Long Live Summons! - Chapter 148

Published at 18th of March 2016 10:33:53 PM

Chapter 148

Chapter 148 – Who on earth are you?

Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: metalith
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Not only did Yue Yang have thick skin; he was also shameless .

He leapt up, immediately assuming an air of refinement and courteousness . “Beautiful lady, I’m so sorry, I grabbed you by mistake just now . Actually I am a man of honor . As long as you hear my name Xue Tan Lang, you would know how decent and honorable I actually am . ”

“Xue Tan Lang’s head is silvery-white in colour…” The female robber immediately exposed Yue Yang’s attempts to impersonate Xue Tan Lang .

“Ha, actually I am Yan Po Jun, just now I was just kidding . ” Yue Yang broke out in sweat internally . It looked like this beauty not only liked to check out handsome guys, she also committed them to memory .

“Yan Po Jun has a lion dog…” On hearing Yue Yang’s words, the female robber kept rolling her eyes . If he really wanted to impersonate somebody, why didn’t he impersonate somebody who is not too well known? Who didn’t know the Three Great Killing Stars? Unless they were blind, anyone could immediately see through his attempts in wanting to impersonate the Three Great Killing Stars .

“I also have a dog whose name is ‘Lion’ . I just happened to not bring it along with me today . Firstly, beautiful lady, I would like to thank you for saving my life . I want to give you one million gold as a reward . However, I happened to not have this little amount of pocket money on me, but don’t worry . You can go to our Yan Clan to ask for it . I’ll give you an IOU shortly . I, Yan Po Jun have always been a man of my words, I would definitely not forget your kindness in saving my life… May I know your name?” Even if Yue Yang’s identity was exposed, he still forcefully insisted on using Yan Po Jun’s name . He would not be foolish enough to reveal that he was actually Third Young Master of the Yue Clan in front of the Marquis of Zi Jin anyway .

That was not a heroic act, that was practically courting death .

There were advantages in impersonating Yan Po Jun; he was the one who molested the beautiful lady, but the one being made the scapegoat would be Yan Po Jun . Moreover, in the event that the Marquis of Zi Jin wanted to take revenge, he would also not seek Yue Yang for revenge .

He didn’t know what the Marquis of Zi Jin was thinking secretly, since he was keeping quiet all this time .

But the mysterious female robber who liked to watch him glared at the guy who travelled dimensions with cold eyes, snorting . “Why didn’t you say you are Fatty Hai Da Fu?”

“……” Yue Yang was flabbergasted . This beauty actually knew Fatty Hai . Then, she must also know him… Who was she? How did she get to know him and why did she follow him? Could it be that she wanted to push him down?

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“I have no interest in knowing who you are, I just wanted to know what tricky moves you still have up your sleeve . Quickly use them to beat the Marquis of Zi Jin . ” The mysterious beauty changed the topic right back to the main point . On hearing this, Yue Yang’s mood immediately soured . Beat the Marquis of Zi Jin? What a joke . He even refused to die with his brain burst open and neck broken . What other methods could he use to defeat him?

“I don’t have any methods left . What about you?” Yue Yang shrugged, throwing the question back to her .

“I think I will only be able to defeat him after training another fifty years,” The mysterious beauty answered .

“What about now?‘ Upon hearing her answer, Yue Yang almost fainted .

“Now my plan is to kick you out to attract his attention and then take that opportunity to run away . What do you think about that?” The mysterious beauty asked earnestly .

“Not a very good plan . ” Yue Yang immediately opposed the idea . “Think carefully . I am a guy . At the most, I will just be killed by the Marquis of Zi Jin . Once my head drops, the pain stops and I am free from suffering . But it’s different for you . You are a girl and a beautiful one at that . If you are caught by him, he would most likely rape you and perform those sinister and wicked acts on you which I actually secretly want to do but I don’t have the guts to . At that point, in my opinion, you would end up in a more tragic death than me . ”

“Perhaps you don’t know this, but I heard that the Marquis of Zi Jin actually prefers handsome guys, especially those who are ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine times even more handsome than the Three Great Killing Stars, a guy like you . ”

Originally, this was what he told the Imperial Swordswoman, Princess Qian Qian . However, this mysterious beautiful woman had also knew about this now .

Yue Yang did not believe that Princess Qian Qian, that rouge tiger of a girl, was a big-mouthed person . It was even more impossible for his other older cousin, Yue Yu, to brag that her own little brother was a handsome guy .

If this mysterious beauty did not eavesdrop when he was joking around with Princess Qian Qian, then how did she know all these? Could it be that she was one of Princess Qian Qian’s close friends? But why had he never heard Princess Qian Qian talk about her before?

What made Yue Yang sweat the most was that the Marquis of Zi Jin, who was standing at the opposite side, had actually agreed with the mysterious beautiful lady’s words, nodding . “That’s right, I actually like handsome guys . ”

This sentence made Yue Yang’s little heart thump wildly . The shock inflicted to him was not little .

He was done for .

His anus was in danger .

In order to protect his sacred anus, Yue Yang decided to go all out and fight this pervert Marquis of Zi Jin .

He firstly tried to calm his madly beating heart . Composing himself, he asked the mysterious beauty . “Let’s work together to defeat him . Do you have any idea how to counter his Instant Teleportation?”

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“What Instant Teleportation?” The mysterious beautiful lady asked as her curiosity was piqued .

“Didn’t you see what happened earlier? This huge pervert Marquis of Zi Jin knows a terrifying skill of immediate movement, disappearing from one place and then appearing immediately in another . It’s extremely difficult to make sense of it . Only if we can find a way to neutralise this move can we fight him . Otherwise we would certainly lose . ” Yue Yang’s words were all sincere . To fight a Ranker who could instantly teleport was courting trouble . Furthermore, this fellow was also a perverted Ranker who was impossible to kill .

“That’s his Inherent Skill, [Space Teleportation]… ” The mysterious beautiful lady was made speechless by Yue Yang’s lack of foundational knowledge .

“What the hell, how could he have such a good Inherent Skill? This is too unfair! I want to complain to God Game Company, this is definitely a bug . ” Yue Yang was thoroughly jealous . Inherent Skill [Space Teleportation]… How would they even survive with this?

“What is God Game Company? What is a bug?” The mysterious lady was entirely confused by this fellow’s vocabulary . Even a baffled look appeared on the Marquis of Zi Jin’s face . The mysterious lady swept her gaze across Yue Yang from head to toe, and then asked curiously . “All Demon Kings have the same Inherent Skill, and that is the ability to control space . You should have known this, right?”

“Ah… He, he’s a Demon King?” Yue Yang was astonished . So this Marquis of Zi Jin was actually a Demon King who had come over from the Demon Abyss?

No wonder he had a Golden-ranked Level Seven Blood Scythe Demon as his beast . As it turns out, he was a Demon King .

Yet when he thought about it carefully, there was still something wrong .

The Marquis of Zi Jin was a Demon King? This was not possible . The previous Demon King that he met, the Demon King Ha Xin, was so powerful that he was utterly defeated even when he only used one hand against him . However powerful this Marquis of Zi Jin was, his capability was not even one-tenth of Demon King Ha Xin’s . How could such a person also be a Demon King?

Wasn’t this Demon King too weak?

If he was a Demon King, then where did the dragon roar that the mercenary soldiers heard underground come from?

The confused and disoriented Yue Yang asked . “How is he a Demon King? Isn’t he a human being, the final result of a human transformation of an underground Red Dragon or Black Dragon?”

The mysterious beauty sweated profusely . “There are no Red Dragons and Black Dragons in Soaring Dragon Continent . Those are products of the Demon Abyss, even if they migrated their habitats over to Soaring Dragon Continent, they wouldn’t hide in this underground hole . There’s nothing other than ants over here, what would they eat? As for human transformation, not any living thing can transform into a human being . To do so, one must have extremely superior intelligence, and must also fulfil other conditions… The Marquis of Zi Jin is currently not yet a Demon King, he should be a prince in the Demon Abyss . There’s a rule for future Demon Kings in the Demon Abyss: All Demon Kings must learn human beings’ knowledge and gain human experiences in Soaring Dragon Continent first before they can return to become Demon Kings . ”

“That’s right . ” the Marquis of Zi Jin naturally nodded and admitted it . “All Demon Kings must learn human beings’ [Innate] battle skills . If we can’t master it, we will not be recognised . Even if we become Demon Kings, our thrones will be easily usurped by others . ”

“Are [Innate] battle skills so powerful? Isn’t the most powerful skill in Soaring Dragon Continent Summoning?” Yue Yang’s jaw dropped to the ground . His mouth opened so wide that one could force three big steamed buns into it .

“……” The mysterious beauty and the Marquis of Zi Jin looked at him as if they were looking at an idiot .

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“Summoning is indeed the strongest for normal people . [Innate] Skills, however, are an entirely different ball game . One cannot look at them with a worldly perspective . Also, don’t you think that the power of [Innate] battle skills, if used together with summoning, would increase one’s overall battle power? According to legends, both of these skills are complementary when one reaches the peak . Neither can be left out . ” The mysterious beautiful lady explained to Yue Yang in one of the rare moments that she did . It is unknown what she was thinking about when she did it .

“If you can write down all that battle skill that you know, I will let you live . I can swear to the Demon God . ” the Marquis of Zi Jin said this with a very sincere expression on his face . There was no trace of resentment or hint of revenge that could be seen on his face, only self-restraint and sincerity .

“Okay, look over here . ” Yue Yang lifted his middle finger . Moreover, it was two middle fingers .

“Both of you are dead meat, there’s no use struggling . ” the Marquis of Zi Jin did not mind waiting for a few minutes more . As long as the time limit of the protective shield was up, the death knell had sounded for the both of them .

“Who taught you your battle skills?” The mysterious beauty was also very curious about the sword stab that Yue Yang just used to instantly trap the Marquis of Zi Jin .

“Wasn’t it taught by you? Master Xiao Long Nu, all of Guo-er’s martial arts were imparted by you! Oh no, I should call you Long-er . ” Yue Yang had yet to finish saying his sentence before he was slapped to the ground by the mysterious beauty . “What nonsense are you spouting? Besides, dragging out the time is useless in dealing with the Marquis of Zi Jin . He can control space for at least three hours, and his control scope is at least one kilometre in diameter . We can’t wait until then, and we can’t escape to any place that’s so far… Are there any other ways? If not, we should start directly attacking . Every passing minute will only weaken my battle strength . Hurry up and say it, do you have any other ways?”
(Shiro: Xiao Long Nu and Guo-er are characters from Return of the Condor Heroes written by Louis Cha . )

“Now that you have said it, I actually have a way… ”

Yue Yang stood up matter-of-factly .

When the mysterious beauty and the Marquis of Zi Jin perked up their ears to listen, Yue Yang suddenly zoomed in front of the Marquis of Zi Jin like lightning, and his Hui Jin Magic Blade struck down as if he was tearing the heavens and splitting the heavens .

His idea was to launch a sneak attack .

The Marquis of Zi Jin snorted lightly, disappearing and appearing on the lake surface a hundred meters away .

The Blood Scythe Demon in the air did not wait for Yue Yang who had failed in his sneak attack attempt to return to anywhere within the protective shield, and had already flown in front of him to obstruct him .

The blood scythe was raised at the same time as Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade .

Both sides ruthlessly chopped towards the other’s body…

When the flaming Blood Scythe was about to slash into Yue Yang’s face, it was suddenly stunned entirely by the [Binding] Inherent Skill . Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade ruthlessly pierced onto the demon’s heart through its chest . At the same time, the mysterious beauty appeared with a flash . With rapport as if they had gone through thousands of practice with each other, she strike the Blood Scythe Demon’s back coordinatedly . Her lily-white hands glowed with a strange, cold beam of light .

The ugly beast swiftly pounced downwards from the sky, preparing to launch a sneak attack on Yue Yang . However, its face was immediately stamped upon by Yue Yang’s leg that had moved like a tornado . The ugly beast was entirely blasted away .

The Blood Scythe Demon was still entirely fearless even after getting receiving two attacks continuously .

Brandishing the burning blood scythe, it moved horizontally, whirling and slashing . It first slashed at Yue Yang’s body, and then slashed towards the mysterious beautiful lady behind him…

Shocked, Yue Yang hurriedly flew over to save her .

However, his wolfish claws had yet to embrace the fragrant body of the mysterious beautiful lady before he was hit away by her elbow .

The blood scythe swiftly chopped across the head of the mysterious beautiful lady . However, it did not actually hit its target before the mysterious beauty disappeared in mid-air like the Marquis of Zi Jin had and reappeared behind Yue Yang without making a sound . She then instantly summoned a Golden Grimoire, using the protective shield to resist the Demonic Whip that the Marquis of Zi Jin had brandished and thrashed against her from a distance away . The attack that produced a thunderclap sound shook the protective shield wildly .

If not for her quick reactions, Yue Yang would most likely be unable to deal with this attack .

She clearly had more battle experience than Yue Yang .

She could easily coordinate with Yue Yang’s attacks, but Yue Yang who was used to fighting alone could not coordinate with her .

They had failed in their sneak attack, but luckily they were unhurt .

On seeing that the danger had passed and the battle situation was in a deadlock yet again, Yue Yang heaved a sigh of relief inwardly . While wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead, he asked the mysterious beauty in hushed tones . “You are also a future Demon King? Are you a princess of the Demon Abyss?”

“Have you gone crazy in thinking about princesses? This is not an Inherent Skill, it is a beast called the ‘Evil Spirit Breeze’ . Don’t lean so close to me, I fear that your idiocy is contagious . ” The mysterious beauty looked like she was extremely familiar with Yue Yang’s words and behaviour . Even though Yue Yang dared to be sure that he had definitely never seen her before, strangely, what she said was exactly the same things he said last time to flirt with some pretty girl .

“Who are you exactly?” Yue Yang’s curiosity had reached its limits . Who on earth was this girl?