Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 218

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Chapter 218

Chapter 218 – Back to Server 1 … UwU

Misha returned to her server to manage her guild .

Upon arrival, the ropers on the guild island were, as usual, idling around and spurting white liquid . As Misha inspected further, she found a white river of all roper's juice flowing downstream toward the sea .

As for the population of the ropers, somehow, new ropers had respawned and occupied most spaces on this island . Fortunately, the central area was cleared from all monsters as the guild barrier protected the guild buildings .

*Mew* (What's next, Mish?)

Misha took a deep breath to calm down, but she choked because of the roper's smell .

"We prepare for our server event . We have about 6 days left to prepare . Once the date gets closer, we'll kill a field boss and complete our quest . "

*Mew* (You're delaying the quest?)

"We don't want to rush the event . I also need time to grind my skills and increasing our guild fund . We have a lot of things to do . "

She learned a lot from the event in Natalie's server .

First, killing more than one bosses would activate the event, and the monster hoards would start appearing and attacking the town .

Second, MVP prizes of the host server were worth the effort and preparation . Even a participant could get the expensive item, Orb of Binding .

Third, they had to be careful about the ambushing black slimes, as these monsters were the cause of many masters' death . Misha had to protect Walter and Arthur during the event if she wanted to upgrade her classes in the future .

And lastly, the drops of the boss monsters were precious .

In Misha's inventory, there were treasures that she had dissected from Amro .




The core of an immature hydra . Although its potential is not as strong as a mature hydra, dragonewts, demi-hydras, and overminds can consume this to obtain a new skill and increase their vitality .

Increase VIT by 100 upon consumption .

Learn a new skill, [Blast], upon consumption .

Market Price: 50 Million Dust





Condensed blood of a hydra . Dragonewts, demi-hydras, and overminds can consume this to restore their HP, PF, ST, and fill their hunger bar . Poisonous to other races .

Restore HP, PF, ST by 10,000 .

Restore 300 Hunger .



Misha obtained 200 red gels, which could not be stacked with her red gels in VIP inventory, even though the effect of the items were the same .

As for the core, it was a consumable item . She ate it without caring about the market price and inspect her current status .




Name: Misha Bloominglilly

Race: Inferno Dragonewt

Class: Apprentice Cook

Sub Class: Apprentice Clown, Apprentice Mafioso, Apprentice Seductress, Apprentice Villainess, Apprentice Valkyrie

Level: 96 > 97

EXP: 3,596,125/3,840,000

HP: 641

ST: 441

PF: 980

Hunger: 300



STR: 460 > 463

VIT: 539 > 641

STM: 439 > 441

AGI: 295 > 350

DEX: 675 > 680

INT: 1,644 > 6,186 (+560)

WIS: 975 > 980

CHA: 490 > 492 (+240)

LEA: 0

Luck: 34

Overall Strength: 10,053 > 10,233 (+800)

Karma: 357,120



From now on, each increase in level would give Misha 92 status points instead of 80 . Her strength got a bit closer to her former glory stat during the close-beta now, minus her INT, which had far surpassed even Mia's old status .

"Should I continue increasing my INT until the game is broken, or should I allocate to other statuses?"

*Mew* (Be a specialist, Mish . Be smarter, don't be a banana . )

"Be a smarter banana, then . "


"Alright, time to polish and upgrade our guild!"

Upgrading a 5-Star guild cost 10 million dust per one upgrade . Each level expanded the max member capacity by 1,000 .

Misha still had 37 . 6 million dust remaining in her inventory, so she got it to level 4, spending 30 million dust in the process .

But she was not done with her guild modification yet .

The guild building came with the preset of a skyscraper hotel with 20 floors . However, she could add fortification barricades and other structures to increase the guild's features and bonuses . Each building required a certain guild level and other buildings .

For example, a rice farm could yield the guild with 1,000 units of rice every 1 month in-game, but it required a residence for NPC farmers .

Before Misha could build a farmer's residence, she also needed a level 2 guild and assign a player with a farm-related class and LEA status as a farm manager, which was a strict requirement .

One guild member with a specific skill and stats was required for one building . To build two farms, Misha needed two players with a farm-related class!

Misha pondered, this might be why the game allowed players to possess as many subclasses as they wanted to . Without waiting to explore the late-game content, she understood how important lifestyle class players could make an impact on guild management and future warfare .

*Mew* (This is becoming a city-building game . )

"For us, yes . For casual players, this thing is something irrelevant to them . Only investors and ambitious pro-players will gun for being executives of a guild to get a long-term profit . "

*Mew* (Are you going for it as well?)

"Obviously . For our nom-nom gels, food, and riches!"

*Nom-Nom!* (Food! For our food empire!)

Misha kept scanning for a building that they could build at the moment without a harsh requirement .



> Price 1,000,000 Dust


Can assign other players into the following roles; Agriculture Secretary, Military Secretary, Science Secretary, Finance Secretary .

Increase max worker capacity by 10 .

Increase max warehouse storage by 1,000 units .

Generate one dragonewt worker each day .


- Guild Leader's race is dragonewt .

- Guild Leader's level is 200 or higher .



That was the only thing Misha could build since everything else had chains of requirements .

Before Misha placed the town center, she used the road construction option to pave the main road from the hotel building toward the front beach, where the ropers had not occupied .

Afterward, she placed the transparent town center building from her in-game menu to an area between the beach and the hotel .


An L-shaped 2-storey wooden building appeared .

Then, a female dragonewt NPC walked out of the building . She was expressionless .

Above her head, a green name "Wet Banana Worker NO . 1" icon could be seen .

Misha smiled and nodded at the worker, "Welcome!"

The worker bowed at Misha, "Greetings, guild leader . What would it be your order?"

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"For now," Misha took out several buckets and containers from her inventory, "I need you to gather polluted seawater with these containers . "

"Understood . "

As if the girl was a robot, she picked two empty buckets and walked along the safe road toward the front beach . Fortunately for her, the path she took was under the protection of a 1-month invulnerable buff, which no monster could enter and attack the people inside .

*Mew* (This is fun . Let's build a new thing!)

All thoughts of finding Mia had long disappeared from Misha's head as she enjoyed the game too much .

Misha and Tama could see a glimpse of their idle empire where they could get resources without doing anything, even if there were offline .

However, this was not without a cost . The worker also had a hunger bar, indicating that they needed to feed this expressionless NPC .

"I need someone with farm skill, but I'll do that after the invasion . "

Misha wanted to build farms, so the NPCs in the future could self-sustain . However, she needed a player with a farming skill as their leader .

She also required her guild spaces to recruit players from server 6 and 10, so she could transfer them to this server .

"Emergency first, everything else should be later . "

Misha prioritized on rescuing Sasha, Natalie, and other players . Once it was finished, she could focus on developing her guild later .

She took a hundred green gels, which she no longer needed, and stored it in the town center's warehouse . Then, the warehouse indicator in Misha's game menu changed .




Green Gel: 100

Empty Space: 900


Provision: 0

Consumption per day in-game: 1





Misha pressed [Yes] button .


The numbers in the warehouse menu changed . Green gels disappeared while the provision status increased from 0 to 10,000 .

With this, the worker NPC and the future workers should be able to last many days without Misha's baby-sitting .

She left the guild's protection area and flew toward the roper river next .

Upon arrival, many thirsty ropers rushed toward Misha .

The latter frowned as she was no longer their master . Furthermore, killing them would not yield any EXP to Misha anymore as their strength was merely 3,000 .

"Flame Field . "

Misha erected a fire barrier around herself .

Seven aggroed ropers spat white juice at Misha's barrier .

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The difference in strength buff seemed to be at work as their attacks could not harm Misha anymore . Yet, they mindlessly attacked her .

Misha unleashed fireballs . Each shot dealt over 5,000 damages, which killed all of them instantly .

Without the monsters, she was free to do anything with the river until they respawned .

Misha took a special bucket, which was crafted by using a roper tree's trunk as a container . She scooped the flowing roper acid river and put it in her inventory .


The process was slow, but the acid would translate into 20,000 dust if Misha sold it to the mafias .

*Mew* (Shouldn't you be cooking some crystals instead of mining the semen?)

"Cooking takes all day . Besides, I'm here to scout for a way for my NPCs to auto-mine this river . I also need quick cash to upgrade my guild . "

*Meh-Heh Mew* (Genius! Well, let me help . )



Two days later

[Misha, are you free?]

A message from Natalie stopped Misha from taking roper juices from the white river .

"What's up?"

[We defeated Meimei in server 10 . All server 6's players have returned home, and I'm planning to disband our guild . Can you recruit all of my guild members? They can be useful to our future guild . ]

"Sure . Give me the names, so I can invite them . "

Natalie compiled a name list of all her guild players and sent it to Misha .

"By the way, how are Sasha and her server?"

[My temporary guild and Sasha had a fight with the local server . They seemed to be dissatisfied with Sasha monopolizing the monsters since she got the highest kill count and local MVP awards . I got the reinforcement MVP, though . Hehe!]

"Is Sasha alright?"

[She's fine . She's with me on server 6, actually . I took her with us to avoid the complication . Now, we just need to get to your server and fight another event . Hehehe!]

Misha understood why Natalie was in such a good mood that she kept laughing .

She was exploiting the guild feature!

By fighting in her local event and reinforced another server, she already won 2 Orbs of Binding and many MVP prizes . Once she was invited to Misha's server, she would participate in the same event for the third time .

"Greedy girl!"

[Hehehe! It's called being smart . Please give me the local MVP and kill count award . Then, I'll work hard for you . ]

"Tell me what you've gotten, and I'll reconsider it . "

[Nope . ]

"Then, let the best girl win . "

[No! Don't go all out! Let me be the MVP!]

"Nope . I'm taking it . Maybe I'll invite you here after I finished my local server's events first . "

[NUUUU! I'm sorry, let me join your event, please! T_T]