealous of the frontline soldiers .

'I want to fight, too . '

*Mew* (You should have been relieved that you don't have to risk yourself . )

"But I want EXP and diamonds …"

*Mew* (Those things will come naturally . You are a castellan, so you will get their share of EXPs . Just sit there and keep your eyes on the horizon . Watch their back . )

"… Kay . "

It was as Tama said . His EXP in his status screen continued increasing non-stop . It ticked one EXP each time, but they kept ongoing .


From 7 AM to 3 PM, the infantry units never stopped working . They either helped everyone transporting their loots or joined the frontline siege units .

All mech pilots got stuck in their robot, guarding the outside perimeter .

Mia, Sebastian, and Crystal were surprised by the hidden forces inside the base . Aside from the surrendered 200, over a thousand human corpses were carried and piled together into a mountain .

All dead bodies wore camouflaged uniform and a painted face . From the testimony of human survivors, they were actually civilians, but they joined the military to hunt for diamonds . Unfortunately, they were too greedy and inexperienced as they jumped at the mutant elites . Only the real military soldiers were the 200 surrendered people .

4 PM, Thorn finally sent a call to Crystal . However, it was an S . O . S . call .

[I need help! We ran into a fucking stored alpha egg inside their secret base! Those crazy motherfuckers are keeping one as a pet!]

Crystal was decisive . She called for Sebastian and Mia right away . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

[Mia, Sebastian, I need both of you into the underground hospital . Chacha runs into an alpha egg, and he needs help!]

Mia cracked his knuckles as he leaped out of his mech .

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'Freaking finally!'

Unfortunately, Maou woke up and replaced Banana Mia's conscience, sending him back into Misha Statue as he took control of the real body .

Maou Mode On!

"Don't get cocky because you can use my skills . The current you are not a match for a baby hydra in a non-robot fight . Sit back and learn from your senior . "


Maou switched his communication device to his wristwatch . As he ran, Sebastian joined him .

The butler passed a rifle and three spare clips to Mia, who was unarmed . As for himself, he had a rocket launcher, loaded with a HE rocket . However, Mia shook his head .

"I'm stronger without a weapon . You can keep it . "

Sensing a familiar threatening aura from Mia, Sebastian got more confident . Moreover, his attitude toward Mia changed . His gesture was more polite and reserved than when they were at their home base .

"I'll take the lead, castellan . "

"… Ah . "

Sebastian nodded and spoke to his wristwatch, "Which floor and where are you, Thorn?"

[The lowest floor, B20! Please hurry . My men can't hold on much longer . ]

"Can you retreat?"

[Impossible . That bastard is blockading our escape route . ]

"I get it . "

Both Mia and Sebastian got to the hospital . They jumped down into the elevator tunnel, which was the same elevator that the paramedics had taken Misha .

As soon as they climbed to the lowest floor, Mia patted Sebastian's shoulder .

"I'll take the lead . I can see through walls . "

Mia activated his 3D sense, and he found that they were on the B15 floor . They had to use another elevator, which was the only one that could lead to the lowest B20, the level where Thorn and the others were fighting to survive .

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Maou Mia led Sebastian as he charged to the special lift .

The B15 floor was in a mess . Many corpses of soldiers, researchers, and green eggs were everywhere . From the looks of it, Thorn and his squad had faced heavy resistance from the humans, and the humans resorted to extreme measures by releasing monsters to kill the intruders .

Walls were riddled with bullet holes . Glasses were shattered, and claw marks with a trail of blood became a decoration along the corridor that Mia was running .

A section of the corridor did not have light . The embedded neon light on the ceiling flickered and sparked, hinting that the lights were damaged . The dimmed and blinking light atmosphere combining with the corpses and blood gave a gloomy and creepy feeling as if they were a background setting in a horror movie .

On the contrary to the surroundings, Sebastian and Mia did not have a tinge of fear . As all creatures on this floor were dead, they reached the special lift unhindered .

Sebastian forced open the elevator door, and he leaped down . Before he reached the parking elevator on the lowest floor, he flapped his wings twice and landed unharmed .

Mia also jumped down, but he had to use the wall jump to negate the gravity . He landed on the elevator ceiling after Sebastian .

Mia used his 3D sense again, and he found seven living beings on this B20 .

Six of them were Thorn and his five demi-hydra colleagues, while the other one was a one-headed baby hydra .

The hydra seemed to have evolved during the battle . It emerged from its egg-like body into a 4-legged lizard with tentacles on its back . The neck was long like a baby giraffe, but its head was that of an alligator .

In other words, it was a red 2-meter-tall giant alligator with a long neck, tentacles, psychic powers, and swift movement!

The hydra was standing before the B20 elevator . If Sebastian or Mia dropped into the lift, they would be able to see the hydra's back .

Sebastian gazed at Mia, asking him [What is the plan?] with his eye gesture .

Mia pondered . He had a quick way to kill this hydra by using his mind attack to destroy the hydra's mind . However, his conscience would not come out unscratched if he used this method .

In the past, he used to invade a mental conscience of a body whose soul had already died . The result was disastrous as the spiritual body's white room became red, and it attempted to devour his soul . He managed to escape from the red room of death, but a portion of his conscience was damaged . Because of the incident, his psionic power became temporary weaker than the usual, and his grandmother and the others subdued him .

To avoid the risk, Mia decided to use psychic attacks on the hydra instead .

"The core is in its chest just below his neck . I'll stun the hydra . You use an earth spike to attack the spot . "

Sebastian nodded, and he waited for Mia's signal .

Mia concentrated and formed an electric ball above the unsuspected alligator hydra .

Thorn and others detected the new thunder ball . They ran backward, leaping into a cover .


Like a thunderbolt, the ball created a trail of lighting and struck the hydra .