Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 31

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:44 AM

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Busted!

Misha got nervous when she heard that the paramedic would recheck her body again . She was afraid that they would detect Tama .

The scan went through her body one more time, and the result was shown in the monitor .

"Hey, you've got to see this . "

A sweat drop rolled down from Misha's face .

The two nurses stared at the monitor with a baffled expression as they had never seen anything like this .

Inside Misha's body, it appeared that she had two hearts .

"Miss, you have a unique constitution . "

Pretending ignorant, Misha widened her eyes, "How?"

"I think you have two hearts . I'll report this to the hospital to get you thoroughly rechecked . "

"Uh? Err, Ahaha . You don't need to . I get that since I was young . That's not necessary . "

"We've been informed that you've come into contact with the Egg Queen, so we have to quarantine you and thoroughly test your blood and your DNA for a safety measure . I think you should get this chance to get a full-health check-up for free . "

"As I said, it's not necessary …"

"You will still be quarantined, miss . "

"For how long?"

"A month, at the minimum . "



A bell sound similar to a microwave's bell rang as the nurses were persuading Misha to take a full-course health assess . The blood diagnosis machine finished testing Misha's blood sample that the nurses had taken .

The monitor of the machine displayed a red [Hydra] .

The face of the two nurses changed . One of them took out a pistol and pointed at Misha's head while the other adjusted the stretcher, tightening the bind .


"Miss, you've been infected with Hydra viruses . Under the emergency protocol, you have no right to resist nor veto the actions of all officials . You will be quarantined and locked inside the designated medical center until we confirm that you are cured of the viruses . "

"Driver, code Hydra . "

"Aye, ma'am . Well, unlucky missy . Take my advice, don't resist . "

Misha gulped as she realized her situation .

Her infection was found!

"Err, may I have a couple of questions?"

"As long as you don't use force, we'll try to answer . "

"Is that gun necessary?"

"Yes . For our safety . "

"What's that Hydra virus? What will happen to me?"

"A disease that ruined humanity in the 21st-century alien war . In the initial infected state, the patient will find that their saliva turns green, and their additional tongue appears under their original one . I'm sure you have that already, right? Our scanner also detected your hidden tongue . "

"… But, why the gun?"

"On the second stage of the infection, your skins and blood will turn green, and you will be prone to violence . You will desire raw flesh and be drunk in bloodlust . At this stage, you will have the urge to attack anything that moves to take them as your food . Queen Eggs can also influence your decisions by sending their telepathy to you directly . "


"The third stage, you will completely lose your reason and human's conscience . You will become no different than a mindless zombie . This is the most dangerous stage that can threaten any bystander since the infected can spread the viruses during this mutation stage . "

"Err …"

"The final stage . You will turn into food for millions of baby queen eggs inside your body . "

The nurse with a gun explained everything with a smile, yet her index finger was on the trigger .

"Umm, that's not a trigger discipline . "

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"No, it's not . We're dealing with an infected . Even if you are not on the third stage yet, you are still a threat . Please stay still and cooperate with us, or I will shoot . This gun is loaded with the AR shells, so you'd better not move or do something stupid . "

"Okay! Okay! I'll stay still . Don't shoot!"

The other nurse took off the oxygen mask and placed a steel mask to cover her face . It covered her vision and mouth, but it still left enough holes for her to breathe .

The mask tightened her jaws, her crown, and her top of the head together . It was designed to prevent the infected from using the tongue as a weapon while covering the sight of the patient . To remove this locked mask, staff had to unlock it with a specific key and a serial code, which both of the nurses and the driver did not even have the key on them .

As Misha saw nothing but the darkness under the mask, her heart drummed and quickened .


Tama poked its eyes out of its mouth again as it detected Misha's condition .


The eye-tongue penetrated through Misha tissues within her chest to her skin . The mini tongue peeked through the gap of her skin under her throat to see what had happened outside .


Seeing two other human in weird suits, Tama panicked and withdrew its eye back to its body .


The blood of Misha that Tama collected was digested at a rapid rate . After cleaning everything in its stomach, Tama poked its eye into Misha's heart .


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Misha jolted from the pain, and her body shook .

The paramedics jumped, almost pulling the trigger in a reflex .

"She's having a seizure! Stay cautious! How long until we get to the center!?"

The driver glanced at the rear mirror, "Two minutes . "


Tama glanced around, observing Misha's blood . The other mini tentacles of Tama also wriggling around within the right ventricle in Misha's heart, picking infected red blood cells into its body while ejected back Tama's yellow blood to replace them .

The yellow blood merged with Misha's blood cells and slowly transformed . They retained the red color, but the shape of the cells changed from the flat ring-like body into compressed balls, which began multiplying and spreading into the muscular system and other systems within Misha's body .

Each time the transformed blood cells contacted the infected blood cells, they devoured them in the place of white blood cells and slowly disintegrated together, becoming the food for other red blood cells .

Misha could feel the change within her circulation system and her heart as her blood pressure seemed to quicken by itself .

The cardiac monitor detected the acceleration of her blood pressure . The repeated beep sounds warned the paramedics that her condition was changing fast .

"Is she in the second stage or third stage?"

"The second stage took three days for the symptoms to appear . The change is too fast!"

The medic with the gun tightened her grip, getting ready to shoot .

"I'm not taking risks . I'm taking her out . "