Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 221

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Chapter 221

Chapter 221 – Party Quest - Part 1

Misha abandoned the idea of creating a bridge of ropers . Imaging a pink bridge with all the tentacles and white sea gave her goosebumps .

"Since they can live underwater, send your goons into the sea, please . "

*Slick?* (Eh? Fine . I'll catch some mermaids . )

Slicky sulked and took his underlings into the sea .

The players cheered as these undefeatable monsters left and opened a space for their farming spots again .

Still, the damage had been done . Many female players from server 1 hated Misha for having this kind of monsters as her pets . They had been infected with [Estrus] abnormal status and was shamed by the consequence of their own actions .

As a result, many girls flocked toward the potential strong guild like INWTRUE . Even female players in Misha's guild hesitated if they were in the right guild .

Despite the uproar and the hatred, Misha ignored all commotion and resumed her task, gathering materials and roper acid to make more money and upgrade her facilities and guild level .

Also, she summoned the forgotten Shurka to server 1 and got scolded for being a birdbrain .  


As the commotion and conflict between Misha and other female players went on, Moo and Non were oblivious to the changes . Each of them was too busy running around and completing their chain quests from their mentor and other NPCs .

Coincidentally, both felionians encountered each other in town when they were submitting their quests .

"What are you doing here, you perverted catto, nya?"

"Questing, nya! Say, wanna party? I need to kill another field boss to complete my quest . "

"Nyo, nya! Haven't you heard Misha's warning? Don't kill the field bosses unless you want to get stuck in-game forever!"

"But, my quest is shareable, and the reward is a new subclass, nya . "


"How about it? Wanna party, nya?"

"You're selfish, nya! At least, you should ask Mia, too!"

"I was planning to!"

Both of them decided to contact Misha and invite her to join Moo's quest .

[What's this quest about? Why are you hunting a field boss despite my warning?]

Misha had warned her friends when she found out about Natalie and Sasha's crisis in server 6 and 10 . She hoped that they would refrain from advancing the events, but they still wanted to kill one of them .

Moo meowed back, "It's a shareable chain quest, Mia . I can share up to 6 people since it's a party quest . Also, the reward is worth it, nya . "

[What kind of reward is that?]

"A new subclass! It's called [Soul Hunter] . "

[… Tell me more . ]

Moo explained about his quest content . Before he got this quest, he had been fighting against black slimes in the other questline . However, he obtained an item from one of the monsters .

It was called [Unidentified Memory Fragment, No . 1] .

Moo gave it to his god statue in the felionian's pantheon, but the god returned the item and gave the current boss hunting quest, which ended up killing a slime field boss .

However, the cat god said something interesting that Moo had not forgotten .

"He said something like … [The true fairy overlord must not be awakened at all costs] .  Then, he wants me to collect all memory fragments from the shadow slimes before the fairy overlord gets all of it, nya . You know what's funny, Mia? The fairy overlord in-game has the same name as your avatar!"

Non laughed, "I don't know if it's coincidence or a sick joke from the game developers, nya . "

"Right, nya . Maybe Mia is too strong that the devs want to make his character the bad guy . "

"I know, right? He's been the top ranker from the start, nya . "

The two kept meowing as they continued their small talks . They did not notice that many players were looking at them with warm eyes .

"So cute . "

"I should have evolved into one of them…"

"Ah, I want to hug a felionian . "

"A cat is fine, too . "


Meanwhile, Misha froze when they mentioned about memory fragments .

She wanted to investigate who this "Misha Bloominglily" the game had referred to .

With her past experience with Lilith, Misha was aware that this conniving goddess could not be trusted . Everything she told Misha could have been a lie, including this game .

"This game is not connected to the hardcore server? My ass! What is this server invasion is all about!? What is my old fairy's name doing here!? Why do you want to summon people to the hardcore server forcefully!?"

Misha might have planned to visit the hardcore server eventually, but she began to have a second thought .

She issued a ticket to Lilith and inquired about her relationship with the referred [Misha Bloominglily, the Fairy Overlord] in-game .

Unfortunately, Lilith did not answer her questions, which confirmed that she was plotting something .

"Well, fine . Since you don't want to talk, I'll collect all of those memory fragments and devour every fucking piece . Don't awaken the true conscience? Well, I'll do you a favor and erase all fragments for you in my stomach . "

Misha forwarded her messages to Non and Moo .

"I'll join you . How many people can you share the quest? By the way, have you joined a guild yet? Wanna join me?"



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Non and Moo joined Wet Banana Guild without hesitation . Also, Misha dragged Sasha, Natalie, Shurka, and Des to join Moo's quest .

Upon seeing all the girls, Moo smiled from ear to ear .

"A harem party, nya! Ladies, wanna play with my catto dicku?"


Sasha and Natalie electrocuted Moo and reduced his HP to 10% before they left him alone .

All of them checked the shared quest content .




Currently, the black slimes are rampaging on the main continents, and they are planning to invade Sanctuary Island . The Slime Knight, Lucien, should have already infiltrated the town, and he should be preparing to devour all townsmen at the moment .

Find him before it's too late!

Note: This is a party quest . You can share this quest with up to 6 players .


- Find him and eradicate Lucien and his black slimes!  


- 47 Hours 51 Minutes .


- 20,000,000 EXP

- Unidentified Memory Fragment, No . 2

- Unlock a new subclass, apprentice soul hunter .



Everybody looked at Misha .

"Prevent your awakening?" Sasha was curious .

Natalie jested, "Misha, what are you awakening into? A Super Saiyan?"

Des was not that close to Misha, so she did not comment on this . However, she doubted if Misha had a relationship with the game developers or some sort .

'Weird . '

Misha disregarded the name reference or the coincidence . She turned to Moo .

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"Part 2? What happened to part 1?"

Moo tilted his head to the side and meowed, "I already completed it by killing field boss, nya . "

"Can I see this memory fragment?"

"It's in my soul space, nya . I can't take it out without a psionic possession skill . "


Misha turned to Natalie and Sasha, "Do you girls have that skill? You've inherited fairy overlord's skills, right?"

Natalie nodded and was about to use her psionic possession on Moo to fetch the memory fragments . However, Sasha stopped her sister .

"Leave it . "

Natalie and Misha were confused, "Why?"

"I have a bad feeling about this . Don't touch the memory fragment, Misha . "

"Is it because I have the same name as the NPC in-game?"

"No . "

Sasha could not say it . She suspected that the referred "Misha Bloominglily" in the quest might actually be the girl before her . After all, Lilith's games are sinister and can't be taken lightly .

Thus, this Pandora Box should not be touched by Misha at all costs!

"We're coming here to get the additional subclass . Leave the quest content and all memory fragments to Moo . We're not touching it . "

"Don't you have an appraisal skill? Can't you at least go in Moo's space and identify it?"

"No . Don't forget that we were once touched by your [former conscience] . I don't want to risk getting my soul infected by another soul of your … past self . "

Misha's shoulders fell, disappointed, "Fine . We won't get involved . Bummer . "

She understood why Sasha was concerned about the memory fragments . They might contain the other souls of her alternate conscience whose memories had never been deleted and overwritten by Uriel Min .

Thus, Moo, Non, Des, Misha, Natalie, Shurka, and Sasha formed a party and entered the town to search for Lucien .




1 . LV . 297 (S1) Misha Bloominglilly (Apprentice Cook)

2 . LV . 295 (S1) Sasha Hummingbird (Apprentice Consigliere)

3 . LV . 294 (S1) Natalie Arc (Apprentice Mafioso)

4 . LV . 285 (S1) Des Aitsuji (Apprentice Marauder)

5 . LV . 255 (S1) Moo Moomoon (Apprentice Sculptor)

6 . LV . 205 (S1) Non Nongnon (Apprentice Physician)

7 . LV . 201 (S1) Shurka Luckyaf (Apprentice Engineer)



Non was envious of the high-level rankers, "Why are your levels so high, Nya? Everyone is 280+ . "

Sasha, Natalie, and Des had fought in the invasion, so their level was much higher than Shurka and Non, who had not joined an event .

Surprisingly, Moo's progress was more advanced than everyone in server 1 . Had Misha not participated in the war of server 6, her level would have been surpassed by Moo .

Sasha consoled Non, "You'll catch up to us when the invasion event starts . By the way, Moo, where did you find the previous slime boss?"

"All black slimes used to spawn on Volcano Island, south of Newbie Island . We'll have to take a ferry there . "





At server 2, the wealthy noble's son, Roman, managed to pool enough funds and established his guild at the center of Sanctuary Island . He had to pay over 100 million dust to evict all NPC civilians from the town square and bought their land deeds .

With the best location, he was confident that he could attract other common players to join them after he gathered all members from other servers .

The guild building was a 5-storey mansion villa with fancy swimming pools, bars, and nightclubs .

However, Roman had not summoned all guild members to server 2 yet . Instead, he sent his orders to all members of various servers .

"Everyone, I need you to form teams in your server and kill as many field bosses as possible . Rush the invasion event like server 6 and 10 . Then, you should reap as many benefits from repelling the monsters . When your server is about to fall, send me the names of our members, and I'll summon you here . "

All members were shocked by the sudden order .

[What about the other players and the local NPCs, boss?]

[We're aware that if the pantheons fell, all players in the server will be transferred to the hardcore server . Do you want all players to be sent there?]

[The hardcore server is mysterious, boss . We have no intel about it, and no player from the hardcore server has never returned . I think we're playing a death game, boss . ]

There were protests and questions, but Roman was resolute .

"We don't need commoners in our casual server . We'll eradicate all sub servers and centralize our economy and kingdom . Then, whatever happens in reality, we will be able to migrate our souls here! Don't you want to be the rulers of this world!?"

Roman planned to conquer this game world, so he could transfer his soul into this game and be the king .

Many sons and daughters of noble clans got tired of the universe systems and the dictatorship of Milky Way Government . With a naïve mindset, they were enticed by Roman's propaganda .

"I'm in!"

"Fuck real life and school . I'm in!"