Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

Chapter 97 – They Knew

*Mya* (Misha, gather the loots! Don't just scream like a zombie . Loot those goodies!)

*Mew Nom-Nom* (They're fire food! Grab them so we can eat!)

Mia twisted and turned while he hid his face behind his hands in embarrassment .

He remembered everything that his old persona had done, especially the kissing .

'I haven't even asked her out, but I kissed her . I freaking used my tongue with her! AAAAHHHH!'


Even Tama did not know what she could do to wake Mia from this state . After a bit of thinking, Tama's eyeball squinted into a mocking smiling eye .

*Mew* (If you don't get a grip, I'll rush this girl's [V] with my tentacle . )

Mia's eyes widened in shock . He screamed, "Wait, don't!"

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (Then pull yourself together! Naturally, you'll have to reproduce one day . Be an alpha, don't be a banana!)

"Uh …"

Mia was in tears as he picked his leather suit and put it back on . His face was not thick enough to continue piloting this mech naked as the other persona did .


A convoy of ten black sedans moved along the road in the factory district, heading toward the rear gate . This was the gate that Mia had entered when he first arrived .

Carlos was sitting in one of the sedans, gnashing his fake teeth .

The damages in the city was already a headache for Carlos, but this prototype mech and otherworlder's matter gave him a migraine .


A cellphone rang .

Carlos picked up the phone and inspected who the caller was .

It was from Joan .

Hesitated, Carlos answered the call, "What do you want?"

[I can explain . Give me a minute or two . ]

"You have 20 seconds . "

[One of our men, Uriel Mia or Misha in this world, has killed me and hi-jacked our prototype robot . You should have seen what he had done . ]

"Is she the one that we had once captured at the outpost base? The girl that we wanted to experiment on, and she escaped . "

[ . . . Yes, she is currently affiliated with the base 88 . ]

"Ah, that Sebastian's base . Well, I'll file a compensation request to your superior later . Help me capture this runaway goon of yours . I want her in my custody . "

Carlos had never told Joan or anyone . He planned to possess Mia and take over his youthful body . Because Sebastian had always been on his tail, he had to jump into another body, so Sebastian could not find his trace .

[Before that happens, we would like to request for your assistance one more time . Please do not pursue that otherworlder . We'll handle the matter ourselves . ]

"Impossible . Give me that girl, or we won't have anything to discuss . "


Joan did not reply, but there were muffled voices from the other side . It appeared that Joan was also communicating with someone else .


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Joan hung up!

Carlos stared at his phone in disbelief . Infuriated, Carlos slammed his cellphone at the reinforce car window .


Carlos choked and coughed a mouthful of blood . A few of his veins busted, and blood flooded his throat .

'This body is no good anymore . '

His eyes darted around the car, gazing at the driver .

'I can always take my goon's body, but others won't recognize me, and they'll bar me from my properties . I can only use them as my last resources, just in case I can't find someone with a prominent social status or a youthful body!'

'Ideally, she is a perfect target for my jump . She's a dragonewt, and she has that youthful beauty . Heck, even if I can't infiltrate the otherworld, I can return to the shelter 88 and get rid of that pesky Sebastian . '

'Then, there are many things I can explore with a young girl's body . Huehuehue!'

While Carlos was fantasizing himself in a young girl's body, the convoy exited the recycling factory area, heading beyond the city gate . The endless wasteland was in their sight .

Convoy drivers stopped their vehicles, turning their attention to Carlos and waiting for his command .

Carlos gazed at the window beside him, looking around, "Where is the mech?"

"Sir, we've last seen the robot jumping into the fire ant nest . Are we going over there?"

"Yes . Get our convoy close and try to talk with the pilot . Do not pull out your gun or threaten her . I want to talk to her, remember this!"

"Y-Yes, sir!"


Joan, who respawned her character in-game again after they hydra had been killed, looked at her phone with a wide grin .

A few minutes ago, the MWG game administrators sent her urgent messages .

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[Shurka Luckyaf has consumed a hydra core . She's now an overmind like the GG squadrons . ]

[Allow Uriel Mia to take her to shelter 88 . We believe that he will attempt to mutate her into a dragonewt, and she can be the second human who will bring the virus to our world . ]

As the existence of a new virus carrier was more important to MWG, Joan withheld her grudge against the Uriel Family and worked with them .

Also, Joan never told anyone about the brainwashing program that she had installed in the Prometheus OS . Afraid of the retaliation from Mia and his grandmother, Joan planned to hide this mess under the carpet .

'If Uriel Min goes ballistic again, I can hide this matter as the government's mistake . Heck, I can make up a story that the government pissed Uriel Mia because they want to take his girlfriend away from him in the real world . '

As if she had taken a mountain off her chest, Joan stood alone in a hospital room, laughing by herself .


Meanwhile, at the junkyard where Crystal arranged it as the extraction point, Brim reached the place with the assistance of Crystal's guidance . Zeris One and four Tautog robots were waiting for him there .

Brim smiled for a few seconds before his face grimaced . He worried about his little rescuer .

Thorn and Brim's teammates got out of their mechs to inquire about Mia as well .

"Brim, where is Misha? Why didn't she come with you?"

Brim could not speak as he blamed it on himself . Had he been stronger, he could have helped Mia out of that mess .

Thorn wanted to ask for more details about Mia . However, he noticed the anomaly on Brim's body .

His scales were still there, but the blinking eye on his chest astonished them . Furthermore, his appearance resembling a dragonewt rather than a scalesman . He had horns, a lizard tail, and a pair of dragon wings .

All of Brim's colleagues also stared at the eye in shock and disbelief . Their jaws dropped as they pointed their trembling finger at Brim's new form, unable to find a word to confirm his existence .

*Mow* (Sup, mates! Thanks for your hard work!)

Sam's voice confirmed their theory . Sam had been revived!


*Mow Meow* (Kicked the bucket? How rude, Kai . I was only sleeping . )

*Meow Ong!* (That was not sleeping! I saw your body shattered to pieces that day! How did you revive!?)

*Meh Mow* (Can we talk about this later? Shouldn't we discuss how we can rescue my savior back home?)

Thorn tapped on his partner, Kai, as he agreed with Sam .

"Crystal, can you explain? What happened in there?"


The wristwatch on Thorn's wrist connected with Crystal's private channel .

[No need to worry about her . I think our Misha has hi-jacked a new mech from the government . ] Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

Everyone widened their eyes in shock .

"What do you mean?"

[Misha followed the soldiers into their hangar, and a new giant mech appeared later . Well, to sum it short, Misha is piloting that robot . She's harvesting fire ants as we're speaking, so there is nothing to worry about . ]

Everybody looked at each other in confusion .

"Are you sure it's her and not the government's pilot?"

[I just saw her open the front hatch . She was in the ant nest, releasing her gas and baiting the ants . ]

[Oh, by the way, Brim . Do you still have that medicine with you?]

Now, all eyes turned to Brim, puzzled about what Crystal was talking about .

"I-I do . "

[Good . Share it with your scalesmen teammates and save some for me . It will be easier to explain everything this way . ]