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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 3

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:05:12 AM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Character Creation

11 . 15 AM .

Mia rushed home after the class was over . He was so absentminded about the game to the point that he did not notice the surrounding .

He did not realize that while he was exiting the school building, every student was gazing at him in awe and admiration, especially from men, while a few female looked at him in envy and jealousy of his look .

As Mia was straddling to the student locker in a hurry, no one dared to block his path … until he entered the male locker room .



"What the?"

"Nani the fudge!?"

The onlookers were surprised by Mia's action . At the same time, they were shocked that the security androids did not stop him from entering the room .

The security androids were there to guard the students and prevent them from committing an immoral act, such as entering the wrong locker room .

For this reason, they could understand the situation immediately . If Mia was a girl, the android would stop him from entering the male locker room right away . However, they did not stop him .

"That's … a boy!?"



"He's … prettier than real girls . "

"I don't wanna live in this planet anymore . "

"Me, too . I'll transfer my soul into a VR world for sure . "

"… I'mma go peek . "

"Me, too . "

"Me, three . "

"Stop! You perverted men!"

"Shut it, woman! You've been drooling for a while now!"

"No, you shut it! Peeking the changing boys is the privilege of us, girls! Guys peeking guys are gross!"

"No, you gross! You're a mental girl!"

A professor who was passing by heard the commotion in front of the men locker room . He shook his head and sighed .

"Students of culture . Students of culture are everywhere …"

2 PM .

A half-football-stadium-sized spacecraft floated in front of Mia's house with its side hatch opened . There were painted logo of the Milky Way Government on both sides of the ship as it was the government delivery spaceship .

Twenty rounded-shape worker droids flew while their small arms carried a 3-meter wide capsule into the house .

The captain of the spacecraft gave a white sign plate to Mia, which he wrote his signature on it with his fingertips .

"The delivery is completed . The game server will open at 8 PM tonight . The manual is also in the package, please read it before you enter the game . "

The delivery spaceship left . Meanwhile, Mia skipped and danced in a delighted mood into his house . He grabbed the 2000-pages-thick manual and read it with attention .

7 . 00 PM .

Mia finished reading the entire manual and managed to memorize 90% of its content .

If it were other teenagers, they would have given up reading it after an hour . However, students in Chula Academy were comparable to monsters if they compared it with ordinary people within a similar age .

They had more endurance and more disciplinary than the usual . All of the students used to cram all of those complicated photon theories in their head in the middle school and scored almost a perfect result in the entrance exams .

The manual Mia read was nothing more than a textbook which described the lifestyles, traditional customs, trends, culture, and the world map during the 23rd-century . It was imperative that they understood the way of the ancient people before they jumped into the past as they might suffer a culture shock .

Mia set up the gaming capsule in his gaming room . After that, he took a bath and a quick dinner for the final preparation for a long night of gaming . When he came back to his room, it was already 7 . 52 PM .

'It's about time . I should enter the capsule to wait . '

He called his maid Dana to assist him in operating the capsule . Once the final set up was completed, he laid down inside the capsule, while Dana closed the hatch from the outside .

"I'll monitor your condition from outside . Have fun, young master Mia . "

Mia closed his eyes and allowed the capsule system to operate its connection with his brain .

Mia fell like he was sunk into a water pool . He opened his eyes and found that he was floating above a grassland with nothing else in sight .

A young girl, who was tied up with asylum outfit with chains wrapping around her body, appeared in front of Mia . She appeared younger than him as she looked like a middle-schooler .

He remembered this girl . She appeared in the commercial of this game on the social network . She was called the goddess of calamity, Lilith . However, according to the storyline of this game in the manual that he read, she was a savior instead .

"Welcome, child, to the dimension of Lilim . " The goddess spoke .

"Oh hi! I'm Mia . Nice to meet you!"

Mia replied back in energetic voice by reflex . He forgot that this was a game, and the person in front was an A . I . NPC .

The NPC goddess laughed .

"Oh, my . We have a unique player . Nice to meet you too, my dear . Well, I like you . But I have to uphold the system standard, so I can't play favorites, okay?"

"Aw, okay . "

"It's your first time coming here . Let's start with your character . I assume that "Mia" is your real name in the outside world, am I correct?"

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"Oops, yes . That's my real name . "

"It's okay . If you want to, we can first set up your name in the game . What would you like to be called?"

"I want something manly . How about Mitch?"

"Hmm? I understand . I will set your name in game as Misha . "

The goddess laughed and operated the system . Mia's IGN was set as Misha, which was a girl name .

"Wait a minute! I just said Mitch, not Misha . "

The goddess came to a pause and blinked a few times . The corner of her mouth revealed a faint smirk for a moment before her expression returned to the usual gentle smile .

"My sincerest apologies, my dear . It was my mistake . The name has already been set, so I can't change it anymore . "

Mia wanted to scream and curse this goddess as he was trolled the first minute he logged into this game . He had enough with the people mistaking him as a girl . He wanted to live like a man for once .

He decided that if he had to transfer his soul into the game, he would not choose this game .

"Next, please choose the main class that you want to play with . There are two major classes in this game, a combat class or a lifestyle class . What class do you want to play as?"

The goddess still feinted ignorant and continued to proceed with the game as if nothing wrong had happened . Her face slipped out a smug grin as if she was holding back her laugh a few times while she was speaking in a monotone .

'Are you sure that you're an A . I . ? Why am I feeling like I'm being pranked on . '

Despite his dissatisfied and suspicious toward the game, Mia let it pass and continued with the creation of his character .

"A combat class, please . "

"Very well, my dear . Next, I will give you an evaluation of your character starting status and potential attributes . Please follow my instruction seriously . First, I would like you to run as quickly as possible toward the goal that is flashing on the other side of the grassland . You can start when you're ready . "

Mia nodded and proceeded to the starting line .

This process of character creation was also described in the manual . Each player had to perform simple tests of physical abilities, which was the real physical ability in the real world . Since the soul could be transferred into the game, the character in the game should have a similar physical status as the real body . So that the transferring process would not encounter any irregularity or incompatibility issue in the future .

For three hour, Mia underwent a series of tests, short-running, marathon-running, obstacle running, lifting, sit-up, push-up, crawling, and squad . All of them were physical testing .

Although Mia was in-game, he sweated bullets as he was exhausted from the workout .

"The testing has been completed . Good work!"

Mia collapsed on the grassland on his back . He panted while he laid down on the grasses .

"Meh, I can't do another test . I'm so tired . "

"Don't worry, my dear . You've completed everything . This is your status .



Name – Misha

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 1

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Free Attribute - 0


Strength – 120/1,000

Vitality – 80/1,000

Agility – 185/1,000

Dexterity – 150/1,000

Intelligence – 500/1,000

Wisdom – 375/1,000

Luck – 17/100


Mia frowned while he was reading his status attribute . In the manual, the first value in the attribute was his current values while the latter number indicated his true potential values, which was the maximum number that the true attribute could be raised .

For average players, the manual said there should be free attribute points that he could assign it onto his first attributes, yet he has none .

"There isn't a mistake in my status, right?"

"No, no . There isn't a mistake . Well, the character creation is completed . Please choose your starting location . "

"… Meh . "

Mia glared at the goddess in suspicion . Since he had to log into the game within today as the professor had ordered him to, he did not bother arguing with the NPC .

Mia picked Thailand as his starting point . He wanted to see this country in the earlier era before it was submerged into the ocean . The moment he picked the place, he disappeared from the grassland .

'Ufufu . Good luck!'

The goddess laughed as she also disappeared into nothingness .

Meanwhile, the other players also received their status reports .



Name – Shotacon Meister

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 1

Free Attribute - 20

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Strength – 60/1,000

Vitality – 80/1,000

Agility – 60/1,000

Dexterity – 70/1,000

Intelligence – 530/1,000

Wisdom – 349/1,000

Luck – 3/100


"Ah, it's acceptable, I guess . "



Name – Big Crotch

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 1

Free Attribute - 20


Strength – 55/1,000

Vitality – 75/1,000

Agility – 40/1,000

Dexterity – 50/1,000

Intelligence – 511/1,000

Wisdom – 400/1,000

Luck – 1/100


"Luck 1? Blasphemy! I'll put all my attributes to my luck! What, I can't? Shame!"

. . .

None of them had realized it yet that their starting status was not the same .