Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 38

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:37 AM

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Nom-Nom Mew

Within the shadow of the ice block that Misha was hiding, she stripped the clothes of the dead soldier in a hurry . The winter coat and the fallen soldier's uniform was baggy and too loose to her, but it was better than nothing .

During the process, the sparkling eye of Tama on her chest stared at the dead body .

*Nom-Nom Mew Mew*

'Do you want me to eat this, or do you want to eat it yourself?'

*Mew* *Nom-Nom*

'Hey, you have been merging with my body . Does this mean, if you eat a human, I will eat it indirectly too?'

*Meh-Heh Mew!*

The face of Misha twitched . She was not a fan of cannibalism, but she had to get rid of the corpse one way or another .

Thinking that she had to allow Tama to eat something anyway, she had an inspiration of an escape plan .

'Drink his blood, Tama . Leave behind a mummy corpse . '


'Just do it . I have a plan . '

The soldiers followed the trail of Misha's blood to the melted ice block that stored mutated yellow viruses .

The captain of the squad knelt down and inspected the Petri glasses, which scattered on the floor .

"She's eaten all the virus gels, but she left the other eggs untouched . What do you think, doctor?"

Within the pursue team, one of the men walked to the side of the captain and checked the empty glasses . He was an elderly man with wrinkle and pale skins . Aside from the winter coat, he also wore a gas mask and surgeon gloves, which the soldiers did not have them on .

"This confirms my theory behind her ability to escape . She is not infected with green zombie viruses, but she's a mutant . Now, she's looking for food to heal herself, and these gels are her supplement nutrition . "

"What kind of mutant you're talking about? What is she?"

The doctor gave the soldiers and everyone in the team with a meaningful stare .

"The queen eggs have another characteristic aside from spreading viruses . We call it a parasitical trait . When a baby egg can find a suitable host, they will abandon their growth and their desire to reproduce . As long as the host can provide them food, they will mutate the host into their liking and co-living in the same body together like a jointed twin . Many monsters in the wasteland were born because of these little eggs . "

"Why? What does it have to do with this girl?"

The doctor's face grimaced, "I believe she has an egg parasite in her body . She'll eventually grow into one of those yellow-eye terrorists!"

The face of the soldiers paled when they heard about the yellow-eye terrorists . They sucked in the cold breathe as they recalled the nightmare when they faced these insurgents in the past .

Realizing the urgency, the captain turned to his men .

"Move! Search the perimeters! She has lost her legs, so she can't get far! Be warned that all infected can regenerate their body parts, and their regenerate rate is faster than us! Use your [Pheromone] to confuse her sense!"

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All soldiers here had eaten the same "Vaccine Egg" that Misha ate at the logistics base . They, too, could also use [Self-Regenerate] and [Pheromone] .

The soldiers gathered and formed eight teams of three men each . Everybody immediately grouped themselves and walked away with their teammates .

As they completed the arrangement and was about to search the warehouse, the captain bellowed, "Stop!"

All men turned around to see the deep frowning captain, confused .

"One of our crews is missing! There were 20 of us when we came in . Aside from the doctor and me, we should have six teams of three men!"

The soldiers looked around and found that one of the teams had only two people!


A bullet went to the head of the captain's forehead, and he collapsed on the ground like a rag doll .

Everyone turned around to the source of the gunshot, but they found no one .

"She has stolen the gun of our men! Take cover!"

Each soldier got behind blocks of ice as they peeked from the edge of the corner, looking for Misha .

For a minute, no one let out a sound or move . All eyes of soldiers darted around the warehouse, looking for anything that stood out from the rest .

Finally, the impatience one got out of cover to get closer to the source of the previous gunshot .


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Another soldier fell as the bullet went through his left chest .

Although a teammate of the soldiers died, none of them showed any remorse . Instead, their eyes gleamed as they located the general direction of Misha .

Three teams detached from the main unit, circling around and using the ices as covers, trying to flank Misha . The remaining seven soldier and the doctor stayed behind as baits .

The nine men, who were flanking Misha, saw a movement in the shadow of a five-meter ice cube with a giant green egg .

A leading soldier gestured with his fingers, pointing his index and his middle finger at his eyes and the location that they suspected it was Misha's shadow .

The leading soldier crouched down and sneaked to the side while everyone else aimed their rifles at the gestured direction .

"Cover fire!"





Eight men provided a cover fire at the ice block corner where they saw a movement while the leading soldier dashed toward the side of the suspected shadow . He got into a clear position and burst-fired at the shadow figure .




His eyes got used to the dimmed light of the shadow area . He could finally see the figure .

It was a naked dried corpse!

At the same time that he was firing at the corpse in the shadow, another figure appeared behind him .


A tongue went through the back of his head into his brain while a yellow tentacle went through his heart .

The tongue withdrew from the head . However, the yellow tentacle remained inside his body, which slowly turned into orange as the red blood was absorbed by the wriggling tentacle .

"Hurry, Tama . Do you have enough blood? We have to move now!"


Tama withdrew the tentacle back to the upper chest of Misha . After the blood got into the yellow heart, they were digested by Tama and converted into yellow blood, which injected into Misha's circulatory system .

The extra blood concentrated into Misha's legs and accelerated the regenerate process .

At this moment, she was standing on one complete right leg with naked foot . The other one was still missing the shin and the lower parts .

But soon, the left foot should be regenerated by this soldier's blood .

Misha grabbed the weapons and ammo of the dead man and hopped away from the remaining soldiers .