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Chapter 214

Tang Lu: “…”

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The administrator looked at Zhong Qing as she was sitting on the arms of Tang Lu . Her eyes were inevitably amazed with her and her heart grew soft on her, but when she turned to look at Tang Lu, she became stern in an instant .

“And you don’t know how to teach your kid? You let her carry the pot on her back! Obviously, this kid is being stupid! How can she can break this armrest all by herself? Or is it you who broke it but you are just telling that your child did it?”

Tang Lu: “…”

The administrator said and looked at Tang Lu with suspicion, “Has this child been bullied a lot?”

Tang Lu: “…”

He felt numb and didn’t want to answer the administrator anymore .

Meanwhile, Zhong Qing was enjoying her ice cream . Then, she suddenly sweetly smiled to the administrator and said, “Auntie, don’t blame my uncle . He is good to me . ”

The administrator, who was less than thirty or forty years old, was called auntie by Zhong Qing . Tang Lu, on the other hand, was obviously much younger than her .

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Zhong Qing got the administrator to listen to what she said .

The administrator immediately felt overwhelmed .  She nodded with a smile and said, “That’s good, that’s good!”

When the administrator left, Zhong Qing left his arms, too, with a stuff of marshmallows .

Tang Lu looked at her with a doubtful expression on his face as they walked .

“In this world, people dare to admit that they have done bad things, but none of them believe it . ” He thought .

Zhong Qing was just watching him and found him funny in her heart .

“Uncle . ”

Tang Lu: “Ah?”

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Before he spoke, there was something stuffed inside his mouth – soft, sweet, with a hint of fruity fragrance .

It was the cotton candy given by the administrator for Zhong Qing . Haha!

Suddenly, he felt warm in his heart while watching the little kid on his arms eating the cotton candy and thought that he was living a very happy life .

But still, the reality gave him a head-on blow .

In Zhong Qing’s eyes, he was still her little angel and favorite, and then she smiled at him sweetly, “Are you okay? Why are you being stupid suddenly? Are we going to swim here?”

Tang Lu: “…”

In front of them was a green artificial lake and he didn’t notice that he came to the edge of the lake with her .

Tang Lu scolded himself for carelessness .

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He quickly re-gained his focus, glanced at her, and asked, “Would you like to ride on the boat?”

Zhong Qing also saw that he was in a bad mood at that moment, so she just nodded and felt that it would be better to sit and ride on the boat for a while .

The two boarded a small boat and refused the staff’s help in boating .

Originally, the staff member was not comfortable with this, but Tang Lu showed off his boating skills and he went on his own .

Tang Lu rowed for a while, lowering the oar at hand, and let the boat slowly sway on the lake .

“Would you like to hear a story?” He suddenly said to Zhong Qing .

Zhong Qing: “System, I think, I may be about to hear a big thing . ”

The System agreed, “I think so, too . ”

Tang Lu did not hear her response . He looked down and saw the girl looking at him with bright eyes .

He shook his head and smiled because he did not understand why he suddenly wanted to speak about this secret, which was in his heart for more than ten years .


Guang Han was someone different?

Tang Lu looked at the sparkling lake under the distant sunlight and said, “The man we saw just now is Tang Tian . He is my eldest brother, eight years older than me . ”

Zhong Qing’s eyes just saw how the aura of the man suddenly changed .

She thought that there must be a family tangle between the two of them!

“Eldest brother?”