Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 208

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Chapter 208

Chapter 208 – Oh, No

Dove frowned when he saw the two successive event notifications from the server 1 . Two more field bosses fell when he was trying to complete his class change quest . If he counted all notifications, that would be the 8th boss of all sub servers .

Unlike the others, Dove turned on all notifications from all sub servers to keep up with the development of his rivals and the news . Everything that happened on the other servers, Dove would keep the logs and records .

'I have to hurry, or they will leave me behind . Well, luckily that they are on a different server . My server's bosses should still be wandering around . '

Unfortunately, Dove was not a perfect human . He was too absorbed in trying to catch up with Misha and Moo in levels to the point that he missed the crucial hint about the fairy overlord and Misha's real name .

Dove entered the Mafia Mall and proceeded to the underground level . Upon reaching the "Hospital" area, his master was waiting for him .

"Ah, you're quick," Dr . Butcher, the NPC who had bought dead bodies from Misha, widened his eyes in surprise .

"I have a good mentor . "

"Hmm . I'm not proud of that . Had it been the past, I would have tied you up and stabbed you on the spot as soon as you killed an innocent… Well, it seems you only killed criminals, so I'll let you be . "

Dove gave Dr . Butcher the promised 10 dead bodies in the morgue . Most of them were mafia NPCs who had commit heinous crimes, such as rapes, murders, and human trafficking .

Dr . Butcher examined the bodies with a broad smile, "Well done . Now, I'll teach you about my crafts .






Dove grinned as he had expected the Serial Killer class, which suited his personality . However, he was unable to decide which one was better, as other classes were interesting .

Then, he glanced at the all-server ranking list .



1 . LV . 208 (S1) Misha Bloominglilly (Apprentice Cook)

2 . LV . 205 (S1) Moo Moomoon (Apprentice Sculptor)

3 . LV . 200 (S3451) Dove Donovan Jester

4 . LV . 199 (S10) Natalie Arc

5 . LV . 195 (S6) Sasha Hummingbird

6 . LV . 185 (S1) Non Nongnon

7 . LV . 177 (S7777) Shurka Luckyaf

8 . LV . 175 (S3) Felia Blue

9 . LV . 174 (S2) Maple Rockingheart

10 . LV . 172 (S2) INWTRUE Roman Bass



'Both Moo and Misha chose a lifestyle class as their main . This doesn't make sense to me . '

Dove was curious why both of them picked a crafting class instead of a combat class when they could level faster than him . Had it been him, he would have selected a combat class to increase the gaps in their levels .  

It was not hurt to seek a piece of advice from his mentor . Dove asked Dr . Butcher, "After I pick my primary class, can I choose the rest as my subclass?"

His mentor shrugged, "Yes, you can . However, there are penalties, though . "

Dr . Butcher explained everything about the subclass and all classes in detail, just like what Walter and Arthur had taught Misha .

Listened to the explanation, Dove understood why they picked the lifestyle class as their primary occupation .

'Good players won't reveal their true abilities . I see . '

Followed Misha and Moo's example, Dove chose the lumberjack class and took the other four as his subclasses .



Although no one had paid attention to the previous announcement, a few rankers did .

Felia Blue, the converted fairy overmind, understood what "Misha Bloominglily, the Fairy Overlord," implied .

'This is funny . Is the origin conscience in this game? Or is it a sick joke from Lilith?'

She opened her friend list and sent a message to her colleague, who was also converted .  

Maple Rockingheart!

"Yo, Maple . Did you see the announcement?"

It did not take long for Maple to reply as this was not their first time communicating in-game . At the moment, they were working together in secret to converting all humans in the Milky Way into one of them .

[I sure did . Is the "Real" Misha in the game?]

"I'm wondering about that, too . But I suspect that Lilith wants to distract us . "

[… Distract us from what?]

"The hardcore server . My converted trainees have already entered the hardcore server, but I lost the link and communication with them . I think she wants us to forget about them because she's baiting the real conscience on us . "

[Are you sure that your psionic link had properly connected before you sent them there?]

"Positive . I can't sense them anymore . "

[Then, we can't do anything but investigating on "This Misha . "]

"Aye . Say, what's your progress? Have you found anything relating to the black slimes and Lilith's plan?"

[I did . You?]

"Nothing . Too busy leveling . "

[Are you here to enjoy the game or do our job?]

"Both . Hahaha!"

The two continued exchanging information regarding the black slimes and their experiences in real life .



Misha returned to her dragonewt Parthenon, as advised by Natalie . Her purpose here was to buy advanced skills and crowd control skills, which required Misha to complete a chain quest from her dragonewt god .

Upon arrival, she could sense the killing intent from the toe-itching dragonewt god statue in the temple . Surely enough, he was angered by Misha's villainess class .

Misha could feel that her legs became heavier as she got closer to the idol . However, no status effect appeared on her game avatar .

The atmosphere in the Parthenon darkened . Cold air enveloped the entire hall .

Within the temple, many human players came here to complete dragonewt god's quests to increase their affinity with the race, so they could evolve into a dragonewt .

Many players stopped what they were doing and looked at the statue and Misha .

Both dragonewts were glaring at each other .

The players were nervous that a fight might break out . They retreated to the sidelines, observing the development .  

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Misha's face hardened, just like when she drove the missile truck . Her expression resembled a character from the First of the North Star, or someone had put an IG filter on her avatar .


She took a stride, challenging the dragonewt god's authority .

In anger, the statue roared with the most intimidating and terrifying voice .

The voice was so grand and majestic that it rendered Misha and all humans, who aspired to become a dragonewt, speechless .




*Oh, No*




Everyone: "…"




*Oh, No*

*Mew?* (Oh, yes?)

*Oh, No*

*Mew* (Oh, yes . )

"Oh, No!*

*Mew!* (Oh, yes!)

"OH, NO!*

*MEW!* (OH, YES!)



For some reason, Tama bickered with the god statue despite the language barrier . Also, Misha did not know if she should be embarrassed about this or be proud of her eggcat .

The crowd's face darkened, unable to express their thought and reaction by this bizarre development . Some had a poker face as they could not comprehend what was going on .

WTFness of this situation was not in their common sense dictionary .

While Misha was astonished by Tama and the god's language, the libido level 7 acted up .





Although the system said that, Misha's pupils turned into a heart image, and her character automatically used [Allure] on all players around her . Misha's sweet pheromone, aka the stench of a-week-worth-of-not-taking-a-drop-of-a-shower body, reached the other players' noses .

All female players stepped backward and covered their noses . They also took a whiff of their armpits, recalling that their character also had never taken a bath for a long time as well .

On the contrary, instead of vomiting or plucking their noses, all male players inhaled the fumes, filling their lungs with the smell .


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Twenty male players got an abnormal status [Charm] as Misha's CHA status, her seductress skill, and her artifact buff seduced them .

Misha's nose also twitched as she could smell her odor .

"I need a bath ASAP . "

*Meh* (You just realize that now?)

"Meh, we were too busy fighting the boss . You didn't even warn me, so this is your fault . "

*Meh* (I didn't have the time to sniff your banana ass, excuse me, then!)

The two forgot where they were and blamed each other for their body stench .


The idol could not take this anymore . He coughed and communicated with Misha via telepathy .

[What do you want, infidel?]

Misha decided to be direct, "I want to buy skill books that I can learn . "

[You have already bought all of my spellbooks . There is nothing to teach you . ]

Misha snorted as she knew that the god statue had lied . Shurka, in the other server, had bought a few advanced skills, such as [Fire Manipulation], [Fire Sword], [Firewall], and [Fire Blast], so there should be more skills that she could learn .

"God should not lie . Don't you know that lying to your vessel can ruin your reputation? What kind of god bullying your people?"

[Provocation is useless . I won't sell my skill books to a villain!]

"Even though I just killed the blood tree? Apostle of Callisto, ring a bell?"

Misha bluffed, probing the dragonewt god NPC into giving her quests, conditions, or a hint .

The statue roared to threaten Misha .  

*OH, YES!*


It was silly more than intimidating .

[Go kill one more servant of the Demon King, and I'll sell you my skill books!]

Misha grinned . It worked .





As you are a villain, the dragonewt god refuses to cooperate with you . However, he is kind enough to give you a second chance .


Participate in a raid and kill one monster in the list;

- Apostle Captain of Callisto, Amro, the Alpha Egg

- Apostle of Callisto, the Bear King

- Apostle of Callisto, Mr . Double X

- Apostle of Callisto, Season, the Queen Egg

- Apostle of Callisto, Vulture of Gluttony

- Apostle of Callisto, the Roper King


- 5,000 Karma

- You can buy intermediate spell books from the dragonewt god .



'Mother of Callisto . Who the banana is this!?'

Every monster had this prefix "Apostle of Callisto" before their names, which was suspicious .

Still, Misha did not have a choice . She accepted the quest .

"I'll do it . I hope that you won't go back on your words . "

Misha stomped away from the temple as all male players with expanded nostrils followed after her, inhaling her body scent . Their actions disgusted female players and Misha to the point that she had goosebumps .

"I'm not into men! Leave me alone!"

Misha flew away, leaving the men heartbroken .



It took Misha an hour to book a room in the city hotel and took a long bath . The smell of the blood mist and roper fluid lingered on her skin and hair, so she had to put extra work cleaning all the mess .

"I hate realistic gaming . "

*Mew* (But I like it if the food is delicious, especially fishes and tunas . )

Misha walked out of the bath in a shower robe .

At that moment, she received a call from Sasha .

"What's up?"

[What's your relationship with the fairy overlord?]


[I saw a feed in the social media that someone killed a black slime king and offended you]


[Forget it . You probably have no connection to that anymore . Say, have you killed all the field bosses yet?]

"No . Why?"

[Don't kill all of them at once . It seems that each sub server has different bosses . ]

"Huh? What happened?"

[In my server, I killed apostles of Meimei, and her new apostles came here to replace the dead bosses . ]

"And what's the problem?"

[All monsters spawned on the island have gotten stronger . Mutated bears have 5000-power instead of 2500, and the new field boss is 10,000 in power now . ]

"Ah, isn't that a form of ecology? To give the players other mobs to grind?"

[Here is the problem . In my server, monsters are attacking NPCs and the city on a daily basis, and the casualties on the NPCs are permanent . The game warned us that if our Parthenons are captured by the monsters, we won't be able to respawn . When the Sanctuary is overtaken, all the population in the server will be transferred to the hardcore server . ]


[That's not all . The game threatens that even if we have logged out of the game before the town is capture to avoid the predicament, we'll be forced to enter the hardcore server directly by transferring our real body there!]