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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 141

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:31:31 AM

Chapter 141

Chapter 141 – Aftermath

While grandmother Min was busy dealing with Gabriel, Mia and Sasha ended up killing the statue .

Sasha returned Mia's fragments to his body after she had shattered his arms out of frustration . Sasha was mad not because of her acting but because of Mia's natural improvisation annoyed her .

In the end, Mia returned to his mind space after sending off Sasha to her body . Not, he had two fewer souls inside the room .

Upon arriving, all girls but Maple and Lana flocked onto him .

"How is it?"

"How is Sasha?"

"Is she the same as Natalie?"

Mia nodded, "Yes . The statue tried to consume Sasha . We killed it again . "

A few girls glanced at Misha Statue, "Will you kill Banana? He, I meant, she is that resurrected fairy, right?"

Mia frowned and looked at the statue . Gazing at the sad-looking Misha, he sighed .

"Not now . This core has been brainwashed by my grandmother . I'll leave it alone for the time being . Besides, she is still somewhat a mini-me . "

"Won't it be dangerous to let her loose? Won't she attack you?"

"I doubt it . Right now, my psyche is strong enough to change the room into a red room manually . She won't be able to do anything to me . "

"Okay . We trust you . But, will we get our body back soon?"

"I don't know . "

"I see …"

The girls stopped speaking . More than half of them returned into their bungalow, praying that they would get their body back soon .

After everybody left, Maple walked toward Mia .

"Mia, can I have a word?"

"Maple? What's wrong?"

"About Misha . Can you not kill her?"

"Are you worry about the fairy?"

"Not the other fairies . Just your mentor . She seems different than others . "

"Don't worry . I won't touch her anytime soon . She's still my child, you know?"

"Stop with that lame joke . Well, fine, as long as you don't kill her . "

"I didn't know that you like Misha that much . "

"You don't know how we adore her when you're asleep, Mia . She's cute . "

"Well, suit yourself . I'm off to see my grandma now . "

"Hey, wait! There's something else . Can I protect your core instead of Misha? The other girls looked restless, and I think they want to take your core away from that statue . "

Mia frowned and pause . He stared into Maple's eyes with suspicion .

Soul core in Misha Statue's arms was like his most vulnerable object that required absolute protection . Mia left his core with Misha Statue as it automatically protected the orb from everyone regardless of whether the person was his sister or an invader .

Although Maple's words made sense, Mia still did not want to entrust his core to someone other than Sasha or Natalie . Unfortunately, both of them returned to their body, so Mia did not have someone he could trust remaining .

Maple might be stronger than everyone else, but she also had a few suspicious parts .

First, Mia had once found out that Maple could use magnetic fields, which was a high-level skill of a fairy . From Natalie's testimony after Mia had helped her, she only learned it after the core was destroyed .

Secondly, Maple consumed almost every part of her mentor statue when Mia last visited her soul space . Based on his grandmother's information, those that consumed the entire sculpture would slowly merge with the core, and conscience would be melted away by the fairy core .

And lastly, her reaction to the changes up until now was odd . She was not panic like other girls, which stood out from the rest . Girls in adolescent age were usually sensitive to the changes, but Maple always acted like an adult .

Mia had faith in Maple when it came to fighting MWG soldiers, but he could not entrust his entire life to her in private .

"No . I'll leave it with the statue for now . You don't have to worry about it . "

Mia left his soul space and began operating his body once more, leaving Maple in the middle of their conversation .

In secret, Maple clicked her tongue .

In reality, Maple had already succumbed to her mentor's soul-devouring . Her original conscience had long been killed .

Maple's soul in this soul space was, in fact, another alternate self of Misha Bloominglilly . Like the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, Maple hid in here to monitor the general situation between Mia's grandmother and the Milky Way Government, planning to capitalize this opportunity, spreading her seeds and turning others into her puppets .

Unfortunately, her primary objective had been ruined by grandmother Min .

Maple tried to take Mia's core, so she could threaten the grandma with it . Still, Mia did not cooperate . It was apparent now that Mia did not trust Maple .

'This is why I hate smart kids . Well, it doesn't matter . I'll turn everybody here into black slimes, and I'll use them to infect their rescuers . It won't be long that my other self will-OUCH!!'

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Maple sensed a sharp pain from her deep consciousness . Someone had killed her splitted cores at a rapid rate .

5 Cores .

10 Cores .

20 Cores .

40 Cores .

60 Cores .

68 Cores .

All cores that Misha had planted in every girl's statue had been destroyed by someone!

'Who the hell did this!?'


Mia returned to his body and found the lively Natalie jumping around in delight .


She was like a monkey as she parkoured on the corridor outside of his living quarter . Meanwhile, Sasha reserved her manner and sat beside Mia's grandmother .

Mia grinned at her, but Sasha sent him a glare, gesturing him with her eyes, "SCRAM!"

Meanwhile, his grandmother stared into empty air as she showed her back to Mia . He could not see what Min was doing, but it was weird, nonetheless .

Min turned around with a wide smile, "Everything is done . Mia, come with me real quick . I'll take two liters of your blood, and I'll take Lana's soul with me after that . "

"Hold it! Won't I die from the blood loss!? Two liters are too many!"

"You'll be fine . Keep regenerating when we drain your blood, 'kay?"

"@#$!% . "

Min forcefully dragged Mia by his collar along the corridor to one of the spaceship's infirmaries .



One hour later, Mia dragged his legs back to his room with a pale face .

*Mew* (I'm dizzy, Mish . Eh, should I call you Mia instead?)

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"I'm dizzy, too . "

*Mrrr?* (Can you give me a red gel? I need some nourishment . )

By automatic muscle memory, Mia operated his VIP inventory and gave Tama a red gel . While he was at it, he popped one into his mouth .

After he started chewing the jelly, he noticed the game menu before him .

"I can use the game menu in reality!?"

*Mrrr?* (Isn't this just another place in the universe? What's reality?)

Mia tried to check his status menu, but it did not appear . Only VIP inventory could be used here .

Furthermore, several item icons had a slant red line on top of them . The description read, "Cannot be used in reality . Contact game administrators for more details . "

All carcasses and corpses of the monsters in-game could not be taken out into this world .

Meanwhile, gels and consumable items were listed as "Private usage only . Cannot be dropped, traded, transferred, sold, or auctioned . "

Also, the 100,000 barrels of fuel and the gold bars that Banana Mia had looted from the prison long ago had another description . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Restricted resources . Contact a game administrator for more details . "

Mia stared at the icon in doubt .

'Restricted resources? Right, grandma said something about the way to pull out items from the game to reality . I forgot to ask her . '

The grandmother got busy after she had taken Mia's blood samples . Mia did not know what they were trying to do about it, but he trusted her .

When Mia returned to his resting quarter, he found Sasha and Natalie, waiting for him in his room .

"Are you done?"

"How is it? What did your grandma do to you?"

Mia shrugged, "She took two liters of my blood . An ordinary human would have died by now . Fortunately, our Banana Mia somewhat helped me in this . "

He wiggled Tama small wings behind his back and touched his horns on his head .

"See these? I'm sure the media will be in an uproar if they discover these . "

They stared at Mia's dragonewt body with interest . They might have seen Mia from within his soul space, but looking at him from their perspective was different .

Natalie walked up to Mia, "Can I touch your horns and your wings? You won't turn into tentacles again, right?"

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Mia turned to the eye on his chest .

"You heard her, Tama . Don't violate my sister, okay?"

*MYA!* (I'm not that cyka's Mii! Besides, I'm not into someone with the same face as you!)

"Wait a minute . So you're gonna violate someone else if the person doesn't have my face!?"

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (I didn't say that . Mia is a pervert . Mehehehehe!)


Natalie giggled at Tama and Maou's conversation . Although they did not have a symbiosis eggcat in their body, they had been with Mia for long enough to understand the cat's language .

As merry as she was, Natalie played with Mia's wings, tail, and his horns . Mia sat on his bed and allowed her to play around with him as if he were a pet .

Sasha looked at them with a faint smile . She was happy for the two .

Still, she worried about other girls in Mia's mind space as she wondered if everyone was okay . Sasha was afraid of the fairy's revenge that might have happened in everyone's real bodies .

After a while, Mia gazed at a digital clock on a wall . It had been an hour and a half since he had logged out .

"Alright, Natalie . I have to go back to my grandma to trade for some diamonds . I also need to get back into the game . "

Sasha and Natalie frowned, "You're going back despite the risks?"

"Shurka is still inside . Well, there's the matter about the mutants and World War III . I want to help those guys survive the war first, then I can quit the game for good . "

As soon as Mia finished his sentence, Min opened the gate into Mia's living quarter .

"You don't have to quit, actually . By the way, Mia . Did you bring something from the game world inside your VIP inventory?"

"Yes . How did you know?"

She harrumphed, "You've got the VIP5 . There is no way that anyone can resist the tempting of the space inventory . You'll have several items in there for sure . Come with me, I'll take you to a transfer device of our fleet . "

"Transfer device?"

"You can't pull out all items in your inventory without the authority from MWG . "

"I thought you and MWG aren't buddy-buddy anymore . "

"Politics, you bloody banana! You sometimes have to put on a façade and be friendly to your enemies . Well, thanks to your blood, MWG and my fleet has somewhat reconciled . Do you know that their department of justice granted us amnesty for all of our past conflicts?"


The world of politics was one thing that Mia did not want to touch since everyone wore smiling masks as they hid their poison behind their back . He would not want to join MWG or succeed his grandmother if he had to work for them .