Long Live Summons! - Chapter 301

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Chapter 301

LLS Chapter 301 – Creating Pills, Martial Spirit Pill


Chapter 301 – Creating Pills, Martial Spirit Pill
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The battle of Yue Clan Castle shook the whole world .

The previous Yue Qiu was powerful beyond compare . Some people had suspected that he was fake, but this and that was different matter . They didn’t see the real Yue Clan Third Young Master in good favour .

It was a battle between a lone Innate Ranker against a team of several innate Rankers after all . Furthermore, anyone with eyes could see that Yue Qiu was supported by Zi Jin Kingdom, Thousand Goblins Sect, Green Summit Sect and even the Lion Pagoda Sect . Everyone believed that Yue Yang would fail, and the fake Yue Qiu would take over the Yue Clan .

The action of Yue Yang bringing his sister and coming to the Yue Clan Castle the second time was perceived as the most foolhardy action that he had ever done by many people .

He was a genius young man, the future hope of the Yue Clan .

But due to the impetuousness of a young heart, unable to endure silently, he had walked to his own death .

He would be gone forever .

That was how everyone in the world had thought .

Beyond their expectations, the final result of the battle had made countless people pop their eyes out in shock . The fake Yue Qiu, who possessed the power and support of many organizations, even the Demon Abyss, had actually been defeated miserably . The fake Third Young Master had also been eaten alive by the real Third Young Masters’ beast . Several Innate Rankers who had helped the fake Yue Qiu, such as Yao Guang, Kai Yang and Tian Quan from the Seven Great Bears had all fallen dead on the mountainous road towards the Yue Clan Castle . They had all been slaughtered by the Yue Clan Third Young Master, whose abnormality was simply beyond everyone’s imagination . Even the Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao, the Zi Jin Heavenly Imperial Guardians Ma Shang and Niu Guo, and the Chief Official of Zi Jin Kingdom Luo Wei were all defeated with the help of the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar’s help .

The Green Summit Sect who attacked the Yue Clan with all their had were completely annihilated .

None of the experts within the sect was spared .

Firstly, the Vice Sect Leader Moqi Xu Ling had been killed by the Yue Clan Third Young Master in the Battlefield of Death, with the latter not suffering any kind of injuries at all . The Sect Leader, Duan Mu Long Cheng, who was a famous Innate Ranker in Tong Tian Tower, suffered a crushing defeat and tried to escape, but the Yue Clan Third Young Master succeeded in persuading him to the Demon Abyss and killed him off .

Even the extremely powerful Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian, who had been a respected senior since nine hundred years ago, regarded as the Great Emperor of Zi Wei in Tong Tian Tower Level 7, had retreated with tails between his legs in the end .

Everyone really couldn’t imagine the strength of the Yue Clan Third Young Master, who managed to defeat so many strong opponents .

The maddest thing was that that brat was only twenty years old .

If other people became an [Elder] at twenty years old, everyone would regard him as a genius who only appear once in hundreds of years…

Compared to him, they were not even worthy to carry his shoes .

The Yue Clan Third Young Master could actually kill the Level 6 Innate Ranker, Green Summit Sect Leader Duan Mu Long Cheng, when he was only twenty years old . Furthermore, he had even managed to return after going to the Demon Abyss . Such a prosperous thing was definitely unprecedented in mankind’s history!

As their two Heavenly Imperial Guardians had died in battle, the Zi Jin Kingdom who had planned to attack Da Xia Kingdom with their army decided to recall their two hundred thousand men army back .

They changed their attacking tactic to defensive one, stationing their army at the border between the two kingdoms for fear of the Da Xia Kingdom attack .

The previously high and mighty Zi Jin Ambassador who asked the Da Xia Crown Prince to surrender his royal sister Princess Qian Qian to become the Prince of Zi Jin’s concubine, were immediately kicked out of the Da Xia Kingdom by the Crown Prince as soon as the Yue Clan Castle battle ended . The second prince was more knowledgeable, he ordered some generals to capture this fellow, and after beating the hell out of him, stripped him of his clothes and hanged him on top of the Da Xia Palace walls, publicly displaying him to the citizens . Although the Da Xia Crown Prince had no authority to issue the order of declaring war against Zi Jin Kingdom, the Crown Prince, Second Prince and other Princes who were fighting for the throne all started to announce that Zi Jin Kingdom had tarnished their royal sister’s reputation, hence Da Xia would not stop attacking Zi Jin until they were completely annihilated, in order to avenge the shame they brought to their royal sister .

Following that, the Zi Jin Kingdom sent another envoy to beg for mercy and forgiveness .

However, once again, the princes announced that the envoy had colluded with the Demon Abyss, and that he was not sent by the Zi Jin Kingdom’s emperor . He was sent in order to drive a wedge between the two kingdoms .

The Crown Prince of Da Xia and several other princes didn’t accept Zi Jin Kingdom’s Envoy’s explanation at all, proclaiming that they would pursue the matter to the end .

Before Jun Wu You come back and take charge of the whole situation, the Crown Prince who had not ascended the throne and the other princes didn’t have any authority to move their troops . Furthermore, there were several uprising and rebellion in the Da Xia Kingdom, bandits and robbers ran rampant . They had suffered a lot of civil unrest that needed to be put down urgently . It was completely impossible for Da Xia Kingdom to send their troops for war . However, even blind people could see that Da Xia and Zi Jin would sooner or later broke into war .

Other than sending their subordinates to congratulate Yue Yang on his victory, the Da Xia Crown Prince and several other princes had also sent him a large amount of reward to show their appreciation .

There was an intense competition between them . Even the Crown Prince of Da Xia had personally led several generals and troops to kill bandits, putting down rebellions and pacifying City Masters, relying on the influence of Yue Yang’s victory in the Yue Clan Castle .

As for the rest of the great Clans, they had also come to congratulate Yue Yang .

The one who welcomed their visit was Yue Ling, Yue Yang’s second uncle, who was also the new Yue Clan Substitute Clan Master .

Yue Yang had no interest whatsoever in becoming the substitute clan master . Furthermore, wouldn’t he be tired to death if he was to manage so many of the Yue Clan’s member and rebuild their destroyed land? Yue Yang didn’t want to take any part in it and threw all the responsibilities to his Second Uncle Yue Ling instead . Although Yue Ling wasn’t as talented as his older brother Yue Shan, nor as powerful as his third brother Yue Qiu and not as wise and farsighted as his fourth brother Yue Ling, he had the advantage of being average in everything . He was a jack of all trades . Furthermore, although he didn’t help Yue Yang during the bloody battle in Yue Clan Castle, he also did not assist the fake Yue Qiu . He was suffering in silence as he watched the Yue Clan’s name being tarnished . Hence, he was quite outstanding in some aspects .

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(Shiro: Those who are confused, Yue Yang’s second uncle is Yue Ling (岳岭) and fourth uncle is Yue Ling (岳陵) . The two Lings are written differently, had different meanings and they are pronounced with different tones . )

Hence, the only two elders that were still alive were willing to allow Yue Ling to assume the position of substitute clan master until Clan Master Yue Hai returned .

Yue Ling would never imagine even in his dreams that the position that he had always hoped for, the clan master, would finally fall onto his hands… Previously, there were the strong Yue Qiu and his elder brother Yue Shan before him, then there was also Yue Ting who were cultivated to be the next Clan Master . His father was old but in good health, his brother was still at his prime and his nephew was still growing… Yue Ling thought that he would never be able to be a substitute clan master in his life . Furthermore, Yue Yang, who possessed such an extraordinary talent had appeared afterwards . Forget about his own father, the Clan Master Yue Hai, even the whole of Yue Clan saw him as their future hope, their future clan master . As long as Yue Yang agree, no one would oppose him to be their clan master .

Unexpectedly, he had yielded the position of substitute clan master to him .

He had done that even though Yue Ling had not supported him previously .

Second Uncle Yue Ling felt both guilty and touched in his heart . When Yue Yang tried to find him to ask if he wanted to become the substitute clan master and lead his clansmen to re-establish their home, Yue Ling was speechless for quite a while . He almost thought that he had heard wrongly .

However, he didn’t decline the offer, immediately accepting it without hesitation .

Yue Ling was determined to be a good substitute clan master and lead his clansmen until his father return from the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s clutches . He would rebuild the Yue Clan Castle from its ruins .

Yue Yang, this nephew of his, was already an Innate . His future would be in Tong Tian Tower, so he wouldn’t cherish the clan master position . That was completely normal .

Even if Yue Yang didn’t have any governance ability, every night, Second Uncle Yue Ling would give him a report on the progress of their work . Even though Yue Yang didn’t have the time to meet him, he would summarize the report to a few points and report it to Yue Yu and Yue Bing, asking for their help to pass it on to their brother .

After this battle, there was an undeniable change between the Yue Clan members . They had become more united .

The clansmen from the branch families or those with different surnames were not regarded as if they were lower in status like last time . Under the leadership of Lin Miao and Lin Lei, the newly promoted Clan General, they had become more spontaneous in participating in rebuilding their home . Yue Clan possessed a lot of reserves from the beginning, furthermore, the great clans, Da Xia Crown Prince and several other princes had given them several precious items and sent over a lot of workers to help with the rebuilding . This was in the hope that the Yue Clan Castle would be reconstructed more quickly . Although it was still under construction, with this kind of momentum and energy, it wouldn’t be long before the newly constructed Yue Clan Castle, more glorious and majestic than ever, was done .

“Qilin girl, take a look at this pill, is it refined in the right way?” Yue Yang was an extremely good student right now, eager to learn .

“Stupid, you can’t use Nirvana Flame right now . Nirvana Flame is too pure, the medicinal properties would be changed . Your purple flames is enough to refine it, it would be best if you can use Life Water to adjust it a little, but I never tried it before . ” The airheaded Qilin girl was usually airheaded, but with regards to refining pills, not even a hundred of Yue Yang could compare to one of her finger .

Previously, Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia had been discussing about making the Martial Arts Pill and Martial God Pill . The Qilin girl who was passing by while on her way out to play looked down at them when she heard their words .

She had unintentionally blurted out that making the Martial Arts Pill was equivalent to making candies . Only the Immortal Pill that she refined was the real deal .

When she said that, Yue Yang immediately grabbed her .

Yue Yang threatened to give her a beating on her butt and kick her out of the castle if she didn’t teach him how to refine pills . After threatening the lost little girl with no place to call home, he finally succeeded in learning the skill . Just like that, Yue Yang managed to acquire a free teacher who was more knowledgeable than any other sages in the whole world .

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The only disadvantage was that this teacher had no patience when she was teaching her disciple .

The Qilin girl really liked the naughty clothes that Yue Yang had invented, for example like lace stocking, lace bra and so on .

She even wanted to try wearing the naughtier clothings such as see-through, revealing clothes, fishnets and so on . It was those kind of undergarments that would make a girl blush the moment they see them, but make perverts drool when they see them… Most regretfully, due to the Qilin Mommy’s super protection, the Qilin girl was unable to change her clothings . This was because Qilin Mommy had put on the legendary Qilin Armor on her precious daughter’s body .

Forget about others, even the Qilin girl herself was unable to take it off her body in her human form .

Yue Yang was very busy . Although his wish of making sexy undergarments was a great ambition, he was unable to pursue it at the moment . He could only draw it on paper to entice the Qilin girl at the most .

There was the task of refining the Martial Arts Pill waiting for Yue Yang . He needed to create them to help improve the abilities of the girls, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others, so that they can become Innates . He also had to research on Heaven Runes and Ancient Runes, it was the preparation he needed to do in order to search the God’s Ruins in the future . There was also the mission given to him by the Night Empress, to acquire the Black Turtle Pearl from the wounded Dragon Turtle in the Despair Abyss . Then, he would need to gather the Azure Dragon Pearl, the White Tiger Pearl, the Vermillion Bird Pearl and the Black Turtle Pearl too . Of course, there was also the World Tree Quest which he need to complete in order to obtain Wisdom Fruit and Luminous Branch, that would help in preparing Yue Bing’s Thousand Year Old Treant General to level up into Ten Thousand Years Old Treant King . At the same time, he would be able to fulfil his agreement with Zhi Zun of offering her a Wisdom Fruit every year .
(Shiro: About Night Empress, see chapter 165)

He also need to explore the Death Canyon .

The Death Canyon was the outskirts of the God’s Ruins . Yue Yang had acquired a secret treasure map in the Aries Temple before . There was definitely some kind of secret inside the secret treasure map .

Of course, there was also the hidden treasure that the Bloody Queen had mentioned . It was a place where even a Gold King Beast would level up when it entered the place, an extremely high quality place . The Bloody Queen’s mother had managed to rise to the Fourth Level of Tong Tian Tower or even higher realms because she had gone to that place . Yue Yang suddenly wanted to see it for himself .

If it could even make a Gold King Beast evolve, then there would be hope for Ye Kong’s King Kong Demon Ape and the Li Brothers’ Soldier Ants to level up and evolve .

He also wanted to enter the Puppet Shrine, and look through the precious legacy that the Ghost Genius Yue Gong had left behind . Yue Yang wanted to study them and then design a whole new Puppet Beast .

He also needed to cure Grandma Wu Teng’s injury and help her to recover, then help the old fox to become Innate…

There was also the matter of exploring the mysterious Heaven Stairway… (Chapter 192)

And how to enter the world inside the Grimoire…

Find out how to truly reveal every beasts’ abilities and dig out their hidden potential and skills . .

Train his own abilities so that he would be strong enough to fight against the Great Emperor of Zi Wei Shun Tian, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and the Great Demon Kings and Lich Kings…

Things like that and so on and so forth . There were so many things waiting for Yue Yang to do, so many that he wouldn’t be able to complete them even if he was divided into 10 . If it wasn’t for the fact that the Yue Clan needed him here to keep up their spirits, he would have ran back to the Little Flower Garden and enjoy the services of the sickly beauty . Yue Yang was the Yue Clan’s only hope right now, everyone was afraid that the Third Young Master would abandon them . They need to see this brave, courageous Third Young Master strolling on their premises everyday in order to feel reassured . Only then would they be able to give it their all to work!

Hence, Yue Yang was forced to stay at the moment . Other than getting himself busy with his own matters, he also encouraged his clansmen who were rebuilding their home everyday .

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They didn’t need Yue Yang to do anything . As long as he stayed, they would be satisfied .

In the situation where he was unable to leave, knowing that the Qiling girl knew how to refine pills, Yue Yang decided to learn it from her .

He should forget about creating Immortal Pills right now, even if he knew how to make it, he wouldn’t have the material for it . Currently, Yue Yang wanted to create the Martial Arts Pill that every warrior could ever wish for . Although this was more or less like making sweets to the Qilin girl, this pill was filled completely with Yue Yang’s hard work .

“Qilin girl, what do you think of the quality of this pill? If I add more God’s Dew, would it be better?” Yue Yang was definitely a serious student when asking other people to teach him .

“Whatever, that precious God’s Dew of yours is not even as good as the well water in my house . If I were you, I would add a little bit more . Why are you economizing so much? Economizing materials wouldn’t give you a good pill as a result… Oh right, why aren’t you calling me by my name?” The Qilin girl was bewildered .

“You have a name?” Yue Yang had really not asked her about her name yet .

“Of course I do…” The Qilin girl blinked her big eyes and looked at Yue Yang cutely, “Don’t you know that we, the Immortal Tribe, have our own unique, one-and-only name?”

“Immortal Tribe people have names? Then what’s yours?” Yue Yang was extremely curious about the Eastern Immortal Tribe . He had always thought that the Old Daoist Priest that had kicked him to the Soaring Dragon Continent might just be a respectable figure amongst the Immortal Tribe . If the Old Daoist Priest was too powerful, it would be difficult if he wanted to take revenge of him . However, if he really had granddaughters, Yue Yang thought kidnapping one of them would suffice as compensation for him .

“Mommy said that my throat is too delicate, it’s not good for me to speak too much…” The Qilin girl lowered her head as she replied Yue Yang .

She wanted to enter the world inside the Divine Grimoire, but she didn’t control her strength to well . She accidentally knocked Yue Yang onto the ground before she turned into a rainbow light and floated inside him .

Yue Yang really suspected that the Qilin girl was doing it on purpose .

When he thought about it again, the Qilin girl was a natural airhead . To her, knocking him to the ground might be the same as knocking her head into some pole when she walk…

Xue Wu Xia had been quietly watching Yue Yang refining the pill . She had also been quietly listening to his conversation with the Qilin girl, not disturbing them . When Yue Yang needed her, she would bring him the herbs he needed without him asking . She would help him pour the God’s Dew or Life Water . In any case, whenever Yue Yang needed her, she would appear . She would disappear when Yue Yang was studying, she would definitely not disturb the exchange between him and the Qilin girl .

Amongst the girls, only she was able to do that .

Yue Yang saw that the concoction that he had not finished creating on the table had spilled a little when the airheaded Qilin girl knocked him over just now . He sighed aloud, and was about to make a new one .

However, Xue Wu Xia stopped him .

She pointed at the concoction that had already started to glow slowly, “Don’t . Look, you have succeeded . ”

“This… Impossible, am I that lucky?” Yue Yang was pleasantly surprised when he saw it . The pill that he had been concocting for so long was finally done . He had succeeded just by mixing them up like that? Furthermore, he could sense that the pill’s power was even better than what had been recorded under the Medicine Encyclopedia . It was almost at the level of Martial God Pill .

“Why didn’t you suspect that the Qilin girl had the intention of helping us?” Xue Wu Xia looked at Yue Yang .