Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 201

Published at 31st of December 2019 09:30:45 AM

Chapter 201

Chapter 201 – Next Stage of the Game


Name – Misha Bloominglilly

Race – Inferno Dragonewt

Class – Apprentice Cook

Subclass - Apprentice Clown, and 3 others .

Level: 1/200 (201)

EXP: 0/40000

HP: 349/349

ST: 249/249

PF: 500/500

Hunger: 300/300


Free Attribute – 0

STR: 175

VIT: 349

STM: 249

AGI: 200

DEX: 200

INT: 500

WIS: 500

CHA: 0

Luck: 30

Overall Strength: 2,173

Karma: 6,120



Misha's level reset to one as she had changed her primary class . However, an additional indicator (201) appeared .

Now that she had changed her primary class and added 4 subclasses, every time she increased a level, she would gain 50 total status points .

Free Attributes: 24

STR: 3

VIT: 2

STM: 2

AGI: 1

DEX: 5

INT: 6

WIS: 5

CHA: 2

Those were the details of the bonuses Misha would get for every level increased, which was a lot more than just non-class players, who received 5 free attributes and 2 other status at random .

Many could say that was an overhaul upgrade of a next tier character where the real game truly began . Before the class change, everything was just a tutorial .

Misha glanced at the required EXP for her next level . Her heart ached when she saw the number "40,000 . "

From now on, each increase in levels would increase the EXP requirement by 40,000 .

Level 2 to 3 EXP requirement: 80,000

Level 10 to 11 EXP requirement: 400,000

Level 100 to 101 EXP requirement: 4,000,000

Level 199 to 200 EXP requirement: 7,960,000

In summary, Misha needed a staggering amount of 796 million EXP to get her level from 1 to 200!

The true grind started now!

Also, the level ranking display updated .




1 . LV . 201 (S1) Misha Bloominglilly (Apprentice Cook)

2 . LV . 160 (S1) Moo Moomoon

3 . LV . 143 (S1) Non Nongnon

4 . LV . 142 (S2) INWTRUE Roman Bass

5 . LV . 141 (S45) INWTRUE Collin Piero

6 . LV . 141 (S13) INWTRUE Christopher Sunkenship

7 . LV . 141 (S404) INWTRUE Rodney Socker

8 . LV . 135 (S3451) Dove Donovan Jester

9 . LV . 125 (S3) Felia Blue

10 . LV . 124 (S2) Maple Rockingheart



Surprisingly, INWTRUE guys got stuck at level 141-142 for a day in-game . It seemed that after they had changed their races, they could not proceed further for a reason .

Also, Moo and Non had been progressing well on their paces . At least, they managed to outdo the whales, even though they did not have the VIP10 EXP bonuses like Misha and INWTRUE guys .

Changes included the top100 rankers . All of them had already crossed the boundary of level 100, and they were either felionians, tatus, or leporians .  

The human player, INWTRUE Dawson Woompeckar, who had once been on the leaderboard, dropped back to 5,000s as the alien races had the advantage of hunting stronger monsters . His level was still at 65, which was a bit higher than the current players' average level .


A multi-server announcement reported Misha's deed .


Misha grinned as she listened to the AI announcer's sweet voice . It was satisfying to beat all whale players by becoming the first to get the class change . Unfortunately, the title system no longer existed in the game . Or else, Misha could have gotten something like a [First to achieve …] title .

As the dragonewt was admiring the multi-server announcement, Sasha, Non, Moo, and others sent Misha congratulation messages and questioned her decision .

[Well done, Misha . But, a cook?]

[Good job! But why a cook, Nya?]

[Are you planning on playing a lifestyle class?]

[Are you giving up finding Mia?]

[This catto is proud, Nya! Are you preparing to become my bride? I'll train my catto dicku, so it won't disappoint you!]




[Roper Island?]

"Yeah . I've bought the deed, and I'm in the middle of clearing the island . There are over a thousand ropers, though . "

After the commotion, Misha consulted Sasha about their guild-establishing plan .

Misha had told Sasha about her current progress and her leveling trick, including the location of mutated bears and ropers . She hoped that her friends and sisters could hunt easier and maintain their leaderboard position .

[Are you sure that they won't respawn? All monsters on Newbie Island respawn once every five minutes . ]

"I don't have this information yet since I only killed a hundred of them . I'll tell you when I learn something new . "

[Okay . But be careful with our remaining time in-game . We have 2 days left before we have to wake up and go to school . ]

Misha had a pained expression when she heard about the school . The game was too addicting that she did not want to quit mid-way .

"I'll try . "

Sasha and Misha ended the direct message . Both returned to their tasks at hand .

Misha sent a party request to Moo and Non, planning to carry these felionians .

"Non, Moo, let's go to Roper Island again . "

Non immediately declined .

[Not going, Nya!]

On the contrary, Moo accepted .

[This catto is ready! Carry me, Nya!]  

"Alright . Meet me at the Parthenon . I'll fly you there . "

[So cool! Teach me, senpai! I'll lend you my catto dicku!]


*Mew* (Let's drop this banana cat into the ocean while we're at it . )

"Agreed . "



Misha ended up dropping Moo into the ocean for real, but she rescued and brought him to the Roper Island after she had spotted a mutated giant octopus with 15,000-power in the distance .   

"Mia, you're cruel!"

Moo sobbed and sulked on the beach .

Misha tossed an AK-47 and fifty magazines of bullets at Moo .

"What's your power now?"

"2,500 . Why?"

Misha almost vomited blood . She did her best to maximize her bonus attribute points . Yet, Moo and Non's overall strength always surpassed hers even though they had a lower level .

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"How dafuq are your stats so high!?"

"Nya? It's my race perks . When I got over level 100, my free attributes per level becomes 10 instead of 5 . Also, I had been farming black slimes in several stone mines . They gave me 1 free status point per kill . "

"Are those black slimes still around?" Misha was interested .

"Nyo . I've already wiped them about and killed the black slime boss . After the boss died, they stop respawning . "

*Meh* (What a waste . You should have kept it a secret and farm them for another millennium to get a haxxor character . )

Moo dryly laughed, "I also wanted to . But those monsters appeared during my chain quests, and they were time-limited, Nya . I would have farm those slimes to oblivion had there been no time limit and quest penalties . I almost got sent to the hardcore server many times, Nya . "

"Ah, forget it . What a pity . "

Misha turned to the roper forest beyond the beach .

"Here's the plan, Moo . Your status is high, so you should be able to inflict damages to the ropers with a rifle now . Use the single fire mode, and try not to waste the bullets . "

"Aye, Nya!" Moo saluted, "What about you?"

"Those ropers like girls over men, so I'll handle the aggro while I'm flying … I almost forgot . "

Misha took out a hundred empty buckets from her inventory in front of Moo . They were a part of all the containers that Misha had bought from the town .

"While you're at it, loot all monster corpses and gather the roper acid . We'll distribute our loots later . "

"Oh? That's simple, Nya!"

Moo thought that roper acid was something that dropped after the ropers were killed . He accepted the task with enthusiasm .

Misha gave Moo a bright smile . She scooped a handful of roper acid in her inventory and drank it .




As usual, Tama poked Misha's heart and woke her up from the trance . They flapped their wings and flew over the forest .

"Fireball . "



The marathon farming session started .


One hour later, Moo regretted accepting the task . As a healthy male felionian, Moo knew what these roper acid were .


The smell,

The texture,

And the tips of the roper's tentacles, which looked similar to male genitals,

All indicated that the liquid was something lewd .

Then, Moo recalled something .

He remembered that Misha drank something similar!!

"DISGUSTING, NYA!! … Oh, wait . That's hot . "





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Moo's DPS was consistent as his power was similar to the ropers . As all lustful trees only paid attention to Misha, Moo had an easy time shooting at the monsters .

He felt like he was in a shooting range, firing at a dense group of moving targets .

While he was shooting at the ropers, Moo's eyes kept glancing at Misha, who emitted strange pink aura as she flew in the sky .

Her breathing was rough . Yet, Misha's glossy lips and her pretty blushed face had a tinge of aroused expression . Sometimes, Misha let out a moan while she released a fireball at a roper below .



Critical Explosion! 6,407!

"Ahn … Fireball!"


Critical Explosion! 6,407!

Moo had reached level 200 from the previous 167 long ago . The total sum of his power reached 2,929, which was still higher than Misha .

The felionian wanted to ask Misha to temporary stop the hunting and go back to the city, so he could change his class . Still, Misha's erotic expression and the occasional moan was too good to miss . He recorded everything, saving the event into his 18+ folder .

In secret, Moo recorded video clips of Misha's expression and her occasionally moaning .   

"I think I'm in love … BUT THAT LIZARD GIRL IS A DUDE IRL, NYA!!!"

Moo did not realize that blood was running down from his nostrils .





For the thousand times, Misha hallucinated . She had an urge to dive into the den of roper trees and allow them to do everything as they pleased .

Tama poked a blunt needle at Misha's heart inside her body .


Instead of [Ow] or [Ouch], Misha moaned .

*Mew* (I feel violated . Stop that, banana Mish . )

While drooling, Misha smiled, "Mind if I pee on them? I don't think I can hold any longer . "

*MYA!* (Dammit, rotten banana! Your friend is here, and you want to pee in public!? You need Jesus!)

Misha laughed . She did not mean it since it was a joke .

"Fireball . "


Explosion! 2,434!





After killing 500 ropers, Misha reached level 7, and her total stats became 2,533 .

Although Misha sometimes one-shotted monsters, her EXP increased at a snail speed . Now, instead of getting 1 or 2 levels per kill like the past, she had to kill at least 40 ropers to get a single level . Moreover, the numbers kept increasing as her EXP requirement increased by 40,000 each time .

This was the difficulty of the new tier . Misha's monstrous leveling speed was no more .