Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Yield of This Trip

After the government forces retreated from the battle, the 12-meter monster did not harm the mutant army . It withdrew from the battlefield and rolled away, leaving the chaotic scene and the commotion behind .

The reason for its retreating was not because of the mutants or the threat from the robots . The queen went away to look for zombies, so she could reproduce her children .

Before she left, a red tentacle eye among the numerous green tongues peeked at the crowd of mutants and the fleeing humans .


A harrumph came from the tentacle . Nobody knew what it was thinking .

Tautog units stopped chasing after the fleeing mechs and vehicles and inspected their losses .

Meanwhile, Misha and Zeris arrived at the safe zone at the backline of the battlefield . She stopped the truck and leaned back to her backseat .

Her back was soaked with sweat, and her pale face explained many things inside her mind .

On the other hand, Tama was mewing in happiness as it demanded Misha 50 tunas and 500 yellow jellies .

"Don't go overboard or you'll get nothing, Tama . "

*Mew Mew!* (Give me one less fish, and I'll leave your body!)

"You …"

*Meh-Heh Mew!*

The blackmail continued, which made Misha cried internally .

Misha did not know when Tama developed this personality, or where had Tama learned how to operate the missile truck . However, she connected the dot that it might have something to do when Tama drank human's blood since it was the only thing it did recently .

"Did you gain experiences from the dead human, Tama?"

*Mrrr?* (Oh? You knew?)


"So, did you learn everything about the truck missile by drinking those men's blood?"

*Mew!* (Of course! Tama is smart!)

"What did you learn when you drink my blood, then?"

*Mrrr?* (Lemme think …)

*Mew Mew!* (Nothing! You're too stupid for me to learn something from you!)

Blood veins could be seen on Misha's face . Although Misha knew that this little eggcat's words could be innocently offensive sometimes, she still had the urge to beat it to the pulp .

As Misha was distracted by the obnoxious innocent Tama, Crystal and her crews got to the truck .

"Hey, Misha . Good job! We saw you from the satellite feed . That was brilliant!"

Misha turned to Crystal and blinked . She did not know what she did to deserve the praise .

"Come on . You can rest . Let the adult take over that truck for you . We'll settle the commission for this job when we get back to base . "

"Oh, okay!"

*Nom-Nom Mew!* (500 Yellow jellies and 50 big fishes!)

Misha facepalmed .

Everyone got back to base in the afternoon of the next day as the clean-up took times .

Tautog Squad suffered significant casualties as two of their mechs were destroyed, and four of their mechs were critically damaged . Although the four mechs could still be repaired, the cost for the components and spare parts would be expensive .

Furthermore, one of the pilots was missing from the battlefield, and they could not find the pilot's body .

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Dolphin was frustrated . He assumed that the pilot might have been captured by the enemies, and he might have experienced something worse than death .

Still, he was grateful to Misha and Thorn for their assistance . Had Misha not destroyed those missile trucks, they would have suffered more casualties .

Balam Squad did not suffer any damage from the battle as they only escorted the harvesters and carried the cocoons back to the base .

All harvesters returned home safe and sound . However, one of them reported to Crystal that he sensed the presence of an alpha egg inside the queen's body, but he did not know the exact location .

The risks were high in this expedition, but the yield from this trip was abundant . They acquired a total of 1,200 yellow gels, 5,000 green gels, and 200 red gels!

It was a common knowledge that a queen could produce either yellow gels or green gels, but this one gave out red gels!

Crystal analyzed all information, "It must have been because of that alpha egg in the queen's womb . "

Behind Crystal, the captain of Balam Squad was there . He was a south-east Asian man with brown skin and toned muscle .

His name was Llamador . However, his teammates called him Llama because it was cuter to call him as a docile domestic animal .

"All cocoons were stronger than the usual . We have to use our mech to cut the surface and bring the harvesters out . "

"Did you find anything else in those cocoons, captain Llamador?"

"No . Everyone said that there is no leftover inside the cocoons aside from the mutating gels . We believe that the alpha egg in another womb must have been strong enough to migrate to other rooms to eat other siblings . Our harvesters also said that they met no egg inside the wombs when they got there . "

"You're saying, a green egg evolved into alpha egg inside the queen's womb!?"

"Definitely, or else, how can we find so many red gels around . Only tongues of alpha egg or alpha's cells can make this many red gels . "

Everyone broke a cold sweat when they heard that they almost encountered a red egg, which was the deadliest monster on this wasteland . Should they meet one, they would need at least 10 mechs or more to subdue a baby alpha egg .

Crystal regained her calm first, "Let's forget about this alpha and settle down the others . We have to calculate the pays for our men . "

3 PM .

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Misha planked on the ground inside Thorn's hangar as she had nothing to do . She still got EXP from the regular exercises since she had not changed her class yet .




Name – Misha

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 59

EXP – 2,305/5,000

Free Attribute – 270


STR – 151/1,007 (68 . 58%)

VIT – 203/1,022 (10 . 07%)

AGI – 199/1,005 (20 . 59%)

DEX – 167/1,005 (5 . 18%)

INT – 501/1,035 (17 . 58%)

WIS – 376/1,005 (42 . 25%)

Luck – 19/105

STM - 160/1005 (9 . 12%)


Self-Regeneration – 25/100

Pheromone – 22/100

Acidic Fluid - 10/100

Polymorph – 4/100



As for Tama, it fell asleep from the boredom . Meanwhile, Thorn disappeared when Misha was not looking, leaving her alone with the repair crew members .

While everyone did not pay attention to the others, Crystal visited the hangar to give them the bonus commission from the previous hunt .

"Misha, where is Chacha?"

"Huh?" Misha turned around and looked at the mech cockpit where Thorn usually laid around . He was not there anymore, "I don't know . The last time I saw him, he was in the cockpit . "

Crystal shrugged, "Oh well . I know where he should be . Never mind then, I bring you your bonus . It's in the box . "

Misha's ears perked up . She received the Tupperware box from Crystal and opened it .

There were 20 red gels and a hundred of yellow gels inside!

Her face turned into a (O_O) as she could not believe what she had .

"You deserve it . The missile truck alone worth over 10 red gels in the black market . This doesn't include all the weapon crates and the spare missiles on the trailer . You should have gotten more, but we need extra resources to repair the mechs for the Tautog squad . Sorry about that . "

Misha did not listen to Crystal's words . Instead, her trembling hand grabbed a piece of red gel .

As if her body craved for it, she put it in her mouth without thinking .

"Wait, Misha! I haven't told you the effect of a red gel!"

It was too late .

The jellies got to her stomach in a flash, and the system gave her a prompt message .

<<You have eaten a drop of Amro's condensed blood . >>