Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 162

Published at 17th of November 2019 03:50:09 AM

Chapter 162

Chapter 162 – Amend

8 . 30 AM .

Banana Mia sat in a meeting room with Gabriel and his grandmother . The atmosphere was nerve-racking since Gabriel was a strong esper, and Mia's grandmother was also a monster of her own league .

The aura of these two elites was oppressing . Misha could not stop sweating as she glanced at these two admirals .

In the middle of the room, a young girl with Mia's face was sleeping inside a medical capsule, which maintained her health .  

It was Lana, Fleet Admiral Gabriel's daughter .

When Misha looked at her soulless body, she questioned Gabriel why he allowed her daughter to participate in the inhumane project .

"Banana," Min muttered .

"YES, MA'AM!" Misha stood and saluted in a panic .

"Return Lana's soul to her body . "

"Err . "

"That's an order . Her father has completed our deal by delivering all your sisters here . Show him our sincerity . "

Misha was baffled why the grandmother was so tolerant . She complied with Min's order in the end .

Lana, who was inside the mind space, had a mixed feeling about this . She did not know if she should be happy to return to her body and reunite with her father .

Looking around the white room and the other members of Golden Generation, the GG, she bit her lower lips in fear . For a long time, she got stuck in here and was bullied by the other sisters since she was the daughter of a wicked admiral .  

At the same time, Lana could guess what her father's goal was . It related to her power that she stole from the fairy overlord, but Lana did not know why her father had placed her in the dangerous experiment and rescued her later .

In the end, she followed Misha's guidance, returning back to her real body . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Misha did not bother staying around in Lana's white room since she could be ambushed by the host .

Upon returning to her body, Lana opened her eyes . The medical chamber capsule opened .

Gabriel nodded before he glared at Misha . However, Min glared back at Gabriel, which forced him to withdraw his killing intent .

"It's done . GTFO of my ship with your daughter . "

"Hmm . "

Gabriel touched her daughter's shoulder and teleported away, warping to his ship, which had docked inside Min's flagship .

Min kept locking her sense with Gabriel's transport ship until it left her fleet .

"Grandma …"

Misha looked at Min, nervous .

"Ah . Thanks for your hard work . It's over now . "

"What did you do?"

"Simple, I'm stealing all GG members . We're done here with the MWG, and we're migrating to another galaxy . "

"T-That's quite sudden . Why do we have to move?"

"It relates to what I did to the government . Once we finished the handling of your blood sample, we'll take the cash and leave before they have a chance to backstab us . We can't trust them after all . "

Min referred to the incident when she went ballistic and destroyed many MWG ships and a colony after she had secured Maou Mia years ago .

Waging war against the government was a crime that all administrators of this galaxy could not overlook . MWG had not forgiven Min for betraying their government yet .

Despite their grudge, they still paid the wages and gave all benefits to Holy Saber Fleet's crews, which was unusual for the higher-ups to be this forgiving .

Min associated their illogical action with Gabriel, whom she had believed to have put pressure on the MWG's supreme commanders, delaying the war between her fleet and all MWG's forces because of Lana . Once Lana was out of the picture, Gabriel would naturally stop pulling strings behind the scenes and allow MWG to move .

It was the time for their fleet to bail before the war could break out .

"By the way, how is my other grandson, Misha?"

Misha jolted, "Y-You knew?"

"I can tell . Mia is kinda violent and overconfident at times . You are the opposite . Back to the question, is he still in the game after you split?"

"… Yes . "

"Did he tell you when he will come back?"

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"Err, no . "

"He has scored many girls, hasn't he?"

"A-Ahaha, yes . "

Min burst into laughter . She already knew everything that Mia and Misha had done inside the game since her parasitical conscience was still hiding inside Misha's mind space . Moreover, her family member list showed in her game menu, and Mia's name was blinking with a description, [Inside LHO] .

"Oh well . For now, let's go see the Luckyaf's and your other sisters . You see, Gabriel destroyed all of the fairy's remnant souls inside their body, and they become a vegetable . You need to bring their soul back to their body before they become physically crippled . "

All sisters were panicked when they heard that they could potentially become crippled . Misha was also shocked . She hurried and followed Min to the other girls .



Meanwhile, Shurka was with her father and her uncle, catching up with the latest news . All of them gathered in another meeting room that Min had prepared for them .

Tiffany had already returned to the fleet . In her female form, she stood guard in front of the door, preventing all Luckyaf's from leaving the room .

As Mia had suspected, the game company had reported to MWG that Shurka had mutated, and they were trying to capture their entire family . Fortunately, both Luckyafs brought their family members to grandmother Min's fleet .

As a consequence of their running, the MWG branded their entire family as traitors and placed a bounty on them .

Before Shurka, her game capsule was there .

In reality, Mia did not have to pay 10,000 diamonds to teleport Shurka here . Had she logged out normally, she would have reappeared her in her capsule anyway .

In other words, everyone was tricked by Lilith .

Still, Shurka was concerned about her uncle's fate . Since Fluke Luckyaf was the head scientist behind the child soldier project that she heard from Banana Mia, Shurka was afraid that Min might harm him .

Fluke revealed a bitter smile, "This is my karma, Shurka . I've made a lot of mistakes in that project . I had never expected that the dragon blood is this wicked . "

Fluke did not know about the fairy overmind's soul, but he knew about psionic possession and overmind's skills as MWG hid many overminds in their army . He was also aware of Gabriel's precious Lana and what he did to her .

"Is this why dad stopped me from joining the project?"

Fortune Luckyaf sighed, "Yeah . I was afraid of the risks, so I stopped you . "

Fluke nodded, "I told your father about the risk . I thought the death rate would have been only less than 10%, but …"

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"What were you trying to do back then?"

Fluke swallowed his words, hesitated if he should tell his niece .

In the end, he confessed, "Dragon's blood . "


"The fairy overmind is a subspecies of a dragon . "

"Is this the rumored, blood of immortal? Is this what MWG is trying to get?"

"It's not what it seems, Shurka . We found something more sinister than MWG's old coots trying to become immortals . Fleet Admiral Michael and Raphael discovered a dragon among high ranking officers in MWG . We suspected that other than our authorized overminds, many of them are not even human . Michael, Raphael, and I thought that MWG has possibly been infiltrated by an organization of alien species, and their blood is the key to track down all those hidden beings . Have you eaten a hydra's red gel? We believed that the dragon's blood should have worked similar to those gels . Although we don't know what their motive is, we are trying to get evidence and-"

The meeting room's door opened . Min and Misha entered the room with Tiffany .

For a second, Min's red pupil changed into golden snake eyes, which she glared at Fluke Luckyaf . Afterward, they returned to her usual red pupils .

Fluke could sense a threatening aura from Min . He also heard a whisper through the psionic link by the grandmother .

[You have done well trying to track us . Stop what you are doing, and I'll guarantee your family's safety . ]

Goosebumps appeared on Fluke's skins . At that moment, he knew that he had chosen the wrong fleet to migrate into . Fluke recognized a familiar aura from the silver empress, which was the same as the disguised dragon Admiral Michael had found .

'Fuck my luck! Lucky as fuck my ass! Did I just move into a fleet of dragons!?'

Still, he mustered his courage and asked back, "Will you forgive me of all my crimes if I shut my mouth?"

[Had my grandchild not favored your niece, I would have killed all of your family on the spot! I'll never forgive you for what you had done to Mia, and I won't tolerate it if you continue your investigation . Stay out of it, keep your mouth shut, and let nature takes its course!]

"O-Okay . Thank you, admiral . "

[Now, tell me how much you know . Don't worry . I won't torture you or harm anyone as long as you are honest . ]

"Yes, ma'am… Well, first . Ten years ago, we …"


While grandmother Min and Fluke had their secret conversation, Misha in Mia's body greeted his professor .

"H-Hello, professor . "

"We meet again, student Mia . To think that you'll be the one that scored my daughter . "

"Ahaha . I never thought that you have a daughter this beautiful too . "

"Hahaha . I don't know if that's praise or sarcasm, but I'll take it as a praise . Anyway, why did you turn her into a dragonewt? Are you taking revenge on my family?"

Prof . Fortune's aura changed . He dared to threaten Misha in front of the invincible grandmother .

Misha shrunk back in fear, "N-No! I really love her . The other me-I meant she was contracted with the zombie virus in-game, and we have no other cure than making her evolve . Dragonewt is the only way!"

Fortune laughed, "I was kidding . Take it easy, boy . I don't mind if it's you, though . "

Shurka blushed . She was also relieved that her father approved of her boyfriend .

"Still, both of you will have to attend school . I think I'll be teaching you two while we journey to another galaxy . Once we can settle down, I'll request Admiral Uriel to transfer both of you to a good school or university, okay?"

Misha and Shurka nodded .

"Also, Mia . Please use condoms and don't get my daughter pregnant . She's still underage . "



After the meeting between Min and Fluke, both families decided to work together and made amends to the others .

Misha also returned all souls to their bodies . All 68 sisters regained their body, which delighted everyone .

During their celebration, Misha continued staring at Maple's sleeping body in her capsule .

She frowned in suspicion .

Misha knew about the condition of dead souls . Had Maple's soul died during the fight with the overminds, Maple's real body would have mutated into a disfigured monster .

However, her body remained intact!

"From Maou's memory, she can also use psionic possession . She also ate most of the statue …"

Misha had a theory that she did not want to believe .

She suspected that Maple might have been converted into a real conscience of the fairy overmind, the original form of herself .