Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 148

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:31:22 AM

Chapter 148

Chapter 148 – Random Teleportation and Luck

In the mind room of Ship Hai, Maple laughed in delight . She had devoured this person's core and stole the body .

Consuming a core was different than feasting on soul fragments . She always obtained most of the body owner's memory this way if she ate the core instead of broken pieces of a soul .

With the stolen memory, Maple pretended to be Aria's subordinate . At the same time, she broke free from Mia's imprisonment . Once Maple returned to her real world, she planned to find her real body as it was more powerful than this incomplete overmind race .

Maple opened her new body's status window, examining how it could do .


Mia regained his sense, but he felt groggy because of the changes . The disappearance of Misha Statue and the resurrection of Misha's soul influenced this body balance, making him unable to sit properly .

As if Mia was a newborn baby, he could not sit still .

"Tama, help me balance my body!"

*Mrrr?* (Huh? Okay . What's wrong?)

"Something is probably wrong with my brain and my body balancing . I can't maintain my body!"

*Mew* (Yuck! Did you eat something fishy lately?)

"Aside from the gels, none . "

*Mew?* (What about Shurka? Doesn't hers smell fishy?)


Mia's condition worsened as he could not control his body anymore .

[Maou, switch with me!]

Misha wanted to try .

As Mia was helpless, he allowed Misha to takeover . Once she got full control, the same illness appeared .

"What the!?"

She, too, could not control Mia's body at will . As if she was swimming in an ocean without gravity, Mia's body was on the verge of slipping off the seat .

[This never happened before . It should have something to do with the loss of the statue or your awakening . ]


[Use the potion! Tell Tama to help you!]

"Right! Tama, help me something . Take out a potion and pour it into my mouth . I can't move!"

*Mrrr?* (Huh? Sure . )

Tama took a potion bottle and poured the content into Mia's mouth .

Banana drank a mouthful of the medicine, but her body balance was still the same .

"M-Maou, it doesn't work . "



While Mia and Misha were confused by their body condition, six overminds had long transformed into monsters . However, their psionic link still connected with their machine's psionic reactors .

Six Prometheus threw away their rifles and lightsabers . They began casting their power and attacked everybody nearby .

Aria sent her command to other surviving units, "Three of you, kill the berserking pilots! All co-pilots of the berserking mechs, eject immediately!"

Six co-pilots of the soul-dead overminds complied and bailed . The heads of the robots detached and shuttled away .

Two Prometheus aimed their rifle at the monster pilots .




Maple reacted late, but she also pretended to join the fight .

As for Aria, she turned to Mia's robot . Her rifle aimed at his cockpit .


Misha attempted to activate the triple-layered barrier, but she failed . Mia's body did not follow after her command .



The shell penetrated the chest of Mia's Prometheus, destroying the robot's mainframe module, which shut down all lights in the Prometheus cockpit .

"No good! I can't do anything!"

As Misha was too panicked to complete anything, Maou pulled her back into his mind space and regained control of his body .

"Tama, take a teleport button from my inventory and use it!"

*M-Mew!?* (What about our robot!? If we teleport, we have to leave this thing behind, right?)

"We have to, or we're dead! Until I can find out what has happened to my body, we can't risk fighting!"

*Mrrr!* (This is crazy!)

"I know . Please help me just this once . You can eat as many red gels as you want!"

*Meh Mew* (Hey, do you think I'm a glutton!? I can only eat one red or two reds at a time . Fine . I don't care anymore . I'll do it!)

Tama operated Mia's VIP inventory and pulled out one of Shurka's random teleport buttons . She pressed it .

Mia and Tama blinked away from the robot and the chaotic battle .

After the teleportation, Mia's mech and Aria's robot were almost a kilometer away from their location, but they were not safe yet .

As both of them reappeared again in mid-air, they were falling to earth by the natural gravity .

"Tama, take out another one . Use it before we hit the ground . "

*MYA!* (Won't we die if we land!?)

"I don't know! We have to risk everything and get the hell out of here!"


As Mia could not adjust his body balance, his body fell like a ragdoll . In less than 10 seconds, the body almost reached the earth .

Tama pressed the second button .


Mia and Tama teleported again . This time, they did not reappear in the sky .

However, everything around them was pitch black . They also felt pressure on top of their bodies .

As they looked around with their night sight, they noticed mud and soil around them . Mia tried to use his 3D sense, but he could not activate it .

"I think we're somewhere underground . "

*Mrrr* (Are we buried alive?)

"Probably . Let's teleport again and get out of here before we run out of air . "

Tama used her tentacle to press the third button .

Again, they reappeared underground .

"Keep going, Tama!"

*M-Mew?* (D-Do you think we will get to the center of the earth if we keep going?)

"Just keep going until we get to somewhere with enough space to breath!"

*Mrrr* (Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong …)

"Don't jinx it! Just do it!"



A minute later, Tama used the ninth random teleport button .

Both Mia and Tama kept reappearing randomly underground . Now, only one random button remained .

*Muuu* (Last chance …)

Mia bit his lower lips, praying to Lilith .

'You know what, I swear that I'll cross-dress for you if we survive this! Please, give us a chance!'

If this last button sent them to underground soil again, they would have no choice but relying on Tama to dig to the surface . Deep down inside, Mia was afraid that they might even be several kilometers underground since he could feel intense pressure from the earth .

"Please …"

*Mew* (Please!)

Tama pressed the last button .




Mia and Tama reappeared inside an underground cave corridor . The room was five-meter tall, and the paths were over five hundred meters long .

Realizing that their prayer had been granted, Mia and Tama laughed .



Mia's body collapsed and lay on the ground, sighed in relief .

"That was too close . I thought we would have been dead . "

*Mew* (Me too . I thought we're fucked because of your silly disease . Now, try to get on your feet . )

"I'll try . "



Two hours later, Mia still could not get on his feet .

*Mew* (Do I have to puppet your body? Are you a vegetable now?)

"I'm trying!"

*Mrrr?* (If that doesn't work, how about transforming into Misha?)

"I tried, but I can't use any psychic power . "

*Meh* (Well, shit . Do I have to find another host?)

"All red gels are in my inventory . You leave me, you won't any . "


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"FYI, I saved your sorry ass, Tama . You almost got eaten by your siblings, remember?"

*Mew* (I also saved your sorry banana pee-pee too many times . I owe you nothing!)

"No red gels from me, then . "

*MYA!* (Screw you! I'll keep eating your gels until you're broke!)

The two bickered . Their noise echoed through the underground cave that they rested inside .


A cry of a giant creature shut Tama and Mia's mouth . The foul smell of rotting corpses followed afterward .

Tama whispered in a soft meowing .

*Mew?* (That's just wind, right?)

"Eolian sound shouldn't smell, Tama . That's a howl of a beast or a monster . "


The underground cave shook . Dust and debris from the ceiling fell onto the ground, which alarmed the two .

Tama transformed Mia's wings into tentacles and extended all of her arms from Mia's back . As if they were a centipede or a spider, Tama used her tentacles to crawl backward, carrying their body away from the sound .




The girls in his mind space screamed in a panic . They did not fear the monster . Instead, they were scared by the new transformation by Tama .

Misha was also speechless . The current Mia's back had over a thousand mini-tentacles, acting like centipede legs, creeping through the underground cave .




The earthquake and the trembling got closer each second . Soon, something appeared a hundred meter next to Mia's feet .

It was a red python with one eye!

Its eye was also not on the sides like an ordinary snake . It located in the center of its head! The neck and the head of this creature were large enough to fill the five-meter-tall cave .

Tama and Mia could also sense a familiar aura from the monster .


*MYA!!* (FUCK ME!)

The monster located Mia . It squeezed its large body through the cave, trying to reach him .

Tama crawled backward at her full speed . The eye on Mia's chest transformed into a mouth, after which spat red liquid at the hydra .

It was Tama's personal acidic liquid .

The acid hit the eye of the hydra, which shrunk back in pain . However, the eye recovered from the corrosive water in the next second .


The python hydra bared its fangs, enraged . Its speed got faster .

The cave rumbled as the giant snake did everything to reach Mia, shaking and squeezing its body through the tunnel .

In a panic, Tama increased her speed, backpedaling in full force . As her thought was in disarray, she unzipped Mia's pants, opening the window and taking out Mia's python .

"WTF are you doing!?"


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Without a choice, Mia released his water jet while Tama directed it at the eye of the chasing python hydra .

The hot liquid got into its eye . As the inferno dragonewt body maintained its temperature body at 50 degrees Celsius, the hot corrosive pee burnt the eye .


The hydra shrunk back in pain again . This time, Tama managed to buy a few more seconds to gain distance .

As Tama kept crawling, she also had one eye on top of Mia's head, scanning for a path to escape .

And she found a wide hole nearby!

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (Plot armor activated! I found a hole!)

"This'd better be legit, or we're doomed . "

*Mew!* (Trust me! I'm an engineer's partner!)

"… Well, we're fucked . "

Tama exerted all her strength and jumped, taking Mia's body into the hole she found .

The hole was two meters in diameter, which was enough for them to fall into . Unfortunately, Tama did not know the depth or where this hole would lead them .

They fell into the abyss .

The python hydra reached their previous location five seconds late . It stared into the hole in anger .

The hole was pitch black, which it could not see further down . It was also too small for its head to dive in .


As if the hydra cursed at Mia, it screamed at the hole .




Mia and Tama fell onto something hard and rolled onto the ground . His body suffered several superficial wounds .

It took them five seconds to reach the bottom of the pit, so the height should be over 100 meters .

An ordinary human would have turned into a meat paste . Fortunately, Mia's VIT was high enough to resist some of the impacts .

Without having to think, Tama fed Mia their healing potion, which healed him in an instant .

Mia reopened his eyes and groaned .

"Eww, that's rough . "

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (Tama is the MVP! MEHEHEHE!)

"Aye, thanks, Tama . "

Mia looked around the check his surroundings .

They fell into a large room inside the underground cave . In the lightless room, Mia's night sight found a tall ceiling and the hole that they came from .

The hole was over 20 meters away from their reach .

"What a large room," Mia praised the cave as he continued looking around .

Then, he met a pair of glowing red eyes of another creature . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Its silhouette was ten meters high, and the body was more massive than its height .

Mia recognized the feature of this creature right away as he had a few dead bodies of the same thing in his inventory .

A queen ant monster was gazing at Mia .