Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

Chapter 95 – Maou Mode Mia - Part 1

"That's an otherworlder's ability!"

Sebastian remembered what MWG agents did in the past . They often stored materials, food, and large objects with their magic, the VIP inventory .

Many mutants wanted to study about this ability, but they could not learn it in the end . As a result, this inventory became otherworlders' signatures .

'Good! Since one of those bastards are here, I'll drag the pilot out and interrogate him!'

Sebastian's wings flapped as he readjusted his flight stance, planning to swoop down and attack Prometheus .

While Sebastian was descending from the 1000 feet altitude, he noticed several camera drones below him .

'Camera drones? Aren't these Carlos' eyes? Why is he watching that mech if it's one of his allies?'

Sebastian paused and flew behind the drones, avoiding their detection .

'If he's watching the fight, he must have interested in something here . I should wait a bit longer . '


Sebastian was not the only one who was shocked by the disappearing of Amro's carcass, Carlos was also staring at the live-streaming broadcast from the camera drones with an agape mouth .

'An otherworlder is piloting that stupid mech! WTF is Joan doing!? That hydra core is our property!'

Carlos grew impatient . He wanted the hydra core, so he could consume it to increase his power and lifespans . Yet, someone had stolen it right in front of his eyes .

He rotated his wheelchair and stared at his bodyguards .

"Bring me out . I need to talk with that pilot . "

Carlos gritted his teeth, 'I'll have to take risks if Joan betrays me . If I can possess an otherworlder's body, maybe I can transfer myself to their world before that bastard Sebastian shows up . '


Prometheus skated forward, ignoring the pedestrians, soldiers, and everybody below . It extended its left hand to snatch Krastel's carcass from the military truck .

As many people were working on the safety ropes, they did not see the mech's hand . Prometheus swatted them off the truck as it grabbed the corpse .

Dove also got picked up with the hand as he was helping the local military to move the carcass .

Judging from the robot's actions and how it made the carcass disappeared . Dove suspected that something was amiss .

'This is not right . Something is wrong with this mech . It's not working with the local military!'

While Dove was on the robot's palm, he pulled out a pistol and aimed at the wrist joint, which Dove believed they were the weakest part of the robot .




The bullet ricocheted the joint frame, and it did not damage the joint . However, the robot came to a pause . Another hand of Prometheus came for him, preparing to flick Dove away with its fingers .

Dove ducked and laid down on the palm .


The flicking finger missed, and it hit the carcass instead . Because of the impact, a small chunk of meat and blood scattered .

Prometheus changed the approach . Instead of flicking Dove away, it waved the hand with the carcass up and down, shaking Dove off .

It succeeded . Dove flew from Krastel's corpse and crashed onto the ground, breaking several of his bones . As he dropped from the height of a five-story building, he also suffered internal injuries .

Dove lied still as he could not move, and the system gave him a message .

<<You are half-death and crippled . Will you accept death and respawn?>>


Dove spat blood and gritted his teeth . The pain was unbearable to him, but his spirit and instinct did not want to give up .


<<You have chosen to struggle against death>>

<<You have fulfilled hidden quest criteria, will you challenge the hidden quest?>>

<<Warning, if you fail this quest, your character will be deleted!>>

<<Decline this quest if you don't want to gamble>>

<<Accept this quest at your own risk>> Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

<<Will you accept the quest?>>


The similar system message that Misha had once received appeared before Dove .


Dove answered the question by reflex .


<<You have received a hidden quest>>


After shaking off Dove from Prometheus' palm, Mia stored Krastel's carcass into his inventory .

1,306 Red gels, skins, and bones entered Mia's menu and stacked on top of the previously stored items . Now, Mia had 2,414 red gels, not including the gels he had at the base and inside his pockets .

Mia gulped . The sensation of hitting the jackpot had not disappeared .

"I'M RICH!! If I eat all of that, how many status caps will I get!?"

*Nom-Nom!?* (Hold your horses, Mish . What about my share!?)

"Whoops . Sorry, Tama . I'll give you some . "

*Mew Nom-Nom!* (I want half of it . No bargain . )

Mia wanted to haggle Tama for more shares . However, Tama contributed a lot to this expedition, so Mia thought it was okay for Tama to have half of it .

Also, 1,207 red gels were still an astronomical number for him as they converted into 12,070 status caps for both STM and VIT .

'Dragonewt race is freaking broken! Still, it will take ages to raise my real status to the caps . '

It was easy to raise his skill caps, but increasing his real status was another story .




Name – Mia

Race – Inferno Dragonewt

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 106/200

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EXP – 10,000/26,000


Free Attribute – 30

STR – 152/1,082 (90 . 64%)

VIT – 1,319/2,074 (51 . 78%)

STM - 301/2,057 (18 . 41%)

AGI – 200/1,078 (97 . 33%)

DEX – 167/1,077 (34 . 91%)

INT – 505/1,120 (32 . 47%)

WIS – 379/1,077 (53 . 90%)

Luck – 19/115


Inferno Mastery – 2/200

Polymorph – 5/101

Manual Body Regeneration – 93/200

Telekinesis: Lesser Object Control – 100/100

Telekinesis: Medium Object Control – 26/100

Telekinesis: Flight – 79/100

Electrokinesis: High Voltage Resistance – 100/100

Electrokinesis: Barrier – 100/100

Electrokinesis: Force Field – 70/100

Electrokinesis: Zap – 54/100

Pyrokinesis: Burning Resistance - 61+2/201

Pyrokinesis: Fireball – 100+2/200

Pyrokinesis: Flame Field - 26+2/200

Pyrokinesis: Blast - 4+2/201

Psionic Language - 100/100

Psionic Link - 100/100

Psionic Possession - 100/100



Mia's status attributes increased by a few points as he had gone through an ordeal . Also, he had 30 more free points to assign into his stats .

His skills also improved a bit because of the repeated usage, but it would take him a long time to increase them to the max .

With the addition of Psionic abilities, Mia's skill list was also longer .

*Mew* (We're done here . Let's get the heck outta here ASAP . )

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*Mrrr* (I have a feeling that someone is watching us . )

Mia snapped out of his trance . Then, he realized that Shurka was still sleeping and sitting on top of his laps .

Looking at the sleeping face of Shurka, even the monk-minded Mia had dirty thoughts . He pretended that he didn't notice her and continued moving his legs and feet, piloting Prometheus .

During the process, his erected tent was still there, rubbing Shurka's butt . Subconsciously, Mia moved his hips, so the pitched region could touch Shurka's private part .





Sniggers and muffled laughter echoed inside Mia's mind as every spectator noticed his previous action . After all, they lurked in Mia's conscience and observed his every move .

Realized that his dirty thought had been discovered, his face was so red that he was on the verge of nosebleed . This was the greatest shame that he had ever had in his life .

[It's alright, Mia . We understand . ]

[Yup, that's perfectly normal to me . ]

[That's right . It's better this way, Mia . ]

[Indeed, at least you're not a eunuch . Your sisters are proud . ]

[Our Mia is growing up . *Sniff*]

[Men have to be perverted, or else, humanity will be extinct! Carnivore alpha male is the way to go, Mia]

[As long as you're only touching her, it's okay . But if you want an insertion, make sure to wake her up first . At least, you should let the girl feels it, too . ]

[Yup, yup! A direct exchange is necessary for a long-term relationship . Sleeping sex is selfish . ]

To Mia, nothing was more shameful than having his sister figures watching him molesting a sleeping girl in secret . Moreover, they were giving him critics!

He wanted to bite his tongue to commit suicide right now .


As if something snapped, Mia's face darkened . His flustered expression turned into a blank look .

[… Whoops . ]

[… Crap . ]

[He lost it . ]

"Can you be quiet for a moment, sisters . I am in a shitty mood right now, and I want to vent . "

Mia's voice and tone also changed . It was not a young man's voice or the feminine melodious one . It sounded deeper and rougher than the usual .

Furthermore, his mind and his thought flooded with anger and hatred toward the Milky Way Government and its agents from the child training project .

As his hatred grew, the inner conscience of Mia gathered all of his former male friends in a cage . Mia pulled one of them out, and it instantly disintegrated into nothingness .

Memories of the conscience flowed into Mia's mind as he absorbed all knowledge from his former friend .

[Shit! Shit! Shit!]


[Run for it, ladies!]

The giggling voices stopped, and Mia's inner mind became quiet .

Mia exhaled, "Peace at last . . . "

*Mrrr* (Mish? Earth to Misha, do you read me? What's wrong? Your thought seems . . . awful . )


Mia piloted Prometheus to leap over the wall . He neither replied to Tama nor talked to anyone inside his mind anymore . However, his wide eyes skimmed through the long command list at the side monitor console, learning about the mech .


Ten camera drones followed Prometheus beyond the outer wall, trying to trail the robot .

Sebastian also chased after Prometheus to observe what it was doing . From its actions, Prometheus was acting against the local military, which benefitted Sebastian .

'Is the pilot another enemy of Carlos? If so, I can ally with him and cooperate on getting rid of that geezer and the otherworlders . '

'But the pilot is an otherworlder . Why is he fighting against Carlos? Aren't their goal the same?'

As Sebastian could not figure out the pilot's motive and goal, he chose not to act .

After getting out of the city, Prometheus turned around and stopped moving .

Sebastian ascended to 1,500 feet altitude, hiding from the robot's sight .

The ten drones surrounded Prometheus and floated around it . Everything looked as if the robot was waiting for something, or he had an appointment with someone in secret .

Changes occurred in a few seconds . Ten balls of lightning gathered in front of Prometheus before they scattered, launching at the camera drones .




All drones were shot down, yet Prometheus did not stop there . The robot raised its hand toward the direction of the fire ant nest, and a fireball appeared .


The fireball was released, and it landed on the waste hole . It did not explode right away . Instead, the burning meteorite moved and rotated into the nest as if it had eyes .

A few seconds later, it exploded, creating an earthquake and an earth eruption above the explosion site .


The blank face Mia glanced and scrolled down, reading over five thousands notification messages of confirmed kills .

<<You have killed a fire ant warrior>>

<<You have gained 100 EXP>>

<<You have killed a fire ant worker>>

<<You have gained 50 EXP>>

<<You have killed a fire ant queen>>

<<You have gained 20,000 EXP>>

<<You have reached level 120>>

Mia clicked his tongue in disappointment, "Too few EXP . It should have been level 150 or more . "

*Mrrr?* (What's wrong, Mish? You sounded … odd . )

"It's nothing . I'm just clearing my mind . Actually, let's go digging the fire ant nest . We need to gather fire ants, so we can eat them . Help me, Tama . "

*Nom-Nom!?* (Fire ant? Food!? Let's go!)

The corner of Mia's eyes also glanced at the sleeping Shurka .

'I also have to deal with this girl . '