Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 174

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Chapter 174

Chapter 174 – Thorn

Dove returned to his game capsule with a burnt wound on his neck . The shape of the scar was in finger shapes .

Instead of screaming in pain, Dove burst into laughter .

"Ah, that was fun . Oh, boy . It's been a while since I had so much fun playing a game . "

The life-and-death situations were thrilling and adrenaline-pumping for Dove . He got addicted to it .

Still, the atmosphere of his dimension suppressed his psychopathic mood as he reverted back to the same old Dove, the professional gamer .

He smiled as he picked up a phone to call for assistance . The call destination was Joan, who left him her number in case he wanted to sell in-game items for real cash .

Joan picked up the call, [What do you want?]

"Easy, ma'am . I'm Dove . I want to sell game items and diamonds for cash . "

[Dove? Oh, it's you, student . I'll send you a transporter . By the way, did you get anything good in-game?]

"Aside from diamonds, gels, and monster corpses, nothing else . Oh, can you rig me a few death-roll prisoners to kill?"

[Dafuck!? You … right . You're that serial killer . Does your class extend to this world as well?]

"I don't know . But I have the urge to kill someone . Can you help?"

[… I'll inform someone to help you . Don't kill anyone … yet . ]




Meanwhile, Thorn and his five demi-hydra friends had reached Shelter 87 . They transformed into their six-armed lizardmen form to get the guard's approval .

The guards welcomed them without hesitation as they were the same race . Newin also came to see the new faces .

"Welcome, brothers! It must be harsh to survive on your own . Come! In this base, we rule the place!"

Thorn observed Newin's lizardman-like appearance . This demi-hydra had evolved twice, which his scale color was different from the rest . Instead of having dark scales, he had glowing green scales .

Instead of chatting with this castellan, Thorn got to the point .

"We're looking for a weird dragonewt . His name is Anutin . Have you seen this man?"

Thorn gave a picture of Anutin when he was still a human to Newin .

The castellan glanced at it and smiled, "Never seen this man before . Why are you looking for this human?"

"This bastard attempted to kill my girlfriend and me . I thought he was in this vicinity, so I came here to look . "

"Oh!! Then, you should have told me earlier! Come . I've caught several slaves that I'm not confident that we have the one on your picture or not . But we're willing to sell them to you if you offer a good price . "

Thorn frowned . Before he had become a member of Shelter 88, he was instructed by Prayut that he would station there while Anutin would infiltrate Shelter 87 . Therefore, Anutin should have been in this base .

Also, from their last contact, Thorn knew that Anutin might have been the one behind the missile attack .

Yet, Newin pretended that he did not know this guy, which was suspicious .

"Alright . I'll go see your slaves . How much will it cost to buy one anyway?"

Newin smiled from ear to ear, "We take gels and diamonds as currency . One diamond equals one hundred red gels . "

"I didn't know that a diamond can be that expensive . "

"Well, it's our standard here . Shelter 88 has been killing all monsters in our territories, so it's hard to get diamonds these days . "

"… Make sense . "

Thorn and his followers were guided to Newin's slave house .

Inside, rusty cages were lined in rows . Within each cage, a human, a demi-human, or a monster was locked up as their prisoners . Over 200 cages were before Thorn .

"Do you prefer men's meat or monster's meat? Or would you like beautiful women? The latter can be pricey, though . "

Thorn bit his lower lip, "Let me see demi-humans or dragonewts . Do you have dragonewts?"

"Ah, dragonewts are rare . I doubt we have one . "

Newin dodged Thorn's eye contact, but he was still smiling .

"Do you have it or not?"

Thorn took out a diamond with a number indicator [1,000] on it .

Newin's eyes flashed in greed . He licked his lips and nodded .

"Yes . We have several . This way . "

The castellan guided them through a long corridor .

At the side of the long passage, cage doors lined in rows . They were the prison cells .

Inside each prison room, a dragonewt was tied onto the wall .

A total of ten dragonewts glared at Newin with hatred .

"There they are . Is there someone you know in there?"

Thorn looked around and inspected everyone . Soon, he found his brother .

Anutin frowned when he saw the visitors .

"What are you doing here, traitor!?"

"Is that the first words you say to your benefactor?"

"Benefactor? Don't make me laugh . You've failed us!"

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"No, I did everything I could to save us from that over-hungry geezer," Thorn turned to Newin, "How much for this dragonewt?"

"5,000 diamonds . "

"Isn't that a bit expensive?"

Newin laughed, "He's a special one . You see, this one is not just a dragonewt . He's a rare type that can use wind power . "

"Too expensive . I'll give you a thousand diamond for this guy . "

Thorn had learned a bargain skill from his girlfriend, Crystal, so he knew how he could dump the price .

"No . 5,000 diamonds, or no deal . "

Thorn shrugged, "That guy is injured . The good is flawed . 1,000!"

Newin scoffed, "He's someone you know, right? 5,000 is already cheap . If it were someone else, I would have charged them 20,000 diamonds . "

The negotiation did not work . It seemed that Thorn and Anutin messed up by revealing their relationship in front of Newin .

Thorn sighed . He picked his nose and flickered his booger to the ground . The size of his booger was so large that even Newin's face twitched from the disgust .

At the moment that Newin's attention was at the green ball on the ground, Thorn's available hand tossed an object into Anutin's cell .

"That's a pity . Show us the women then . I'm looking for someone with good looking . Virgin is preferred . "

"Hahaha . Okay . How about the girl in the next cell? She's also a special dragonewt . She's a feisty one, though . 50 of our guys died because of her . "

Thorn distracted Newin as he pretended to inspect the dragonewt girl next door .

Meanwhile, Anutin noticed something flashing on his feet .

It was a random teleportation button .

Anutin did not know what the button was for, but he understood Thorn's gesture . He extended his long tongue . Like a frog catching its prey, he pulled the button into his mouth .

The voice inside the next room continued, "How much for this girl?"

"Eh, I can sell you for 15,000 diamonds . "

"How come it's more expensive than my comrade?"

"I told you . She's a special one . She is an inferno dragonewt that can use all kinds of fire skills . We have to drug her, or she will start rampaging again . "

"That's a lot of flaws, isn't it? You still have the balls to overprice her?"

"She's a virgin, and she's a beauty! You can't find this kind of beauty anywhere!"

"Forget it . Do you have meowjuana? I want to buy a ton of it, literality . "

"… Oh, sure . Come this way . "

The entourage got out of the special prison . After Thorn and Newin left, Anutin decided to press the button with his mouth .


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Anutin was teleported outside of Shelter 87 . He looked around in astonishment .

"Shit, Thorn . You're smooth as hell . "

The gale dragonewt spread his wings and flew away from the vicinity . He headed east toward Shelter 88, planning to regroup with Thorn later .


Thorn ended up buying five tons of meowjuana for 500 diamonds, emptying Newin's warehouse . He and his dragonewts exited the base without a cliché backstab ploy from the castellan .

"Thank you for the business . I hope to meet a fellow man of culture like you again," Thorn smirked at Newin .

The castellan smiled, "Thank you, too . Please come again . "

Thorn and everyone left . When the six demi-hydras were out of sight, Newin's face changed .

The castellan returned to his office and pressed an intercom, "I've placed a tracking device on one of those fools . Send a few mechs to kill them and bring back all the goods . Be warned that those guys have a VIP inventory . Their items will only explode when they die . "


[Roger, boss . ]


Outside of Shelter 87, Thorn turned to his men, who were still in their lizardmen form .

"Time to run . They will probably chase after us soon . "

"Where to, boss? Back to the base?"

"Yeah, back to base . Foot it, now!"

Six demi-hydras ran at their full speed, which reached 200km/hour in two seconds . As a race that specializes in speed, their nimbleness was their pride .

A minute later, five AHMUs reached the place where Thorn and others were . The pursuers followed the tracking device signal as they followed after the six .

"That way!"

The five mechs chased Thorn for another 10 kilometers before the pursuers saw the gang .

"Over there! Fire at will!"




The mechs took out their guns and fired at the direction of Thorn . The bullet hit the dirt, erupting the ground around the running lizardmen .

Thorn turned around and shouted, "SCATTER! USE YOUR TELEPORT BUTTON AND KEEP RUNNING!!"

All of them pressed their teleport button and disappeared .

Witnessing the disappearance of the group, the mech pilots were shocked, "Where did they go!?"

"Look at the tracking radar! He's one kilometer down south!"

The mechs turned around and chased after the tracker . Within a minute, they found Thorn again .

"You can't escape! Kill him!"




Thorn pressed the teleport button again . This time, he pressed five in succession .

The third button sent him underground, but the fourth and fifth one got him on the surface .

The randomness contained a risk factor . Had anyone had rotten luck, they could have been thrown 1km into the sky or down into the underground abyss .

The pilots were speechless by the speed that Thorn blinked . Yet, they continued chasing after him anyway .

Thorn noticed the abnormal situation . At first, he thought that they left footprints on the ground that these mechs tracked him and his friends with it . However, their movement patterns were odd .

'These guys reacted too fast . It's as if they knew my position . '

Thorn believed that Newin might have used a similar surveillance satellite as Crystal, but he remembered that Crystal stole all satellites from Shelter 87 years ago .

Therefore, Newin should have used a different method to track him .

Thorn took off his clothes, leaving himself with nothing . Aside from his pistol, he threw all the clothes on the ground and ran away from the spot .

Two minutes later, the mechs reached the place where Thorn had left his clothes .

"Huh? Where did he go?"

"The tracker is here, but where is he?"

The mechs lost track of Thorn and his friends .




30 Minutes later, Thorn panted after running at full speed for too long .

Even though he was a demi-hydra with nimble legs, his stamina was inferior to a dragonewt .

Thorn took out a sports drink, a VIP item, and chugged it . Although it did not replenish his stamina, he felt refreshed after drinking it .

"God, that was tiring . "

Thorn reverted back to his naked human form, placing his hands on his hips .

"Now, where am I?"

He was lost .