Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 50

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:25 AM

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Will You Join?

The Raptor Squadron surrounded the Zeris One . Without giving a warning, they changed their weapon to rifles and pointed the muzzles at the lone mech .

Before they could fire, each of them was facing with the rocket barrage from the shoulders of Zeris .



Rockets exploded upon the impact .

Raptor captain managed to parry the rockets with his metal shield while the other four members of the squad suffered critical damages from the direct hit . In an instant, all four wingmen were disabled .

"Damn you!"


Behind his shield, Raptor captain shot back . AP bullets from his rifle sprayed across the wasteland .

Zeris had already jumped to midair and escaped the bullet path .


With the assistance of five handy tentacles, Zeris returned the favor with a clear shot from above . The AP bullet penetrated through the defense frame, destroying the head of Raptor One along with the vision of the mech .

Without the head and the sensors inside the helmet, Raptor One had become blind .

The captain took a risky action . Because his monitors inside the cockpit had become useless, he opened the front hatch to view the battlefield .

Though it was harder to pilot his battle suit this way, it was better than fighting blind .

Flicking his fingers on his flight stick buttons, the captain switched the rifle to grenade launcher mode to use High-Explosive grenades . He fired seven shots on the path that Zeris was going to land .



As his mech was shooting the grenade launcher rifle, another bullet went through his cockpit and turned the pilot into meat paste .

Zeris one did not come out unharmed either as the external frame of the mech's legs were on fire, and several outer skeletons of the structure had been destroyed . Although Thorn and Kai used the front booster to fly backward in midair, they were still hit by the explosion .

Thorn spat out the joint in his mouth and bellow to the external intercom .

"Screw you, hamsters! This is what you get for messing with me! Now the rest of you, surrender or die like that moron!"


Meanwhile, Misha watched the robot fight in a daze . Unlike in anime, movies, or manga, the battle ended in less than a minute .

There was no flashy melee fight, nor beams, nor supernatural newtype mode . No energy barrier shield or AT field that could save them from regular bullets .

Instead, it was quick and decisive . One bullet was enough to decide the battle outcome .

"Should I expect this? It's still the 23rd-century after all . "

The technology in this world had not advanced to the point of developing sophisticated esper robots that could manipulate energies . In this era, the local government primarily used the AHMU against giant size monsters instead of using it against other robots .

Against such giant target like mech units, fast units like jets or light tanks with long range arterially cannons performed better .

It would take this world another 300 to 400 years after World War 3 to develop a more advanced mech . For now, they got stuck with the current technology because of the resource shortage .

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As Misha was still gawking at the scenes, the surviving pilots of Raptor Squad got out of their broken mechs with their hands behind their head . They were surrendering .




Zeris did not follow after the Geneva Treaty of ancient times . He killed all prisoners on the spot, which made Misha held her mouth in shock .

Thorn got out of his mech after confirming that everyone was dead . He walked to Misha and handed her a small wrap of a foil sheet .

"Hey, missy . Are you hungry? Want some jellies?"

Thorn had not retrieved his partner's tentacles yet . They were extending behind his back and straightened in the air as if they were stretching after a long period of a stressful job .

Misha did not know if joining the yellow-eye rebels would be the right choice as she did not like how Thorn killed the surrendered men .

"Is that necessary?"

She pointed at the corpses of the surrendered pilot .

Thorn shrugged, "Can't help it . If I don't kill them, they will bring more of their friends to hunt us down . I can't take them back as prisoners either because we don't have enough food supplies . Killing them now is a better way out for them since we're not into torturing like those guys in the army . "

He shoved the green jellies to Misha, "You have seen what they did . On the surface, they're using excuses that they're trying to research for a cure of the virus . In reality, they want our blood and heart for their immortality elixir recipe . "

"Immortal elixir …"

"Yes . At first, we're living peacefully with the others, but those guys from otherworld showed up and messed up everything . Now, they're hunting for every yellow-eye mutants, us!"

"B-But, you were the ambulance driver, right? You were with them . "

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"No . It was a part of my mission to locate the hidden facility . I succeeded in finding the general location, but I can't find the entrance . Well, you appeared, and I found it because of those paramedics . Let's change the subject . For now, come with us . Similar people like us are living in our base . We don't discriminate against the infected . "

The face of Misha twitched . He did not discriminate against the infected, but he did with ordinary humans .

This might be the cause of the future World War 3 .


<<You have been invited to join the Hydra Faction>>

<<Warning, Hydra Faction is the enemy of humankind . Joining the faction will cause your character to be at a hostile relationship with human NPCs>>

<<Warning, you are undergoing a tutorial quest of Mafdet Federation Faction . Joining the Hydra Faction will cancel the quest>>

<<Will you join the Hydra Faction?>>


Another tough decision awaited for Misha, again .


While Misha and Thorn were talking, the eggcats inside their body also meowing back and forth .


*Meow* *Ong*



*Nom-Nom Mew?*

*Ong! Nom-Nom!* *Meow*



Misha took a deep breath, taking her time to think . In reality, she did not want to join them since it canceled her precious quest . However, grandmother Min wanted her to infiltrate the yellow-eye rebel faction .

Before she could even make up her mind, Tama flung its tentacle at the game menu .

It hit the button, [Yes] .


<<You have joined the Hydra Faction>>

<<Tutorial Quest has been canceled>>

<<You are now an enemy of mankind>>


*Meh-Heh Mew!*


*Nom-Nom Mew?*

Misha facepalmed . She was speechless by Tama's easy going attitude .

<<A new tutorial quest is being initiated>>