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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 258

Published at 27th of February 2020 08:00:05 AM

Chapter 258: 258

Chapter 258 – Fairy Overlord VS Imposter

The dark silhouette's attention was on Misha . She so focused that she failed to notice the finger-sized black hole before her .

Misha's 3D sense found that Dark Misha ignored the skill . The fairy overlord smiled as if she had won a lottery jackpot .


The moment Misha shouted, the black hole expanded and began to absorb energy, electricity, and any supernatural power into it .

Dark Misha dashed pass the black hole without realizing it . The black ball did not harm Dark Misha, but it stopped her movements and began draining her PF .

The imposter could feel that her energy was escaping her at a rapid speed . Within three seconds, her PF decreased by 3% .

This absorption rate alarmed Dark Misha as her max PF was the same as her HP, 10 Billion .

One percent was a hundred million! At this rate, her power would become dry within two minutes!

Moreover, the gravity hindered Dark Misha from pursuing the real fairy overlord . Without stopping this black hole, she could not kill Misha!

"T-This skill! What kind of ability is this!?"

Dark Misha could not remember that she also had this ability . She could only use the power that she had acquired from the memory orb in her possession .

Similar to Sasha, Natalie, or other golden generation sisters, Dark Misha could use telekinesis, electrokinesis, and a few fundamental psychic abilities . However, she could not use gravity-related skills .


She extended her palm at Misha, who was running away from her . At the moment, Misha was already 200 meters away .


Branches of electricity chased after Misha at a lightning speed .

But all of a sudden, the thunder branches stopped reaching toward the fairy overlord . Instead, it turned around and traveled back toward the black hole .

In the end, the lightning came back toward the caster!

Dark Misha did not suffer any damage because of her lightning resistance . Still, she was shocked by the unguided chain lightning that failed to hit her target .

She was confused at first, but she found the answer as she glanced at the black hole .

The real identity of this skill was not a black hole . It was a gravity field that was gathering strength by absorbing all kinds of power .



As Dark Misha was still astonished by the energy ball, her PF kept decreasing at an alarming rate .


She gathered her strength and jumped up . Her body shuttled to the sky and managed to escape the suction energy ball .

Meanwhile, Misha kept running for her life .

Upon hearing Dark Misha's scream, she stopped running and recast the stealth skills . Her body faded and became invisible .

She looked at the direction where Dark Misha flew . The latter's figure already disappeared into the white cloud .

Misha clenched her chest, calming her panicking heart . It was beating at the rate of 200 beats per minute . She felt like it was about to burst .

Her blood pumped so hard that her face flushed red . This was the first time that she came close to death .

When Dark Misha cast chain lightning at her, Misha thought that she would be killed for sure . Fortunately, the thunder branches turned back and hit the gravity ball, Energy Siphon, instead of herself .

'That was freaking close! What was I thinking!? Why did I pick a fight against this monster!?'

The threat of one-shot-death by Dark Misha still lingered in Misha's mind .

As Misha was pacing her breathing to calm down, the siphoned energy ball floated back toward Misha . It dispersed into small particles and entered Misha's body .








"Hoo . "

Misha slowly exhaled . Despite receiving an absurd boon, she was not surprised .

It could be said that she had expected this result after absorbing her skill, Energy Siphon .

'I'm glad I got this skill back before other skills . This is the most useful one … I think . '

Misha could not remember what kind of skills she had when she was in her prime . She knew that she had the same skill set as Natalie and Sasha, but Misha was hoping that she had more cheating skills like Energy Siphon .

The celebration did not last long . Ten seconds after Misha had absorbed the energy, Dark Misha descended from the cloud .

The angry imposter looked around in fury, searching for Misha .


The flying woman unleashed a lightning attack at random, summoning a thunderstorm and striking the empty ground .

Misha gulped as she held her breath, looking at the berserking copycat in fright .

As Misha did not move, the imposter could not find her no matter how hard she scanned through the place . Dark Misha wanted to swear out loud, but her attention changed toward the commotion nearby .

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Tama had reverted back to her hydra form, a 500-ton monster with a sandworm as her head . As usual, she gathered all her victims in her neck and chewed them with happiness .

Slicky coordinated with Tama by spraying his roper acid at the black slime generals and their minions . Many ropers took this opportunity to gather seedbeds to be mothers of their children . As for male kobolds, they were melted by their acid .

Still, Slicky's side also had casualties . Half of the roper minions died as they were no match against slime generals .

Meimei and Katia were overrun by multiple slime generals . Their HP was in a critical state .

But everyone had an advantage over Dark Misha's army . With both Tama and Slicky leading the slaughter, slime generals and normal slimes could not steal good physical bodies of their enemies .

"Ah, those guys are a nuisance . Fine! Once those morons are dead, you're next!! IMPOSTER!!"

Misha widened her eyes as she wanted to retort that Dark Misha was just a black slime that might have eaten her memory orb, but she restrained herself .

The next second, Misha followed Dark Misha's gaze and got panicked . She found a familiar hydra that Sasha had shown in a clip .

'Tama? Wait a minute! Not good!'

Dark Misha sneered . She flew into the range of one kilometer of Slicky .

The pervert tree could see the approaching world boss lady . Without hesitation, he fired all of his acid raid toward Dark Misha, hoping to enslave her .


Dark Misha erected a dome barrier of electricity . The shockwave from the skill repelled some of the aphrodisiac acids, but the barrier still suffered some damages .




Numbers kept floating above Dark Misha's head as her shield's HP dropped .

Yet, the sneer on Dark Misha's face did not change . In fact, her smile grew wider .

Just now, she sacrificed half of her PF to summon a shield with 5 Billion HP . The damage that Slicky could inflict could not make Dark Misha itch!

"I should have done this earlier! NOW, DIE!!"

Reaper Rain!

Dark Misha summoned her thunder of random death again . Black cloud manifested and screamed the loud noise of brewing thunder .

Though horrified, Misha mustered her courage and activated her flight skill, flying toward Dark Misha .

The rapid movement action canceled Misha's stealth skills . Her appearance was revealed!

Dark Misha spotted her right away, "There you are!"

While the imposter was keeping her reaper rain skill active with one hand, the other free hand pointed at Misha .

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Misha also shouted, "ENERGY SIPHON!!"

The black magnetic ball and a hundred branches of thunder appeared at the same time . On the other hand, Misha flew backward and kept her distance away from her siphon ball and the incoming lightning .

A hundred lightning chased after Misha, but the siphon black hole expanded and attracted all of the electric currents into itself .

Dark Misha glared at the magnetic field with hatred, "This skill again!! This skill is supposed to be mine!!"

"Keep yelping, imposter!! You're just a black slime with my memory orb!! Energy Siphon!!"

Misha bickered as she summoned another magnetic black hole . This time, she was holding it in her palm .

The ball did not harm Misha . Instead, it kept drawing remnant forces into itself and transferred into Misha's body .




Slowly, Misha's HP and PF recovered . As long as she got close to one of the black holes, Misha could absorb all energy that these magnetic fields had attracted and converted into her power .


The dark cloud above Misha and Dark Misha roared . One of the lightings struck Misha .

The imposter sneered as she predicted that this would be Misha's end .

But Misha waved her hand and sent the magnetic ball above her head .


The reaper rain's lightning struck the siphon ball instead of Misha!

Then, another sickening effect, which made Dark Misha exclaim in frustration, happened again .

+200M HP

+200M PF

+200M EXP

Misha also received many system messages .

Next to her name, the original [100,000] overall strength one hour ago had become [150,000] .




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Misha glanced at her status attribute menu . Both INT and WIS had reached 30,000 points, which was the cap of the journeyman class .

The fairy overlord sneered at Dark Misha, "Thanks for the treat . Now, take it back!!"

With a point of the finger, the energy ball, which had collected the reaper rain's thunder just now, released the power back at Dark Misha .

The yellow line of thunder hit the woman .


+100M HP

+100M PF

The power did not go through Dark Misha's force field . Instead of harming her, the electric current converted the remaining power of reaper thunder and strengthened the user .

Dark Misha's face was still distorted in anger . Yet, she mocked Misha .

"If this is all you can do, I'll be disappointed . "

Misha clicked her tongue . She had forgotten that force field barrier negated thunder-base power, so she could not return the attack skill toward the user .

As Misha was contemplating what she could do to kill Dark Misha …








Dark Misha's energy shield shook upon receiving the unknown attack from a distance away . Something exploded upon hitting her dome barrier .

She turned toward the direction of the assailant .

A sandworm mouth of the hydra, which Dark Misha had planned to kill, was curving into a smile .

"Meh-Heh Mew!!"


The explosion did not stop . Dark Misha immediately took an evasive maneuver to dodge the oncoming attack .

Then, she could finally see what had hit her .

Hundreds of fireballs were floating around Tama, the hydra .

"Don't leave me out, Mish! Let me have some fun, too!! MEW!!"