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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 128

Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:10 AM

Chapter 128

Chapter 128 – Birth of Maou Mia - Part 1

The senior fleet admiral seemed to be stronger than Gabriel or was on par with him . Gabriel withdrew from the gallery along with his daughter, but he glanced at Mia with hatred .

Still, the game made by the instructors continued with a slight change because of Raphael .

All boys would invade the girls' mind, but they could not touch the statues . Still, the boys were required to bring the girls' soul of their body .

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All of them were arranged in pairs, and Mia was paired with a random girl, named Lilia .

The girl hesitated when Mia entered her mind . Like Natalie, she hid behind her dragon statue .

Mia extended a hand, "Don't worry . I also have a statue like this . I knew about Gabriel's invasion and the past of fairy overlords . You can trust me . "

"Y-You won't hurt me?"

"Our enemy is Gabriel and everyone that made us drink their blood . I have no reason to harm my sisters . "


"Yeah . We all have inherited their wills, so we're family, right?"


Lilia was confused about how Mia treated her as his sister, but she believed in him, "O-Okay . But, please turn around . I'm naked here . "

Mia sighed . The form of their naked soul was a problem for these adolescent girls .

With a thought, Mia tested his power in Lilia's white room .

He sacrificed a pinky finger of his soul to create a cloth for himself, which it worked . He created casual clothing of a t-shirt and shorts .

Lilia looked at Mia in awe, "How did you do that!? Teach me!"

"You can convert a portion of your soul into clothes . Maybe you can make a weapon out of it, too . "

Lilia was taken aback when she heard that she had to use a piece of her soul to exchange for some clothes . However, she had another idea .

Lilia cut a fragment of her dragon statue and converted it to a dress instead, which astonished Mia .

"Hey! It worked!"

Lilia cheered and jumped in delight . She would not have to be afraid of getting peek by the boys anymore .

Mia was also enlightened by Lilia's method . With this inspiration, he should be able to use other souls to make objects for his soul space like Gabriel .

In the end, Lilia entered Mia's space as she was instructed . Upon arrival, she was impressed by the statue of Misha .

"She's so pretty! Is she your mentor?"

"Yes . She's a good teacher . Do you believe me now?"

"I know! Once this is over, I'll talk to other girls for you that you're one of us, 'kay?"

"Thank you . "

After Lilia entered Mia's soul space, her real body collapsed on the floor, which caught the attention on the overseeing staffs .

Medics rushed to inspect Lilia and found that she was in a vegetable state .

Mia did not like what he saw . He returned Lilia's soul into her body, and she woke up .

This phenomenon caught the interest of the scientists and researchers in the colony . They isolated Mia and Lilia for a whole day to interrogate them about their power . However, Mia and Lilia avoided the questions and led them astray .


Meanwhile, the other boys were kicked out of their partner's soul space . As the girls had a more solid foundation, none of them could be a match for them in soul combat . The boys could see their partner's naked soul, but that was all they could do .

All the girls were relieved that they only had one intruder, and they were weak . Although they were embarrassed, no one got violated .

Sasha's partner was not so lucky . She shattered her intruder's arms and legs, which she fed to her statue before she kicked the unfortunate boy out .

She also discovered a way to repair their statue . By feeding soul fragments to their mentor's avatar, they could recover their lost parts .

Mia learned about this later when the experiment had been finished . They chatted using their psionic link instead of verbal exchange to avoid the eyes and ears of the government . Soon, it became a trend among all girls as they could gossip without a restrain this way .

The result of their competition was announced the next day . As Mia was the only one who could bring out a soul from his partner, he was the sole winner of this game .

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The instructors asked Mia to take everybody's soul to test their compatibility even further, which Mia succeeded in bringing all girls into his mind space without a problem . Since Lilia, Sasha, and Natalie vouched for Mia, every girl trusted him and followed him to his mind space without resistance .

The researchers questioned their experience later, but every girl told them a different story . Some of them said to the scientists that they forgot, while the other told them about their random dreams at night .

Mia also refused to cooperate . He told the researchers that he saw and did nothing .

All of them gave up trying to get anything from Mia and the girls from that day .

Mia could hear that the researchers marked him as "a failure product" and "a troublemaker . "

After that day, Mia and the girls were free from all training schedules . Only the 36 boys and one crippled boy were trained .

Mia also heard an announcement, "The training from now on will be intense . If any of you cannot handle it, tell your instructors immediately!"

He scoffed at their attempt to acquire more information about the dragon's blood and their power .

"If you're dying to know about our power that much, just drink the goddamn blood yourself, fool!"

Mia obtained valuable times to get in touch with all 71 girls, except Lana . Everyone exchanged the information that they learned from their mentor to others via a psionic link . They also planned to get in touch with their parents to inform them about this inhuman experiment .


One month had passed since the day that Mia fought with Fleet Admiral Gabriel, the government agents separated Mia from the rest of the girls and kicked him out of the barracks .

An officer told him, "You have graduated from this program, and we're sending you home . We've packed your belongings, so you can leave right away . "


"You can leave by yourself, or you can use our transportation service . It's free, so I suggest you use our service . "


Mia doubted government staff's action .

Since it was too sudden, Mia did not know what to do . Then, he recalled that he could use his psionic possession to obtain someone else's body and memory .

Mia activated his psionic possession on the officer right away . In an instant, he kidnapped the officer's soul and shattered it . Half of the fragments went to Misha Statue, which healed a portion of her damaged parts . For the other half, Mia devoured it . The coordinating staff's memory became Mia's .

As an ordinary human, the victim fell into comatose after his soul died . His body became a soulless vegetable .

After Mia scanned through his new memory, sure enough, the officer did not know much . A higher-rank officer told him to graduate Mia to get rid of him from this colony .

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'Get rid of me? Is it because I fought with Gabriel?'

An idea came to Mia's mind .

Mia sneaked into the barracks to get more information about this dismissal order .

Mia traced the source to the officer that issued this dismiss . While he was at it, he invaded any instructor's soul and devoured everyone he met .

He learned the truth the same day that Gabriel planned to kill Mia . Then, they would create an android clone of Mia and send it to his grandmother .

At the same time, the government attempted to test everybody's resistance to electricity as all of them had acquired electrokinesis from the fairy overlords .

The program did not include Mia and other boys . The child training project had already crossed Mia's name as one of the deceased, while the other boys were the government's lapdogs .

Mia's hatred toward the government grew . To survive, Mia sought help from his grandmother, but he knew no one in this colony .

He sneaked to Fleet Admiral Raphael, who did not seem to be a part of this child program . Once he got to the admiral, Mia reported everything to this elder .

He did not disappoint Mia . Raphael revealed a hint of anger toward the government .

"I'll tell your grandmother about this ASAP . You should also come with my fleet . It's not safe here anymore . "

Mia shook his head, "I'll have to rescue the girls first . Can you take everybody with us?"

"Okay . This project is too inhuman, to begin with . I'll help you . "

"Thank you!!"

Raphael Ivy was kind to Mia . He transferred two bodyguards to him, and he went to confront Gabriel about this issue .

Everything went well . Mia could finally see hope for himself and the others .


The next day, Raphael Ivy was found dead, and Gabriel Lobmak was in a near-death state . His torso had been severed in half, and he barely lived when the rescue team found them .

Traces of combat were everywhere, and every witness could tell that the two fought . However, Gabriel's assistants released a public testimony later that both admirals were attacked by a group of terrorists .

Furthermore, the terrorists that they referred had a connection with Fleet Admiral Uriel Min .

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Mia was confused as the news did not make sense . Raphael's bodyguards were also baffled by the public statement as they knew the truth .

Vice Admiral Raphael Phil, the eldest son of Raphael Ivy, took over as the fleet admiral . He recalled the two bodyguards from Mia and left the Putinof Colony with haste, abandoning Mia and the girls .

Mia was left alone in the colony, and the barrack did not welcome him back anymore . Moreover, Mia found that more than a dozen soldiers were following him everywhere .

At this point, Mia had lost his temper .

"You want a war, Gabby? Sure . I also want to play a game!"

Mia unleashed his fireballs and electrokinesis, killing the stalkers right away . Afterward, he invaded the academy .

Upon getting into the school again as a terrorist, Mia did not show mercy . He slaughtered everyone he met without caring if they were innocent bystanders, or they were into this conspiracy .

Along the way he kept shattering souls of all non-combatants and stuffed them to Misha Statue, recovering her lost parts .

After feeding the statue 30 souls, Misha Statue became as good as new . However, Misha's presence was still the same .

Mia did not give up . He kept killing and feeding her with soul fragments while he also consumed a few pieces to obtain clues about the government .

The rampage was one-sided . As the academy was unprepared, Mia slaughtered over 200 personals in 30 minutes .

Soon, several elite soldiers arrived to stop Mia .

Mia laughed as he unleashed everything in his arsenal . Fireballs, thunder balls, telekinesis, force field, and flame field appeared one-after-another .

However, the soldiers also countered Mia with their psychic powers, protecting their comrades and bystanders . Their systematic barriers consisted of over ten layers, which all soldiers took turns to cast and stopped Mia's attacks .

Seeing their teamwork, Mia used his psionic possession on one of them . For the first time, Mia controlled a soldier and commanded him to kill the others .

Chaos ensued the moment friendly fire occurred . Mia also jumped to another body and disrupted their teamwork, causing more death .

An hour after the fight, two vice admirals under Gabriel showed up .

They came with a threat .


Mia paused and looked at them . The two men flashed an image of Natalie and Sasha on an electric chair .