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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 170

Published at 20th of November 2019 05:00:12 AM

Chapter 170

Chapter 170 – Prayut Hunting - Part 2

"Are you sure Mia will be alright without a mech?"

Crystal was concerned about Mia not taking Prometheus with him .

Thorn snickered, "He'll be fine . Sebastian's mech will be there shortly . Don't forget that they can pilot that mech together . "

"It's still a risky move, though . Why did he go there without waiting for others?"

"… They're his children, Crystal . Those are Mia's Son's and Daughter's . I think it's parents' love . He can't allow his children to fight and die alone . "



Thorn was not wrong about his guess, but he was not right, either .

Mia decided to come without his mech because of his inseminator's passive buff to Tiny and his children's status . With him around the blue ants, their survivability would improve .

The more ant soldiers surviving the fight, the more chances that they would evolve .

Also, Mia wanted to get all the diamonds and carcasses of his dead ant children . Their diamonds represented their soul that Mia was unwilling to let them get stolen by other people .

Furthermore, Mia could loot dead bodies with his inventory . All corpses, including human bodies, were collected into game items .   

Human corpses were useful to Mia . Although demi-humans and dragonewts refused to eat humans, his children, Tiny, and B sisters could consume them to increase their status attributes and levels .

Also, dragonewts and mutants could gain status attributes by eating his children .

Mia's morals slowly degraded as he continued living as a monster and being together with his monster wives .

'As I thought, collecting diamonds by myself is faster than collecting them when I'm inside a cockpit . '

By standing in the range of 100 meters of the dead bodies, Mia could collect everything into his VIP inventory . Items turned into small icons and numbers as they stacked into item slots . Body parts were dismembered, separated, and packed together as if they had been through a butcher shop .


A blast shot landed behind Mia and killed two ants . Now, only 100 ants remained, but Prayut's Prometheus already missed a leg .

The overmind controlled his robot to fly, so ants could not catch them . Still, all ants had inherited Mia's skills, so they could shoot fireballs and chain lightning .

Getting barraged by hundreds of skills for a long time was tiring for Prayut . Even if he had a barrier skill, his mental fatigue and the mech's reactors would not be able to keep up forever .


Another ant evolved into a stinger ant . It flew and latched onto the invisible barrier, biting it .

The robot took out a lightsaber and slashed the flying ant .




More ants evolved from eating humans . Inside the city, over five hundred stinger ants flew and attacked skyscraper buildings .

Mia turned to the direction of the new stingers .

'Well, they grow fast, much faster than I thought . '

Tiny had told Mia that their children can evolve as long as they had enough food . Now, he witnessed his children's potential .

He grinned and cracked his knuckles, getting serious .

'All otherworlders are not here . Then, I'll just kill this guy and wipe this city from the map . The next time they return, they will be killed by my children . '

Mia activated his flight skill, propelling himself flying toward a free esper mech . He got into its cockpit, stealing the mech .

After Mia started the engine and linked his conscience with the reactors, the sleeping Prometheus in the hangar sent an engine roar .

As he grabbed the handle sticks at the side of his armrests, he saw several game joysticks lying on the floor .

They were the custom pilot sticks that Tama had once used .

After Aria destroyed Mia's mech on their first encounter, MWG agents restored this robot with their repair kits . They stored it in the hangar, so the mech could be reused by other pilots .

As fate pranked on Mia, he found his old robot . However, Tama was no longer with him .

Mia missed the obnoxious eggcat, but he was relieved that Tama was still with Misha .

'Take care, you two . I have a feeling that we won't see each other ever again . '


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Prayut looked distressed as he observed the monster raid from above .

His dragonewts fought against the ant monsters well, but they were outnumbered, and they had limited ammunition . The moment they ran out of bullets, their mechs would be covered by blue ants .

Less than half of his dragonewt and robots remained, protecting the base from the monster raid .

Now, more monsters emerged, rather, they had evolved . The inferno ants grew wings and stingers, becoming something similar to wasp monsters in other regions .

'Fucking ants! They must be Sebastian's allies . Have you sold your soul to the monsters, Sebastian!?'

Prayut was angry . From his point of view, overminds should have been the dominant species of this new world . Monsters and other mutants were the failures of nature, and they should have been eliminated . As for humans, they were the obsolete race .

Losing to these inferior creatures over and over again was vexing to Prayut .

The overmind glanced at the intercom channel, waiting for the confirmation from his second son .

Then, he had an idea .

'The queen ant should be around here, and these ants should follow after her command . I'll control her mind . Then, I'll be controlling these ants!'

Prayut increased his psych output and launched his mech toward the center of the city, where most ants gathered .

As Prayut had predicted, Tiny was commanding the raid in this area . She had gathered all surrendered humans into one place and guided them into their nest as captives .

'Aha! Found you, you little bitch!'

Prayut rejoiced . As long as he could control this monster, everything would become easier . He had an inspiration . If he could use her for breeding more underlings, maybe he might be able to dominate the world .

While Prayut was daydreaming, Mia, with his old Prometheus Prototype, appeared behind him .

A lightning sword was swung down and shattered Prayut's barrier .

Prayut was surprised, but he was calm .

'A surprise attack from behind? Well, you messed up! You should have killed me in one hit!'

The overmind used his psionic possession on his opponent's pilot .

Prayut entered Mia's soul space and found a desolate wasteland instead of an empty white room . Swamps, filled with blood, scattered throughout the mysterious field .

A lone white tree with the size worthy of being called the Yggdrasil was in the middle of the wasteland . Inside the center of the great white tree, Mia's soul core was protected by many layers of tree trunks .

Mia had been developing his soul space when he had free time . As he got the inspiration from Gabriel's soul room, he tried to modify his room to create a self-defense mechanism against overminds or fairy overlords .

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Now, Prayut became its first test subject .

"Who is this pilot!? Why is his soul like this!?"

Prayut got panicked . He might have experienced many soul spaces from entering a monster's mind, but this was the first time he saw something strange like Mia's room .

Mia's soul was also summoned to the room . He appeared on a branch of the white Yggdrasil .

As soon as Mia's feet touched the tree, the entire room and the tree became red . Blood swamps on the ground became alive, and bloody humanoid creatures emerged from the red pools .

The room became something from a horror movie as these bloody creatures roared and screamed like zombies .

Yet, Prayut was not perturbed .

He snorted, "What a petty trick . As long as my soul is stronger than yours, all of this is nothing but an illusion!"

Prayut extended his hands, and two blood monsters exploded, disintegrated into nothingness .

The dirt on the ground and the sky reddened . The illusion sky rained blood, but the liquid transformed into sharp needles before they landed .

A hundred red needles pierced Prayut's soul at once .

"Hahaha! Too weak!"

Prayut exerted his mental force, and the needles shattered while his injuries disappeared . The needle rain also could not penetrate his new barrier .

While standing on the tree branch, Mia pointed his palm at Prayut .

The overmind leaped to the side .


The place where Prayut had stood distorted and compressed into a small ball . Just now, Mia attacked Prayut with force similar to a mini black hole .

Prayut kicked the ground and charged at Mia .


He revealed his palm, aiming at Mia's head .

Red branches of Yggdrasil transformed into human's limbs . They covered Mia's body .


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A similar compression force distorted the air before Mia . The human limb branches got sucked and converted into a small mass before it disappeared .

The red tree regrew its limbs . Bloody hands and human arms grabbed Prayut's neck and four limbs .

Prayut's eyes flared . He fired an invisible force at Mia again .

Mia's eyes lit up with electric static . He activated his own soul attack .



Two forces canceled the attacks of their opponent .

Their power seemed even, however, Mia had the advantage of the home ground .

One of the red tree's human limbs wiggled . Spike tentacles extended from the arm, penetrated into Prayut's soul .

"Useless attack! Don't waste my time, trash!"

Prayut thought it was similar to the needle rain attack, so he used his power to repel the spike .


The spike began draining his life force .

The soul power Prayut tried to use was drained!


It was the first time that Prayut panicked within someone's soul space .


Prayut teleported his soul outside of the tree's grasp . Because of the forceful activation, his two legs shattered in the process .

Prayut propelled his torso and flew out of Mia's soul space, returning to his body .

When his soul returned, he felt nothing from his legs, where he had lost them in Mia's soul room .

With only two usable arms and hands, Prayut activated his psionic link while he prepared to hack one of the satellites .

"Anutin, fire the missiles, now!"