Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 226

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Chapter 226

Chapter 226 – End of Party Quest

"Misha, can we have an explanation?" Sasha and others were baffled .

Misha gave them a wry smile and slapped Lucien's butt, making him talk . She also stood up and allowed the slime knight to stop crawling .

Lucien coughed as he knelt to Misha, "Your majesty, what is your next order?"

"Explain to my friends why you are serving me . "

"Yes, your majesty," the black knight raised his head and looked at the three girls .

"We're the chosen souls that her majesty had saved . I'm Lucien, a former kobold knight from Very Doge Kingdom…"

Lucien narrated his past life as an ordinary kobold before he became a slime knight .


He was an old knight that had served the kingdom for 30 years . As a veteran with great skills, he was respected by his subordinates .

However, his peers and superiors did not like him because he was not born with noble's blood like them, who inherited the knight titles from their parents . As such, many knights shunned him for his common birth .

One day, those noble kobolds ambushed him .

As Lucien was about to get killed, the ambushing kobolds mocked Lucien that the king ordered them to kill him since he would be a bad influence on the noble households in the court . For the sake of keeping the knighthood free from commoners, they had to eliminate him .

Obviously, it was a lie from the noble felionians since they were jealous of his skills .

Fortunately, a grand explosion happened, which consumed the entire kingdom and all of its population .

A mushroom cloud signified that the explosion was caused by a man-made bomb . However, Lucien and others did not know that as their attention was on the approaching space battleship . Many mechanical units form the spaceship landed and started killing everyone .

Lucien, injured and exhausted, managed to escape from the sudden invasion from the mysterious spaceship, running into the most dangerous forest, where felionians recorded that a dangerous entity had been sealed since ancient times .

Ignored the legend tale, Lucien entered the forest . Along the way, he found a strange statue of a female humanoid figure without a fluffy tail or dog ears, surrounded by red ropes and yellowish talismans .

Afraid that the robots from the spaceship might find him, Lucien slipped under the red ropes and talismans and hid behind the statue .

Unfortunately, the robots found him . They began using strange weapons that could spit fire and destroy everything .

Lucien recalled that he heard a loud boom, but he was unharmed . By the time that he realized it, he found himself in his own soul space with a strange lady with the same face as the statue .

She introduced herself as Misha Bloominglily!


Lucien cut his story here and gazed at Misha .

"Her majesty is the savior that repels those evil robots from killing all of my countrymen . She gave everyone the power to fight back those invaders, and we have been serving her ever since . "

Everyone looked at Misha, furrowed their brows in confusion .

Misha shrugged and shook her head, gesturing that she did not know anything about this .

Sasha and Des turned toward each other, "Rock, paper, scissors . "

"Sure . "

The two had a match of Rock-Paper-Scissor for some reason . After Sasha won, she looked at Lucien and questioned him .

"Is our friend, Misha, is the same as the queen you mentioned? The one that saved your men?"

"Yes . She is . "

Sasha glanced at Des . The latter took turns to ask the knight, "Why are you planning to attack the sanctuary?"

"Goddess Lilith said that we can find our lost queen again if we continue to work for her . She told us to kill all townsmen and destroy the pantheons . "

Hearing that Lilith got involved in this, Sasha, Natalie, and Misha wanted to find her and tear this meddling goddess to pieces .

"Do you know why she wants to kill the players?" Asked Misha .

"She said that those humans are the ones that are holding you hostage . To free you from their grasp, she ordered us to kill everyone . "

Sasha noticed something odd in Lucien's reaction .

Misha mentioned "Players," yet Lucien did not flinch by that word as if he was not a programmed AI like other NPCs in this game . However, something did not add up as there were other "Lucien" on different servers .

Natalie also sensed that . She walked closer to Lucien and stared at him, "Do you remember me?"

Lucien nodded, "Yes . You killed my other consciousness in server 10 . "


This confirmed everyone's speculation . Lucien was not an NPC!

Sasha rushed toward Lucien, "What about me!?"

"I also remember you . You killed me in server 6 . "

"Then, which one is the real you!?"

"I am the origin of all my copies . After all, one of my copies found a trace of my queen, so here I am, leading my main forces . "

Now that Lucien affirmed that he had a connection with other servers, things were getting complicated .

Still, as banana as she was, Misha had a silly idea .

"Can you summon all of your black slimes here, so we can level up by killing you?"

Everyone: "…"

All doge-face kobolds were in tears .

"Meh, just kidding . Well, I'm serious about the first part . Can you gather everyone in one server?"

"…Yes . "

"Cool! Then, let's centralize our military forces here . "


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Moo, Non, and Shurka returned to the island a few hours later .

Worried that the other party members might be in trouble, they kept sending party messages, asking about the situation .

However, no answer came from the four surviving teammates .

"Boohoo . We messed up, nya," Non was crying, fearing that they had screwed up .

Shurka smiled, "It's not over yet . Look at their HP bar in our party member list . Their HP and PF haven't moved for over an hour now, so they should be okay . "

Moo snickered, "Oh, silly catto . If you want a response from Mia, you can just leave it to me . "

His fluffy fingers typed into the party chat .

"My daring Mia, please tell me if you still want to borrow my catto dicku at school tomorrow, so I'll save up for you! BTW, I don't mind being on the receiving end if you swing that way . "


Shurka and Non's face turned black . This perverted cat needed a lot of beating to drill some manners into his brain .

However, the result came within 5 seconds .

[Mention about your dick again, and I'll castrate you, you banana cat!]

Obviously, it was from Misha .

"See? They're alright . Shurka's boyfriend is still rocking hard as usual," Moo laughed .



A server notification arrived .



The three stragglers were shocked .



List of EXP and perks appeared on their game screen, but they could not celebrate as the gang was confused about the development .

 When their brain . exe was able to respond, Shurka and Non texted in the party chat .

"Why don't you wait for us!?"

"You all are cruel, nya! Where is my boss kill EXP!?"

They worried about their levels and EXP over the development .

Meanwhile, Moo stared at his quest menu with a pale face .

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This is an emergency! Misha Bloominglily has already recovered the first memory fragment, and she is holding the second fragment!

You have made a mistake by joining forces with this fairy overlord! Correct the error by killing her at once! As soon as she died, her soul will be trapped by the absolute prison of the gods, and the world will be safe from this hidden threat!

Note: You cannot share this quest with anyone .



- Kill Misha Bloominglily .


- All skills and EXP that Misha Bloominglily has earned .

- All VIP items in Misha Bloominglily's inventory .

- 1,000,000,000 EXP .

- Evolution to a higher race, High Felionian .



Failure to kill Misha Bloominglily before she obtained all 7 memory fragments, your subclass, apprentice hero, will be deleted .




Even the cheerful and perverted Moo could not hold himself from swearing at Lilith .

His chain quest forced him to kill Misha, which was not something he wanted .

In a rage, Moo captured his game interface, saving it into a picture file, and shared it with Misha and others in the same party .

"I have a new stupid quest, nya! WTF is this game, nya!"

Shurka and Non widened their eyes in shock as well .

Soon, Misha's message came .

[Come to the boss room, and we'll talk . ]



Meanwhile, the new development of Moo's quest caused a stir in other servers as well .

At server 3, public notification was broadcasted .






Maple and Felia read the messages, smiling from ear to ear .

"Say, Felia, which one do you think will come out on top? The old one, or the wannabe . "

"I'd say the wannabe if she manages to find Misha before the other gets stronger . Well, we know what our origin is capable of . "

"True . I also root for the wannabe . Should we move our guild to server 1, so we can meddle with the memory fragment quest?"

Felia clicked her tongue and shook her head, "Let's not bother with their fight . We'll focus on spreading more seeds to all humans and make everyone our subordinates . "

"Right," Maple chuckled, "It doesn't matter whoever will win this conscience battle . "



All 20,000 servers got the same notification . Because of the highlighted name of Misha, all social media and players began talking about her .

"Is this stupid game tailored for Misha? Why does the game keep mentioning her?"

"I don't think it's the same person . Actually, the ranker Misha, and the event boss Misha might be two different persons with the same name . "

"^Unlikely . I smell BS . "

"^^Agreed . Her name is unique, so the game shouldn't have an NPC with the same name . "

^^^Unless, there's a stupid mechanism like an NPC copying a player's name . "

Various speculation flooded social media . Also, many familiar faces from the Milky Way Government were following news regarding Misha .

Joan, Gabriel, and Samael compiled all movements from the server 1 as their references as they taught all of their personal about the game .

They did not teach their soldiers so that they could play in the casual server . They were preparing to investigate the hardcore server, where they suspected that Mia and Lilith were conspiring against them .

Samael counted the missing-people cases . The number went over 2 million yesterday and increasing .

"Joan, contact Colonel Wildcat and have him lead all second and third generation fairies to the hardcore server . "

MWG, too, did not stay idly and waited for their doom .

Everyone was preparing to counterattack against the hardcore server, the suspected source of chaos .