Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 127

Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:11 AM

Chapter 127

Chapter 127 – Fleet Admiral Gabriel Lobmak

All girls marked Gabriel as their nemesis as they inherited grudge from their mentors .

Mia also did not hide his killing intent . He wanted to invade Gabriel's soul right away and drag him into his mind space . Unfortunately, he had not mastered his psionic possession to the point that he could use it as a ranged attack yet . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Mia listened to Gabriel and Dr . Fluke's talking until the end .

After the meeting was over, everyone's training schedule changed . Instead of regular physical training in the morning and a practice in the afternoon, everyone got a private tutor .

During the first week, they were like investigators or interrogators instead of their instructors . None of them taught Mia or any trainee anything other than asking questions about their new memories, power, and their constitution status .

On the second week, they forced trainees to demonstrate their power one-by-one . They compared each individual under the guise of competition .

One day, the instructors gathered all boys and girls in the same group again during this test . Although many of the boys kept their distance from Mia because of his past deeds, many survivors respected Mia .

These boys were the delinquent type . They saw Mia as one of them since they also wanted to kill somebody with their power, too .

"Brother Mia, have you used psionic possession anyone yet?"

"… Yes . "

"How is it? Is it good?"

"… So-so, I guess . "

"Hey Mia, did you try your new psychic skill?"

Mia got annoyed by these pesky gangster-wannabes . He did not know why they attracted to him .

"What's that?"

One of them laughed, "You can control people, bro! Psionic possession skill can take over a body from anyone . I tried it with an instructor, you see . I dragged him into my soul space and trapped him there . Then I control his body wherever I want, and I dug into his memory . These people are using us as guinea pigs, man . I also devoured his soul . It helps . "

The other also nodded, "Let's test it, Mia . It'll be fun! We haven't used it on the girls yet . Have you tried checking the girls' soul space?"

"I did . "

"Bro, how is it!? Are they naked as well!?"

"… Yeah . "

"Woo! We should peek into those girls' space!"

Mia clicked his tongue, "You should not do it . You will lose a portion of your memory every time you use that skill . Save it for an emergency!"

The gangster boys booed . These perverts were so eager to peek the other girl's body even though they had the same face as theirs .

'Hormone . '

Mia gave up trying to stop them . He hoped that the girls had learned about self-defense from their mentors .

Soon, the testing of their electrokinesis was over . Each girl and Mia could generate 5,000 MWh a day, which was almost half of an ancient nuclear power plant could produce . Meanwhile, the standard of all boys was 1,000 MWh a day, which was not on the same level as the former .

Then, the test moved to the next stage .

The instructors gathered everyone on a central square again .

"Today, we will test your psionic possession skill . We will take it easy this time . All of you will play a game of soul tag . The boys will invade the soul space of the girls, and the boys will try to take as many souls into their space . The one with the highest souls wins this competition . Also, the boys must consume every girl's statue inside their space . That will be all!"

Mia and the girls could not sit still . They shouted and yelled at the instructors .




Mia and the girls protested as it involved their secrets about their mentor . They did not mind showing their naked souls to the others, but the existence of the statues was not something that they were willing to share with the government .

The Milky Way Government was their enemy!

In frustration, Mia grumbled, "How do they know about statues!? Who the hell leak the info!? I thought MWG is the common enemy of all inheritors!"

Sasha shook her head, "I also have the same thought . I don't think that any of us would leak this information . I've talked to most of the girls, and they had the same idea as us . They shouldn't have leaked it!"

While they were talking on the training ground of the ground level, Mia spotted a shadow figure behind an observer deck on the third floor . One of the researchers seemed to be at the same height as theirs .

As a daredevil among all trainees, Mia gathered his power into his legs and jumped . He activated his telekinesis, flight, to keep his body afloat, so he could get a good visual on the observer .

As soon as Mia got close to the observer deck, he could see a figure through the transparent glass .

It was another trainee girl, who stood by the side of the fleet admiral, Gabriel!

Mia activated his psionic passion and invaded the girl's space right away . Once he got inside, he choked the girl and yelled, "WHY DID YOU TELL THEM!?"

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The girl panicked and cried in fear, "I-I didn't mean to tell them . "


The girl kept crying and did not answer . Mia tossed her on the floor as he planned to dig into her memory to get the truth .

Then, he noticed something . This girl's dragon statue was still intact .

From Natalie and Sasha's testimony, most of the girls consumed a portion of the statue . However, this one was undamaged .

'Something is wrong!'

Mia planned to attack the girl again, but she knelt and begged Mia .

"I'm sorry! I didn't know it would have become like this!"


The girl cried, "T-The fleet admiral Gabriel Lobmak … is my father . I can't refuse my father!"

Mia's thought flooded with anger and hatred to the point that he abandoned some of his logics . Using Misha's psionic technique, Mia pulled the girl into his soul space and trapped her in a cage .

As soon as the girl's soul left her mind space, her real body collapsed on the ground like a puppet without a string .

The researchers were shocked by the sudden change and caused an uproar in a panic . Admiral Gabriel also broke the glass and chased after Mia, who was still floating in mid-air .

Mia regained his sense and activated his electric force field .

Admiral Gabriel braced the electric current and activated his psychic skill, magnetic field!

The gravity around Mia changed as he was thrown onto the ceiling of the colony . The reinforced colony wall cracked, which Mia got stuck in it as the center of gravity located on the spot that Mia had landed .

The power of G20 trapped Mia to the ceiling, and Mia could feel a suction force from space . He had to manipulate his telekinesis and barrier to plug the leaked air to survive, or his body might be ripped to shred by the suction force .

Gabriel Lobmak flew to Mia and glared into his eyes .

"What did you do to Lana?"

Mia grinned, "Oh? Is that her name?"

"Answer my question, brat!"

"I'm playing the game our instructors had told us . Unfortunately, I didn't know that she's your daughter . Hahaha!"

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Gabriel punched Mia to the face, which broke his jaw . However, Mia recovered it with his MBR in a few seconds .

The admiral grabbed Mia's collar and disabled his gravity power . He also repaired the damaged wall .

"Release her, or else!"

Mia spat a mouthful of blood and his saliva at Gabriel's face, "Kill me, and your daughter will die as well . Oh, also …"

He would not let this golden chance slip by since Gabriel was so close to him . Mia activated his psionic possession on Gabriel and entered his soul space!

In Mia's prediction, he could kill Gabriel Lobmak and avenge for Misha and other dragons today .

As soon as Mia stepped foot into the admiral's mind space, he was shocked . In the white room, a gigantic 20-meter-high fortress wall and a statue of a grotesque monster were inside .

The statue was a combination of many human beings merging into one body . Arms, legs, heads, torsos, eyes, mouths, and ears were in a wrong place, yet all of them forged a 50-meter-tall humanoid statue with human organs as its pieces of flesh .

Furthermore, Gabriel's soul was not in a human form . It was a giant floating eyeball .

"What are you?"

Gabriel did not answer . However, his soul space flashed in red color, and the monster statue began to move .

Mia escaped from Gabriel's mind right away as he believed that he might not be Gabriel's opponent in the soul combat .

When Mia returned to his soul space, Gabriel also chased after him into the soul room as well .

'He can also use psionic possession!? He's not human, isn't he?'

Using the advantage of the host, Mia constructed a cage to trap Gabriel like he did the girl .


Gabriel destroyed the cage with a flash from his eye, but the eyeball stopped moving .

Right palm of Mia pointed at Gabriel . As Mia formed another compressed bubble cage to stop Gabriel's movement, the eyeball soul could not move .

Still, Mia could feel that Gabriel might be able to break free in a few seconds . He pointed his left index finger at the hostage girl in another cage .

"Don't resist, or I'll kill her . "

The monster eyeball squinted its eye, "Kill her, and you'll die, too . "

Mia grinned, "I want to play a game . Let's see if you can afford to lose her!"

With a snap of fingers, the girl's legs and arms shattered into soul fragments, and she screamed in pain . Mia devoured the fragments right away to absorb Lana's memory .

The eyeball broke free in an instant . Instead of rushing at Mia, it moved to the cage and secured the girl before it retreated from Mia's soul space . However, it came back the next second .

"You will pay for this . "

Gabriel's only eye glowed in red light .

Mia sensed a bad omen . By instinct, he rushed to his orb, which was in the arms of Misha Statue . Unintentionally, his soul entered the statue!

When he was inside, he could feel another presence .

It was Misha Bloominglilly!

Although Mia could feel her, she could not help him . Without a choice, Mia decided to devour another portion of Misha Statue from the inside, so he could have more chance to defeat Gabriel .

At this moment, Gabriel's attack came . It was invisible hammers from both sides .


Mia bellowed, and his orb glowed in red light . The soul space became a red room and bloody tentacles extended from the floor, ceiling, and the walls .

The hammer attack was also dissolved in an instant as Gabriel's soul attack was devoured by the room .

Gabriel glared at Mia one more time before he escaped from this red soul room with haste . As soon as Gabriel left Mia's space, the room transformed back into a white room . They regained their sense with their real body afterward .

Using the gab of a split second, Mia activated a fireball and have it explode at the point-blank range, planning to suicide-bomb to kill Gabriel on the spot .


The fireball exploded . However, Mia found himself on the ground with all boy trainees . On the ceiling, Gabriel was unharmed by the explosion . He glared at Mia in anger, but he seemed to be wary of someone behind Mia .

Before he could react, he heard a whisper from an elderly man .

"Anger never helps anyone, young man . "

Mia turned around and found a senior African-American man in a military uniform .

'Who on earth!?'

Then, Mia heard his voice again .

"Hello little Mia, I'm Fleet Admiral Raphael Ivy . I'm here because of your grandmother's request . Don't worry child . I'll have a talk with Gabriel . Stay here and protect your girlfriends . "