Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – Casino Raid

Meanwhile, inside the prison, Joan and her crews were watching the feed from their CCTV cameras .

When Joan saw how Mia destroyed the yakuza gangs, she began to sweat .

"I thought he should have only less than 500 VIT . How did he withstand all those bullets!?"

She turned around and glare at her crews .

"Only those with over 1,000 VIT is immune to 14mm! I want his status report from the admins!"



The commotion and the gunshot sounds attracted the local residents in the anime district . Many curious souls rushed to the scene, hoping to catch a glimpse of the chaos .

Meanwhile, a silhouette of a young girl with an exoskeleton dashed through the night . She avoided all lights as if she was a ghost or a vampire .

The silhouette was Mia . He had already left the area, and he was heading toward the prison in the middle of this city . Crystal also pointed out the direction for him .

[Turn left at the next intersection . Ignore the grand building beyond the fences . That's their house of parliament . ]

[See the concrete wall over there? That's a dummy prison to fool the local press . Don't jump in there!]

[The real prison is under the casino building with the billboard sign "I will survive . " It's similar to the underground facility you had been, so the layout should be identical to that . ]

[I don't have the visual . You will have to figure it out when you get inside . The entrance should locate in that casino . ]

Mia looked around while he was dashing forward . At this moment, getting out of the crime scene took priority .

As he ran on the sidewalk, police vehicles flew over Mia, rushing at the area that Mia fought with the yakuza gang . Fortunately, no one paid attention to him .

Mia followed Crystal's instruction and got to the "I will survive" casino .

This "I will survive" was a hybrid of a casino and a hotel . It looked like a flat condominium with two wings, but there was an indoor stadium in the middle of them . The central dome was the main casino building while both sides served as hotel rooms .

Mia exhaled and increased his mental concentration, activating his battle mode once more .

When Mia's battle mode activated, all of his five sense sharpened, and his sixth sense flooded his brain with information about his surroundings .

Although Mia could still see everything like normal humans, he had another layer of vision on top of his sight as if he had a hallucination or a conscious dream . Life signatures, materials, and environment appeared in his mind as an infrared 3D-map .

Mia shut his eyes and concentrated on his 3D image in his brain .

Life signature of the people inside became clearer . The body heat of humans within the building's ground floor to the third floor and a story below moved around on the 3D map .

Mia began separating the civilians and prison guards, counting their number .

'355 . . . 360 . . . 367 noncombatants . '

'55 . . . 70 . . . 85 . . . 87 armed guards . '

'Seven armed guards on the ground floor . 40 on B1, and another 40 on B2 . '

'How many are there on the upper floors? . . . Damn it, too many!' Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

"Hu . "

Mia exhaled out a trail of fire and the flammable gas . His eyes transformed into snake eyes .

When Mia was in a psychic battle mode, his eyes usually glowed in a burning red color .

When Mia was in a casual state, his eyes became yellow as they were the eye color of the mutated .

Now, those two colors mixed together, turning them into orange, just like the current Tama's color .

Mia rotated his left arm, warming it up after he had healed the injury from the 20mm cannon .

"Tama, I'm going to go in fast . Don't bother drinking anyone's blood . Just focus on killing if you can . "

*Mrrr* (No food? Lame . )

"You can eat them later once we secure the prisoner . "

*Nom-Nom?* (Can I eat the prisoner, too?)

"… No . If you do it, there will be no jelly for you . "

*Meh!* (Eh!? I'll call the PETA! Pet abuser!)

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Ignored Tama's tantrum, Mia switched to a shooting stance and aimed at two guards in front of the door .



As he pulled the trigger, Mia dashed toward the entrance and kicked the door open . The muzzle pointed at another guard in the lobby .


Another bullet hole appeared on the lone security's head .

As soon as the gunshot sound echoed through the lobby, every bystander screamed and ran away from Mia .

He ignored all witnesses . Without allowing the remaining guards to fight back, Mia stormed inside the casino's first floor and hunted for the four men with weapons .

The securities in the casino were trained soldiers . Without an order from their superior, they took out their pistol and fired at Mia .




All shells became flattened pieces of metals when they hit Mia's skin . Little did they know, their bullets were nothing but popcorn to him .

Mia simply stood still to bait for the shooters . Once they showed their head, Mia's muzzle was already aimed at the target .





All four guards went down . Their dying face also revealed a shocked expression, believing that Mia should have been dead before them .

Tama spread his five tentacles and reaped any human she found . Although Mia told her not to eat anyone, Tama snatched a few hearts from dead bodies and collected them without Mia's noticing .

After Mia had cleared the first floor, he rescanned the layout of this building with his sixth sense, using the 3D map image in his mind .

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Similar to the previous facility, to get to the secret prison, Mia had to use a hidden elevator .

Unfortunately, it did not connect with the first floor . The elevator's door was on the top floor of the casino .

As Mia did not have the luxurious time for the dungeon climbing or adventuring in a demon lord's castle, he took a shortcut .

Looking around, the majority of ordinary people had already left the casino because of the gunshot sounds . Now, only wardens and guards remained inside the stadium .

He pointed his hand forward to the elevator shaft direction, fire gathered before his palm, creating a meteorite fireball .

Pyrokinesis: Fireball Level 100 + 1 activated .

As if Mia realized something, he pointed another palm upward and created another fireball over his head .



Two fireballs were released and exploded . One of them destroyed the ceiling above Mia while the other created a hole in the walls, revealing the inside of the elevator shaft .

However, the explosive force was beyond Mia's control as a sea of fire devour everything on the first floor, second floor, and the third floor .

Series of confirmed kills flooded Mia's notification panel .

<<You have killed a wild gambler>>

<<You have gained 10 EXP>>

<<You have killed a pickpocket>>

<<You have gained 10 EXP>>

<<You have killed a prison guard>>

<<You have gained 10 EXP>>

<<You have …>>

Even though all kills increased Mia's EXP by a small amount, it added up when he slaughtered a hundred people at once . There were innocent bystanders and ordinary guests of the hotel, but Mia no longer cared at this moment .

"Hmm . "

Mia groaned in his throat as he bathed the sea of fire from the explosion . The fire did not burn or harm Mia . Instead, he could feel that he recovered a bit of his breathing and his stamina .


Tama was busy eating cooked human bodies, but Mia did not notice it .

His concentration was on something else . In his brain, a simulation of physics formulas and a collapsed building sequences were being calculated .

Mia pointed his palm at the sides, aiming at main pillars of the dome structure .

15 more fireballs launched in a different direction at once .




Flowers of fire engulfed everything within the explosive range .


After the series of the explosion, a cry of bending metal resonated along with the symphony of burning tables, chairs, humans, and all materials around Mia .

In a few seconds after the scream of building mainframe, the entire dome collapsed .

Mia stepped backward three steps and stood still, watching the entire stadium to collapse on himself .




Within five seconds, the cloud of dust mixed with the sea of flame, dousing the majority of spreading the fire . At the same time, the destruction killed everyone within the collapse zone, except one .

Mia's orange eyes glowed within the fog of grey dust . Surrounding him in the shape of an oval circle, Mia was covered in an electric force field .

[Mia, what the heck did you do!? Why did the building explode!?]

"Too many guards on the 2nd and 3rd floor . I'm cleaning houses . "