Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 153

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:31:17 AM

Chapter 153

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Mia collapsed after the 180th session . Fortunately, Tiny was merciful enough to give him time to rest and recuperate .

"Can you give me a day to rest? I'll die at this rate . "

"Are you tired? You should assign more points into STM, husband . "

Though he could not keep his body balance, Mia managed to sit on his own without Tama's help . Thanked the extreme workout routine, his brain and his soul got used to the imbalanced body . Unfortunately, he was still not strong enough to stand .

"I already put everything into STM, but you're overworking me . "

Tiny revealed a sad expression, "I'm sorry . I didn't mean to wear you out . I was so happy that I found a strong husband that I forgot to hold back . "

Looking at the sad Tiny, Mia felt guilty .

"It's alright . As soon as I get better, I'll grind my STM for you . Don't feel sad because of my weakness . "

She recovered from her depression and smiled at Mia . Tiny kissed him and returned to her mountain of eggs, laying more ant cocoons .  

During their copulation, many eggs already showed a sign of movements . Many healthy children already poked the eggshells and peaked to the outside world .  

Now that Mia was finally free, he could inspect the baby ants and his game messages .  




Name: A0007 (Temporary Name)

Race: Demi-Inferno Formicidae

Class: Nurse Ant

Level: 1


STR – 500/2,000 

 VIT – 1,000/3,000

 STM – 500/2,500

 AGI – 500/2,000

 DEX – 500/2,000

 INT – 50/2,000

 WIS – 0/2,000

 Luck – 10/100


Formicidae Pheromone – 1/1

Formicidae Healing – 1/20

Gentle Bite – 1/10

Inferno Mastery – 1/200

Manual Body Regeneration – 1/200

Telekinesis: Lesser Object Control – 1/200

Electrokinesis: Zap – 1/200

Pyrokinesis: Burning Resistance – 1/200

Geokinesis: Terraform – 1/100

Psionic Language - 1/200

Psionic Link - 1/200



Mia's face twitched . This baby ant monster was strong from birth as some of its attributes were even stronger than him .

He glanced at Tiny, 'These stats should be from her . From the looks of it, this baby should have inherited both of our status and skills . '

While Mia was at it, he checked other newborn ants . These babies had different constitution than what he had seen in documentaries or the fire ant carcasses in his inventory .

They did not look like an ordinary ant, but a giant wasp . All ants had six long insect legs, but warrior ant had wings on their back . Had these babies gotten a stinger, Mia would have thought that his children were bee-type monsters instead of ants .

As Mia was inspecting their status interfaces, he spotted an odd window .


It was the same menu when Misha had duplicated her previous appearance into the game by her instinct when they had entered this game for the first time . He could create a new avatar with this interface .

But one description stopped Mia from using the menu .


'10%? Inheritance Progress?'

Mia turned to Tiny, "Do you know anything about inheritance progress? Why is it showing on my interface?"

Currently, the queen had already reverted to her monster form, laying more eggs . She was confused for a few seconds before she recalled something .

"Ah, that's our successor . When it reaches 100%, we will pass down all of our skills and levels to all new children . We can also use one of them as our vessels in case our current body has aged . This is the thing that I promised to help you . "

"In other words, once it reaches 100%, I can have a new body to house my soul?"

"Exactly . It will be a stronger body than your current one . "


Mia regained his hope . As a decisive person as he was, Mia returned to his mind space to consult with Misha .

Inside his mind space, most of the girls were still drooling, gazing at Mia crotch . Because Maou did nothing but copulate, the girls' maiden mind got affected by the non-stop live stream porn . Misha also sat alone at the center of the island pool, watching over his core .

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"Banana, let's make a deal . "

Misha had a scare . Without listening to Mia, she stopped his words with her yell, "I WON'T TRANSFER MY SOUL INTO A MONSTER!!"

Mia rolled his eyes, "Idiot . Listen to me first, will ya?"


"I have a proposal . I'll give this body to you . "


"Yeah, with a couple of conditions . "

"… I know . Nothing is free in this world . What do you want in return? But I'll say this first . I won't give you Shurka . "

"Bah, you can have her if you love her so much . "

"Then, what're your conditions?"

"Once we have enough diamonds for Shurka, you and Shurka must return to our world along with all our sisters . After that, you will quit the game for good and live as [Mia Uriel] in my stead . Secondly, tell our grandma that I'll return when I'm ready . "

"What about you, Maou?"

"I'll stay here and help Tiny, Crystal, and Sebastian in this world . "

"As a monster?"

"Probably . "


All sisters and Misha were silent . They failed to react as this could be Mia's parting words .

"Y-You're not coming home with us?"

"I will, eventually . Maybe when I can settle everything, I'll try to bring Tiny back to our world?"

Misha's face twitched, "And create chaos . Fire ants are known to be territorial and aggressive, Maou . Do you want to bring the apocalypse to our world?"

Maou laughed, "Not our world, but the Milky Way Government . How about we take over the galaxy with an army of flying ants?"

"… You're insane . "

"I'm always insane . Gabriel made me this way," Maou grinned and leered at Lana .

Lana shrunk in fear . She bit her lower lips and swallowed her tears back .

Misha detected Mia's eyes . She stood between Lana and Mia to stop him .

"Stop bullying her, Maou . "

Mia harrumphed and returned to his body . He planned to meditate, so his regeneration skill could recover his stamina and vitality for more sessions with Tiny .

He glanced at Tama, "Can you help me during the next session?"

*Meh* (No, thank you . )

"Why? I thought eggcats like sex . "

*Meh* (If I never met Mii, then I would have liked it . )

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"Why is that?"

*Meh* (You have never experienced something entering into your sensitive hole . Try getting your ass fucked by that queen and tell me again if you still enjoy sex . )

Maou recalled the memory when Mii's tentacles violated Tama's mouth, "… I'm sorry . "

*Nom-Nom?* (Therefore, feed me more red gels, and I'll weaken Tiny for ten sessions . Be warned that I'm a lady and I can't produce sperms . You still have to inseminate Tiny until she is satisfied . )




Half a day later, B3 reached the entrance of Tiny's room . Instead of entering, she stopped and observed everything with her sense .

B3 flickered her snake tongue, smelling the light scent . Not only the odor that she had sensed, but she could also feel a threatening aura of a strong male overmind at the upper floor .

'An overmind? I thought there is only one dragonewt in here with that ant bitch . '

The hydra woman backtracked to the upper floor, searching for the other being .

A few minutes later, B3 arrived at the location where she had detected the being . When she reached her destination, she flickered her tongue again to pinpoint the overmind .

To her surprise, her feet got stuck in a layer of ice, which crept upon her legs, trapping her .

Behind B3, Dove hid in the darkness . He pulled out a knife and attempted to slit her throat from behind .

B3 snickered as she hardened her scales .


The knife failed to cut into B3's flesh .

"Hey, boy . It's rude to attack a woman from behind . "

Dove did not answer . He leaped backward as he expanded the ice on B3's legs with his psyche force . At the same time, he snapped his fingers to seal B3, using his Cryokinesis: Ice Coffin .




In a panic, Dove ran away without bothering fighting her .

B3 still stood at the same spot, amused by Dove .

"Hey, he's strong, but he's not at the level of that dragonewt . "

She activated her psionic link to communicate with her sisters, B1 and B2 .

[Ladies, I found an interesting overmind in the hive . He can use ice abilities . ]

B2 replied immediately, [An overmind? Just kill him and devour his soul . He's just a human bastard that killed one of us . ]

[Aren't you all looking for a toy? We can use him to kill times . ]

B2 snorted, [Not interest . Tell us if you find a dragonewt overlord or a dragonborn . The rest is just too lame and weak . Only weak snakes interest in a weak prey . Hehehehe . ]

[Don't start it, you worm bitch . As if you were not weak when B1 found you!]

[Mind you, I was a dune lord when I lost to B1! Talking about weaklings, I was level 925 when B1 killed me, but you were only 332 when I killed you . ]

[It was a 2-on-1, bitch! Had you fought me one-on-one, I would have owned you any day! You think you're some hot shit because you have 900+ levels!? You had only one skill on you, bitch! I had four, FOUR! Without me, both B1 and you would still be a one-trick pony!]

B1 roared in anger as she got hit by a stray bullet, [Who are you calling one-trick pony, B3? Well, excuse me . I had only one trick in the past, but I killed you both! Do you want another round? I'll take both of you with my humanoid form . I'll give you handicaps and allow you to use your original form! How's that!?]

B3 got distracted and bickered with her sisters, using her psionic link . She entirely forgot about Dove .

As for Dove, he fled into the ant hive's lower floor in a panic . Although it was not his first time dealing with a counter-skill ability, he was too nervous to bet his life in a fight against the unknown .

Had it been an ordinary game, Dove would have gone through with his ambush to the end . However, this game became a reality, so it would be unwise to throw his life away in reckless combat against the unknown .

'That was close . What was that woman?'

He did not get a good look at the woman since the ant nest was dark . He also did not use his flashlight earlier as it would have alerted the target before he could have killed her .

Dove's heart rate shot through the roof . Unable to control his panic, he opened his game menu and logged out .



Another half-day passed .

B3 returned to Tiny's room entrance in frustration after she had a war of words with her sisters .

She lost the fight since it was 2-on-1, with B1 and B2 ganging on her and blaming her for starting it .

In anger, he vowed that she would not return to the main body for a while . If she could find another grown hydra, she might volunteer herself to be its new head .

As she was absentminded, she jumped into Tiny's room without thinking .


Her feet landed on the ground as if they were feathers .

"Ah . "

When she realized that she entered the room alone, her face paled .

"Whoops . I fucked up!"

B3's eyes darted around the room and fixated at the queen ant, who was laying eggs in her ant queen form . Not far by her side, the naked Mia sat cross-legs and stared into her direction .


Mia tilted his head to the side while he revealed his wry smile on his face .

'Who is that? What's she doing here?'

At his side, Tiny hissed at the newcomer .

"Be careful! That's one of the hydra bitches!"


As Mia had too much sex these days, his thought became dirty . An erotic scenario that only appeared in porn appeared in his mind .

Mia licked his lips as he transformed to Misha .