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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 129

Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:09 AM

Chapter 129

Chapter 129 – Birth of Maou Mia - Part 2

Mia ignored their threat and possessed one of the vice admirals . However, he met with resistance .

The room of this vice admiral flashed in red before Mia could even enter his mind space, which prevented Mia from controlling or absorbing the vice admiral's memories .

Mia retreated and rushed to the other girls to inform them about their sinister plan . He also needed reinforcement in this combat .

As Mia ran away from the vice admirals, reinforcements from the MWG arrived with over a thousand soldiers . This time, they equipped with an odd space suit that Mia had not seen before .

Their suit was similar to a civilian flight suit, but this one covered the entire body . It also had a full plate armor, a jetpack, and a sealed helmet .

From a glance, Mia thought he was seeing a battalion of master chiefs or Boba Fett in real life .

He tried to possess one of them and found that his psionic possession did not work against these soldiers .

Still, his electrokinesis and pyrokinesis combination could overpower these soldiers . Mia broke through their lines of defenses and got to the barrack of all girls .

When Mia reached there, most girls were resting in their room . They looked at Mia with a frightened expression as his face distorted from the frustration .

"Where are Sasha and Natalie!?"

"T-They went out with an instructor . They said that there will be private training for them . W-What had happened to you, Mia? You look distressed . "

"Gabriel tried to kill me . He sent two vice admirals to capture me just now, and they threatened me that they will kill Sasha and Natalie if I don't surrender!"


"Help me find them! Does anyone has a tracking ability?"

Lilia shouted from the back, "I know the 3D sense! Combine our mentor's instinct with your sixth sense and generate a visual image in your mind! Everyone can use it!"

With Lilia's instruction, all girls and Mia learned the 3D sense ability and used it right away . They could see everything as a 3D map around them, which astonished every one .

Soon, the soldiers and the admirals chased after Mia and reached the barrack .

20 of the sisters rushed at the soldiers and cast their electrokinesis at them .

The soldiers stopped rushing as they used a barrier field . Two of them erected a lightning rod to divert their thunder-base power .

One of the girls, who had devoured 90% of her mentor's statue, stepped forward . She was the platoon leader of all girls, Maple .

Once Maple pointed her finger at the soldiers, they floated as it something pulled them upward .

A gravity control ability threw the soldiers to the air, which they soon fell to their death .

She did not stop there . Maple drew a picture with her finger, and a static plasma snake appeared . It rushed through the men's barriers, which shattered it to pieces .

The snake flew through their torso like a spear, piercing their chest . Anyone who had been penetrated by the snake had a hole in their body and died .

"I'll take it from here . Everyone else, go find Sasha and Natalie!"

A prison break incident started .

68 Girls followed Mia as they scanned through all facilities of Putinof Colony . They caused deaths and damages to the whole colony as they ran amok .

The riot squad began using lethal forces against them .


One of the girls was shot through her stomach, and she fainted from the pain .

Mia used his psionic possession on her and controlled her body, using her MBR to recover from the wound .

Everyone spread out and fought against the riot policemen, but each of them began to suffer injuries .

A group of children was no match for the trained riot squads with anti-psionic possession suits .

Soon, Mia decided to use a drastic measure . He took every soul of the girls into his mind space . Unfortunately, he could not bring their statues and their cores .

All psychic sisters passed out from the disappearance of their soul, while Mia escaped alone .

[Hey, Mia! Our body!]

[I haven't brought my master here yet!]

[Go back, Mia!]

Mia sacrificed a portion of Misha Statue to create a temporary resident for all souls in his mind space . He told them with his psionic link as he ran .

"It's fine! I know a secret . "

[What secret?]

"Our mentors are still alive! They are sleeping inside the statues, so they will probably take care of your body for you!"

[How did you know that?]

"I don't know . It's just a feeling . "

[In other words, you guess?]

"Well yeah, I guess . "

[That's insane! What if they do something to our body!? Let us out!]

[If our body dies, we will turn into a black slime! Let us out!]

All girls protested as they wanted to return to their injured body . However, Mia insisted that they had to stay here .

Lilia walked to Mia's Misha Statue and touched it while the others were screaming . As soon as her hand connected with the statue's skin, Misha's eyes twitched .

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Lilia jumped backward in fear . She shouted, [Girls, stop yelling! Just now, the statue moved!]


Once everyone was silent and looked at the statue, both arms of Misha shattered, and small pieces entered their soul body .

All of them received a short message from Misha .

"Your body is safe . Your senior will control them for you . "

Everyone was astonished, including Mia .

"Misha! Are you alive!?"

No word came from the statue . It became lifeless again .

However, Mia regained his hope . He believed if he fed the statue more souls, she would come back again .

The girls quieted and accepted their fate . They agreed to stay in Mia's mind space for now .


After two hours of rampaging, Mia found Sasha and Natalie inside a prison . They were indeed captured and were put on electric chairs inside a sealed room .

Mia used a fireball on the gallery glass, but the glass withstood the impact of the explosion . He used his fist and kicks, but he could not put a dent on it .

"What kind of glass is this!?"

Mia gave up trying to break into the room with his psychic power . He ran through a corridor, which led to the entrance of the sealed prison room that the two were inside . He flipped the shuttle switches, but the door would not open . Mia slammed his fist on it in anger, which destroyed the control panel .

The prison guards inside the room were panic . They managed to lock themselves inside the room, but it was a matter of time that Mia would break in and kill them all .

Since they knew that Mia came to rescue these girls and they would not make it out of here alive, they decided to kill Natalie and Sasha .

One of the guards pressed the electric chairs switches, and electric currents entered Natalie and Sasha's body .



The two girls resisted the electricity, but it was still torture to them .

Mia screamed as he finally destroyed the metallic shuttle door, "Sasha, Natalie!"

Mia diverted the electric current with his electrokinesis, making them heading to the guards in this room instead .


After killing the men, Mia switched off the electric chairs and got the two girls out . However, they could not walk because of the numbness .

At this moment, over a thousand soldiers had encircled Mia from all exit points . He was trapped in this prison now .

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As Mia walked out of the sealed prison room, hundreds of red aiming laser pointed at Mia's head and chest .

"Trainee Mia, get away from that door, or we'll shoot!"

Mia raised his hands over his head, trying to gesture them that he had surrendered . In reality, he gathered electricity on the tip of his fingers, getting ready to attack .

However, a voice from Maple rang in Mia's head . It was a psionic link message from her .

[I've secured Lana as a hostage and sent the SOS to your grandmother's fleet . She should be here before long . Pretend to surrender for now . ]

Mia gulped . This platoon leader was efficient! He sighed a relief before he bellowed to the surrounding soldiers .


Two vice admirals arrived . They pulled out their plasma gun and fired at Mia .



Bullets went into Mia's chest and got his lungs . Meanwhile, he pointed his fingers at the soldiers to retaliate .



A hundred psychic soldiers were struck by the chain lightning . Still, the rest of the men rushed to Mia, Natalie, and Sasha .

Everyone was captured again!

Sasha shouted, "Mia! Drag me over to your space!"

Natalie was confused, but she understood Sasha's intention a second later, "Take me, too!"

Before Mia passed out, he pulled Sasha and Natalie's soul into his mind space .

70 of 72 girls were inside his space now .


Mia regained his consciousness later, but he found himself tied in a prison room . His arms and legs were locked and attached to a wall, which he was hung vertically .

He could feel something on his neck . There was a strange circular choker around it, which stabbed ten needles into his flesh .

With his 3D sense, he scanned through all objects around him . The choker on his neck was a timed bomb and a psychic seal . It disabled all elements of supernatural power inside his body, but it could not stop his psionic power .

'Oh well, they're kind enough to heal me?'

[No, Sasha took control of your body when you're out . She healed you!]

Natalie, in his mind space, explained what had happened after Mia blacked out . The soldiers placed an anti-psychic choker on him to restrain his power . They also rigged a bomb in it, so they could kill Mia any time they wanted .

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Mia mocked the government in his mind .

'What a weak restraint . Oh, by the way . Where are Maple and Lana? How are they?'

[They sent a message that they are safe . Maple stole Lana's soul, and they were together . Lana's body had already been taken back by the gov' men, though . ]

"Good morning, Uriel Mia . "

A voice greeted him as Mia opened his eyes . It was Dr . Fluke Luckyaf .

He was standing before Mia with five prison wardens . Each of them equipped with the anti-psionic possession armor suit .

Mia did not know how they made it, but he was sure that the other boys should have cooperated with the government . He could not help but want to give them a good punch in the face .

Before Mia could speak, he felt a surge of electric current rushing through his body . He was being electrocuted from the wrist and ankle restraint locks .

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Mia gritted his teeth and waited for the numbness to end .

Dr . Fluke flipped off the switch, "What did you do to the girls?"

Mia laughed, "What did you say? I'm a little numb . My ears are getting worse . "


"Come closer if you want to know . "

Dr . Fluke frowned . He did not follow after Mia's suggestion as he was not stupid enough to fall for his trap .


Seeing that Dr . Fluke did not fall for his trap, Mia flipped a middle finger at him .


A prison warden pulled out a pistol and shot at Mia .




Three bullets entered his kidney and lung .

"Don't kill him! Let him regenerate . Keep on interrogating and increase the power output! I want to know what he did to other test subjects!"

"Can we do anything?"

"Do whatever you want . Be warned that you can't take off your suit no matter what, or you're dead . "

"Haha, yes, boss!"