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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 142

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:31:30 AM

Chapter 142

Chapter 142 – Game Items to Reality

Mia, Sasha, Natalie, and Min boarded a transport ship, which brought them to an artificial planet at the size of a moon in the center of Min's fleet .

It was a mobile colony for her fleet crew members and their family . Since their job required everybody to travel around the universe, they had to bring their family along, or they would not see each other for the rest of their life .

Mia's parents also lived there as Min's subordinates . It had been a while since they last saw the others .

"I doubt they will recognize you in this form," Min laughed as she imagined their reaction .

"I don't think it's a good idea to show my appearance in the resident district . Won't the press lurking around there? Let's not attract too much attention . "

"Hahaha! That's right . They were already preparing for a riot after Lilith had messed us up with her taxes and subscription systems . "

"How are they doing, grandma? Are your people causing troubles?"

"Hardly . Only the non-crew members tried to cause a scene . I only reminded them that I could have turned off the colony oxygen supply without warning, then they shut their mouth and dispersed . "


Sasha and Natalie's face cramped as she did not expect Mia's grandmother to be a tyrant . From her tone just now, they believed that she would do it if the riot escalated .

While they were talking, grandmother Min tossed Mia a set of colorful dress and a magic wand toy .

"What's this, grandma?"

"Your disguise . Change your clothes into that . You can't walk around in public with those horns . "

Mia took the dress to inspect it .

It was a bright pink dress with two cuts behind the back and a hole above the buttock, which was customized for his appearance .

From the front top, it looked similar to a sailor uniform, but the frilly short skirt made it looked like a ballet dress .

This was not a dress for a ball for sure .

Min tossed two more dresses at Natalie and Sasha .

"You two wear these as well . "

"What are these dresses? It looks kinda flashy . The design is weird, too," Natalie was on the verge of laughing as she found this cloth too funny and awkward to wear in public .

Sasha frowned, "Is this a cosplay dress? Say, Natalie, Isn't this similar to what Crystal gave Mia in-game?"

"Huh? Really?"

Natalie and Sasha looked around for a mirror to test the dress, but she could not find any .

Unable to find a mirror, Sasha glanced at Mia with a cunning smile .

"Maou, stand up for a bit . "


Mia stood as he was asked, and Sasha stretched her dress to examine how she would look with it .

Seeing Mia's face and the dress, Natalie burst into laughter .


Even the stern Sasha held her laughter .


The ship docked at the colony spaceport . Exiting the vehicle, three young girls, who were as tall as middle-school students, followed after a beautiful silver-hair woman .

Mia, Sasha, and Natalie put on the cosplay dress and had a magic wand in their hand .

The three looked like a family of triplets who followed after their elder sister . Everyone on the colony gazed at Mia's horn and tail as they stood out, but they did not take heed to it .

Though uncomfortable, Mia managed to walk in public with his dragonewt appearance . Everybody in his mind space also laughed and cheered at Maou as if he was the banana persona .

Still, Banana Mia was still in her deep sleep, ignoring all the commotion .

*Mew?* (Can't you just use your transformation skill to change your appearance to Misha?)

'I don't like using a girl's body for too long . Also, it will complicate things if I have to identify myself to the government . '

*Mrrr?* (You're being shamed, though? Besides, why don't you try to hide your horns and tail with that skill?)

'I tried . Nothing happened . '

*Mew* (Bummer . Not enough level, I assume?)

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'Probably . '

*Mrrr Mew!* (I think you should start grinding your skill level . You have been slacking and mating that cyka too much that you forgot to increase your level . )

Mia facepalmed, 'That wasn't only me, Tama . Well, since Banana got depressed and shut herself, I'll work harder in-game from now on . '

A few minutes later, Mia and others arrived at a government representative building, aka the embassy .

Upon arrival, all embassy workers formed two columns, lining at the sides of the entrance, welcoming them . Fifty men and women saluted to Min .

An elder in a black suit came out of the embassy building . Looking at this person, Mia almost called him "Sebastian" as they had the same face, same white hair, mustache, and the full beard .

Grandmother Min walked to the elder, "Dio, I need to use the transfer machine . "

The elder, Dio, smiled and nodded, "Of course . Will it be the restricted resource items or monster carcasses?"

"Resources . Gold bars and the likes . "

"Of course . Come this way, please . "

Dio gestured Min and the three magical girls to follow him .

As Mia and others followed after the elder, Min used her psionic link to teach Mia .

[This is the place where you can transfer game items to reality . All resource items, such as gold bars, ores, oil, or minerals, have to be processed here first, or it will be forever locked in the inventory . ]

'I have several questions, grandma . If I have a psychic inventory skill, do I have to go through this procedure, too?'

[No . ]

'Wait, won't the civilians find out about this? Won't it cause an outbreak or an uproar?'

[No . The first day that someone with the inventory skill gets into the game, his inventory skill will be instantly disabled by Lilith . Unless you're a big wig in MWG or have an under-the-table deal with Lilith, you can't import every real-life skill into the game . ]

'Ah, I get it . Then, I assume that they can monitor or manage the import abilities and VIP inventory, too?'

[Yeah . All process has to go through here, and MWG takes 10% of the resources as taxes . Everyone with VIP5 or higher is also under the government's surveillance after they brought out the goods . If anyone ratted the secret, their authority will be confiscated, and they will be branded as a criminal . ]

Mia understood a bit of MWG's odd management . He had always questioned the government after the discovery of the item transfer secret . As the government could manipulate the resources with an infinite income, they could have monopolized it without allowing the civilians to touch those alternate reality game worlds .

However, with taxes and the absolute control of resources, MWG used the casual players as work ants to increase their income while their agents could focus on other assignments in-game .

'Still, why are they letting people migrate their soul in-game? Won't it mess their farms?'

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[Hardly . Actually, it's the opposite . MWG gains more resources from selling out those souls to Lilith's dimensions . Remember the diamond system? For each permanent resident going into one of those game worlds, MWG gets diamonds and other materials from Lilith as a payment . There is a shady kinda deal under the table going on, but I don't know the exact details, though . But I think Gabriel Lobmak and Fluke Luckyaf know about it . ]


Lilith's name was mentioned several times . This game goddess seemed to hold many secrets as well since she could influence the game world and the real world .

'One more question, how does the VIP inventory screen appear in the real world? Are the game real?'

[That's two questions . Eh, in summary, all the games and our world are all real . What appears in-game is real, and the VIP inventory system is also real . You may not believe it, but we kinda live with it . And also, Lilith is not just a goddess in-game . She's a goddess for real . ]

Mia stopped on his feet while his face revealed a pale face, horrified .

'She can manipulate this world, too!?'

[Yes …]

Because of the revelation, Mia's thought was in disarray, but his feet moved by itself, following his grandma .

Mia came to a gallery room before he knew it .

The room that Dio guided them was an observation deck with a counter of a console computer . At the center of the console, a 2-meter glass capsule with a green background, which a human could enter, was behind the counter .

Below the observer gallery, an open square platform elevated from the floor as if it was an arena for DBZ fighters . Still, other than the gallery Mia and others were inside, no other observer deck could be found .

Dio turned to the group, "Please enter the capsule, so I can scan your inventory . "

Min gestured Mia that it was his queue .

Realizing that Min was not the one using the capsule, Dio was surprised . He inspected Mia's from his head to toes in curiosity and frowned when he noticed the horns and tail .

"I believed this is the rumored contracted hydra carrier, right? Fleet Admiral?"

Dio questioned Min as he wanted to confirm his theory . As he was living in Min's Holy Saber Fleet and working for MWG at the same time, Dio knew a thing or two about the MWG movements and the recent events of this fleet . He was also aware that Min snatched the hydra virus carrier under their nose .

Grandmother Min puffed her chest and laughed, "That's right . Got a problem?"

"No, ma'am . I was just curious . Anyway, please select the resources that you wish to transfer . "

"Okay," Min pointed at a control panel inside the capsule, "Go get in there and touch the panel . Pick the things you want to bring out to the real world . "

Mia's eyes glittered and forgot the prior confusion . His thought of Shurka and money replaced his previous worries .

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He followed through with his grandmother's instruction and selected all of his gold bars in the VIP inventory . Then, Mia turned around and gave them a thumbs-up, gesturing that he was ready .


The arena platform below the observation deck flashed in golden light .



Thousands of gold bars flooded at the center platform, piling into a small mountain .

Grandmother Min whistled, impressed with her grandchild . Sasha and Natalie were looking forward to the gold's value assessment . Although they might not get a share from Mia since this was a family business, it was fun to see how many dollars they would get from this transaction .

Meanwhile, Dio was indifferent by the sight as he had seen a larger sum by other clients, aka Min Uriel and her subordinates .

Dio inspected Mia's items in his inventory in secret . Upon seeing many carcasses of fire ants and other monsters, he sighed in pity .

'Hydra's remaining, red virus gels, and fire ants . Too bad we can't transfer the virus, or we would not have had to rely on the silver empress . '

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Dio turned to Mia, "Would you like to sell the monster corpses as well? We buy it by weight, one ton per 500,000 dollars for fire ants, and one ton per 2 million dollars for hydra's remaining . "

Mia frowned . Since he could eat these monsters to increase his status in-game, it would be a waste to sell these for cash . Right now, he did not need money .

"Can it be diamonds in-game instead?" Mia asked Dio, hoping to get diamonds for Shurka .

"Yes . The fixed price is one diamond per one million dollars . "

"How much will I get from the gold bars if I exchange them into MWD?"

Dio fetched out a calculator, pressed several numbers, and then revealed the sum to Mia .

"The gold price is 530 for one gram at the moment . Each gold bar is a standard 10kg piece, and you've brought in 85,000 bars . The sum is 45 . 05 billion MWD . We take 10% as taxes, so you'll get 40 . 454 billion . "

Mia breathed a sigh of relief . If he converted everything to diamonds, he would get 40,454 diamonds in return, which was more than enough to transfer Shurka to his grandmother's spaceship .

A hand tugged Mia's cloth as he was getting out of the capsule . Natalie was next to him .

"Hey, Mia . Can I get a share of those?"

Mia turned to Natalie with a surprised look . He also noticed the flustered Sasha, who hesitated and wanted to ask Mia the same question .