Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

Chapter 154 – B3

B3 had a scare when Mia transformed into Misha . As she had been through many battles with the other hydra heads, she could tell that those with transformation abilities were tricky .

The weakness of transforming mutants or monsters were their physical prowess . Since monsters with a strong physique usually did not rely on shapeshifting skills, only those with psychic or psionic abilities would use a polymorph ability when they met an enemy .

Without waiting for Misha to stand up, B3 rushed at her . At the same time, her snake eyes flashed in yellow light as she activated her skill .

Pyrokinesis: Blast!

An invisible cannonball shot at Misha .


One of Tiny's insect legs swatted the skill away, but that leg got broken as a price .

Tiny abandoned her eggs and dashed toward B3 with her five long legs .

B3 side-stepped and dodged Tiny's charge . She turned toward the bigger target and fired another blast skill .

Tiny waved her both human arms . Her two slender arms polymorphed into giant stone claws, which deflected the cannonball again . This time, she did not suffer any damage .

The broken leg of Tiny also regenerated in the next second . Her two rear legs stomped on the cave floor, and a rock spike appeared under the ground that B3 was standing .

B3 got hit onto her stomach, but her eyes were still looking at Tiny .

Eye laser!

Tiny ducked her humanoid body, but the beam grazed half of her face .

The burned scar appeared, but Tiny regenerated her missing flesh back .

Another rock spike slammed onto B3's stomach again . This time, it sent her flying backward .

B3 clicked her tongue . She transformed her legs into a snake tail and slithered onto the ceiling .

Now, B3 became a lamia!

Her two human hands also transformed into snake mouths, which fired acidic liquid at Tiny .

Tiny blocked the spray of green liquid with her golem arms, but they melted away one of her hands .

B3 gained the initiative . She used her speed advantage to get behind Tiny and resprayed her acid .

Instead of dodging or parrying, Tiny moved forward and pointed her bottom upward, aiming at B3 .

Her ant butt released a cocoon, her newborn ant, at the hydra .

The exchange hurt Tiny as the green fluid sprayed on her back . However, the egg clashed onto B3's face .

The impact was significant enough to make B3 lose her grip on the ceiling floor . She lost her balance and fell on the ground again .

The location that she fell was next to Misha!

Misha turned around and smiled at B3 . She released one of her skills that she had not used it for a long time .


The green gas enveloped both B3 and Misha .

B3's nose twitched as she felt nostalgia with this smell .

'A smell of queen egg . Why is she using it? There is no zombie to summon here . '

The green gas was frequently used by queen eggs, which they used it to attract nearby monsters to be their food . Misha's choice of skill confused B3 .

'Whatever . I'll just kill her and grab her soul . Too bad that her real body is a woman . I thought I could have scored a young boy toy . '

B3 transformed one of mouth hand into a claw hand . She raised her arm and was about to swing it down .


Sudden pain at her crotch froze her mid-motion .

As B3 thought that she was attacked by a sudden hidden strike, she leapt backward to recuperate .

Upon checking her pain area below her belly button, she found nothing . B3 did not suffer any attack from Tiny nor Misha .

'What was that?'

The pain did not disappear . It slowly expanded toward her womb, then it squeezed itself .

B3's body shook as her body's temperature increased .


An earth spike from Tiny hit B3 again and sent her rolling on the ground . This time, B3 could not stand up .

Tiny charged forward, planning to finish off the hydra .

"Wait, Tiny! Don't kill her yet!"

Misha stopped Tiny from delivering the finishing blow . She also reverted to Mia again .

Tama manipulated Mia's body to stand and walked toward B3 as if she understood what Mia was trying to do . She also pulled out a potion bottle from VIP inventory, and let Mia zip it .

Mia drank a mouthful of potion and passed it to Tiny, who was wounded by the acid . Her ant bottom had a cloud of white smoke coming from the corroding part, which could prove fatal if they left it alone .

Tiny took the potion and drank it . Since she had witnessed Mia drinking it many times during their mating sessions, she knew how effective this medicine was .

"What did you do?" Still confused, B3 stared at Mia .

Mia grinned, but he did not speak anything . As for his third hand, it erected and pointed at B3's face .

B3 also noticed it and gulped by instinct . Unable to control herself, she drooled .

Mia kept inspecting B3's condition . Seeing that B3 still had her conscience, he polymorphed into Misha and used her skill again .

Green gas, pheromone .

B3 inhaled the smoke in again, and the pain increased . It was painful at first, but it slowly turned into a tingling sensation, which she found it pleasurable .

Misha did not stop releasing her green cloud . The smoke became so dense that even Tiny and other babies inhaled some of it .

Tiny's body shook . She transformed into her humanoid form on the spot .

"Husband … I need you . Please!"

The ant children also reacted to the green smoke, but they sneezed and shook their heads in an annoyance instead of getting frenzied .

Misha reverted to Mia .

Before Mia could return to his wife, B3 revealed a sign of change . Her eyes became moist, and her lips trembled . She crawled on the ground toward Mia in desperation .

B3 did not say anything, but her expression said it all .

However, Mia found it amusing . He ignored B3 and gestured Tama to return to Tiny's side .

When Mia reached Tiny, she pushed him down and got into another session .

B3 kept crawling toward them, but Tiny turned to her with a glare .


The soil around B3 softened and sucked her into the ground, leaving only her head . Then, the ground hardened, which trapped the hydra in the earth prison .

B3 could not hold it anymore, "I'm sorry, ant queen . Could I have that male, please!?"

Tiny sneered, "Stay in there, you depraved slut! You'll be my children's food!"


B3 was in tears . She needed Mia to quench her thirst .




Another day passed, and B3 still got stuck in the earth trap . Her hydra sisters never bothered sending a psionic message or asked her how she fared .

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The effect of the pheromone had already faded, but B3 was affected by the live porn before her . She still wanted to use Mia .

Meanwhile, Mia had finally satisfied Tiny . The latter reverted to her queen form and danced back to her egg mountain, laying more eggs .

Maou swallowed the last drop of his sixth potion and rechecked his status .




Name – Mia Uriel

Race – Inferno Dragonewt

Class – Unassigned Combat Class 

Sub Class - Shelter 88 Castellan

Level – 146/200

for visiting .

Misha grinned, "Tell me everything about you first . Then, I'll let you have it . "

Depraved and despaired, B3 confessed everything about her being, her status, and her hydra sisters, hoping to get the promised seeds from a male .

Tiny also listened to the interrogation . She did not hide her hatred for B3 and other hydra sisters .

"Husband, she doesn't deserve your seeds . Let me end this slut . "

B3 cried, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I won't harm you and your ants again, I promise! Please, can I have a male?"

"Husband, can I kill her?"

Maou in Misha's body pondered, "Tiny, Do you have any skill that can enslave a humanoid monster or a mutant?"

"No . I can only command my children . "

"Oh well, sorry, B3 . My wife's words are final . You have some repenting to do . "


Tiny glared into the snake eyes of B3, but she still asked Mia, "Can you keep feeding her the pheromone, husband?"

"Well, I can as long as I can use my female body . My pheromone skill gets stuck with this form, and my male form can't learn it . "

Tiny also pondered . She inspected B3's body from head to toes, as well as her status interface .

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"She is a high-level hydra . Husband, I've changed my mind . Let's keep her as our pet . "

"Are you sure? Didn't she kill your siblings and your mother?"

"Death is too easy for her . She will suffer more if we use her . "

Misha became Mia again, "Whatever you say, wifey . "

When B3 saw that Mia returned, she jumped on top of him and began mimicking Tiny's previous action .

"… Tama . "

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (On it!)

(The details will be omitted due to the obscenity . )




Dove logged into the game again after a couple of hours of rest in the other world . Upon getting back into the game, he checked his dungeon map interface .

In his map, it revealed Mia, Tiny, and B3's location in the same spot, which terrified Dove more .

'What the hell did you do, Mia!? How the hell is he still alive!?'

Since Dove had experienced the toughness of B3's body, he did not want to pursue Mia anymore . Thus, he escaped from this underground hive toward Chonburi Base, giving up on the bounty .




= Many days later =