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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 302

Published at 21st of August 2016 05:38:54 PM

Chapter 302

LLS Chapter 302 – Heart Palpitations!


Accurately speaking, the thing that he had managed to create was not the Martial Arts Pill, it was Martial Arts Pill Concoction.

Although Yue Yang had acquired the Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit from Mercenary Zhong Hao in the Ant Hole previously, which was a compulsory ingredient needed for the creation of Martial Arts Pill, he was still lacking of one kind of herb, which is the Snow Lotus Herb. Without the Snow Lotus Herb, the last step of making the Martial Arts Pill Concoction into a pill would not be realized. For warriors, the pill must be hard and slow to break down, so that they would be able to slowly absorb its strength in their stomach. This would help their bodies to adjust and improve themselves slowly. If they take the Martial Arts Pill Concoction just like that, it would be absorbed very quickly that their bodies wouldn’t be able to endure the influx of power… Another point is that the power from the Martial Arts Pill Concoction would disappear quickly. Even if a warrior manage to assimilate the pill without exploding, he wouldn’t be able to absorb the precious pill completely, causing a huge loss in effectiveness.

In conclusion, taking the concoction on its own was not only dangerous, it was also a waste.

However, Hard-shelled Dragon Fruits and Snow Lotus Roots were all extremely rare. Yue Yang managed to get the Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit last time, and with Grandma Chi’s help, he managed to steal a little Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit Juice. So that ingredient had been acquired without problems.

But he still lacked the Snow Lotus Root.

It was said that the Western Lion Pagoda had cultivated it, but Yue Yang had become enemies with the Western Lion Pagoda. He would obviously not ask for the ingredient from them.

As for the ten over herbs and ingredients needed for the Martial Arts Pill, Yue Yang managed to gather them through various people. The Prince of Tian Luo had brought some from the Tian Luo Palace. Xue Tan Lang had also represented the Xue Clan to present some materials as a contribution to the Yue Clan. The Crown Prince of Da Xia and various other princes had also brought some precious herbs and ingredients to him. Lastly, there were also the hidden materials that the Yue Clan possessed, which the two elders give to Yue Yang for his use. When Second Uncle Yue Ling found out that Yue Yang managed to finish a Martial Arts Pill, he had awkwardly asked him if he could spare a failed product for Yue Tian… The fact that Yue Ling had begged Yue Yang to give the Martial Arts Pill to Yue Tian instead of his other son Yue Yan shocked Yue Yang a little.

He realized that his Second Uncle was serious, he wasn’t trying to test him. Yue Yang felt that after this Second Uncle assumed the position of the substitute Clan Master, he had changed and prioritize the benefits of his Clan first.

Letting him be the substitute clan master seemed to be the right choice.

Yue Tian and Yue Yang had bullied the pitiful guy a lot last time. As someone who had assumed the identity of the pitiful guy, Yue Yang definitely bore a grudge towards them.

If he didn’t go through this war, even if he had to feed the Martial Arts Pill to dogs, he would never give it to Yue Tian or the others.

However, when Yue Yang thought about it again, he had become an Innate Ranker now, why would he pick a fight with Level 6 [Elders], who were as weak as ants to him? At least they didn’t betray the Yue Clan even when oppressed by the fake Yue Qiu. Other than Yue Bao, that greedy fellow, Yue Tian and Yue Yan didn’t rely on the fake Yue Qiu. So they actually had backbones.

Yue Tian and Yue Yan were bound not to be very successful in the future. They would probably not be able to leave Soaring Dragon Continent their whole life.

Since it’s that way… Yue Yang made a decision.

“If I had some extra, I will consider it. At this moment of time, I don’t have any consideration of doing so. Let’s wait and see!” Yue Yang didn’t reject him immediately, but he also didn’t give it to him immediately.

If he managed to make too many Martial Arts Pill to eat, Yue Yang would consider giving two pills to Yue Ling.

Of course, Yue Yang thought that such a situation would probably not happen.

But Yue Ling was completely overjoyed.

He also knew that Yue Yang would never give the Martial Arts Pill to Yue Tian first, he was already grateful that Yue Yang didn’t kill Yue Yan and Yue Tian. Yue Ling’s thoughts were similar to Yue Yang’s. If Yue Yang made too many Martial Arts Pill and couldn’t finish them, then he could spare him two so that Yue Tian and Yue Yan could have a brighter future. Although it was highly unlikely that Yue Yang made too many Martial Arts Pill, at least there was still hope.

Without the Snow Lotus Root ingredient for his pill creation, Yue Yang was actually at a loss.

However, he still had his super awesome teacher, the Qilin girl.

Qilin girl had never seen a Snow Lotus Root before, but she immediately understood the moment she read the Medicine Encyclopedia. She felt that the Snow Lotus Root could be substituted with Life Water, Hoar Frost Truffle, Purple Red Grindstone Fruit and three Cockscomb Flowers leaves. When Yue Yang tried the prescription, he discovered that the medicinal properties were slightly suppressed and it became harder to absorb, so he took the initiative and added a tenth of a drop of God’s Dew into the concoction.

Xue Wu Xia secretly admired Yue Yang’s bold approach.

It was a pity that Yue Yang didn’t have a good control on the fire he used to refine the pills. He had always been unable to make it into a pill. Then, the Qilin girl knocked onto the mixture accidentally and mixed it up more, hence increasing the chances of success.

The pill concoction glowed brightly.

The Martial Arts Pill Concoction slowly evaporated and condensed, becoming a pill.

Yue Yang quickly used his smallest Nirvana Flame to refine the semi-manufactured product. After refining it 3 more times, he finally had a successful result… The whole room was filled with an exotic smelling odour that was extremely refreshing. Simply by smelling the aroma of the Pill, one would feel some kind of strength in their body. If one ate it and absorbed its energy, they would definitely gained enough energy to overcome their limits and reach higher levels. The three Martial Arts Pill that he had just created was simply high quality goods… If normal Pharmacist creates a Martial Arts Pill, they wouldn’t use Life Water and God’s Dew. Especially the finishing touch of refining it with Nirvana Flame in the end. All of these small changes helped Yue Yang to create an extremely high quality Martial Arts Pill.

According to the evaluation written on the Medicine Encyclopedia, the Martial Arts Pill was a medicine of the ‘Sixth Rank’.

A Sixth Ranked Medicine was already a miracle medicine that every warrior would dream about. Furthermore, Seventh Rank medicine was already the limit of what a normal warrior’s body could take. If a normal warrior eat a higher ranked Medicine such as Eighth Rank Medicine, their body would probably explode. It was only something an Innate Ranker could take in.

Right now, Yue Yang added Life Water, God’s Dew, and even used Nirvana’s Flame to create these Martial Arts Pill. Hence, it had surpassed Sixth Rank, even the Seventh Rank, almost the same as Eighth Rank.

Yue Yang didn’t doubt that these three pills would help with increasing someone’s strength, he was just afraid that their body wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Smells nice! Have you finished the pills?” Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and the others immediately burst in when they smelled the nice smell. They looked at the surrounding curiously and saw the three round, red-coloured pills that Yue Yang had placed on the jade bowl in front of him. They couldn’t take their eyes off the pills, looking completely eager to eat it. The Bloody Queen Red and Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man could still control themselves, but the Thorny Flower Demoness had completely lost her control, her saliva dripping all the way to the floor. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was afraid Yue Yang would get angry with her, she would have already grabbed the pills immediately and shoved it into her mouth.

Hui Tai Lang worked really hard to pretend that it was an obedient dog.

It knew if it behaved itself well, its master would definitely reward it.

Although these three pills didn’t have as much power as the Innate Rankers’ Dan, its body longed for the power inside those pills. Hence, Hui Tai Lang desperately wanted those pills.

Yue Yang actually wanted to give one each to Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and the others to boost their power and help them reach Innate Level. Especially Luo Hua City Mistress, who needed it the most. As for Xue Wu Xia, she didn’t really need it. This little bookworm might actually possess the strength equivalent to Innate Level 1 already. With her great sense of perception and wisdom, coupled with Yue Yang’s Body Fusion training and fusing of their Yin and Yang abilities, she would definitely be able to break through the realm of Innates soon.

The thing he was most concerned about was that the quality of the Martial Arts Pill was too high. The medicine was too effective, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress might not be able to take it.

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Princess Qian Qian looked at Yue Yang, then looked at Xue Wu Xia.

Suddenly she shook her head, “I won’t eat it, give it to Yue Yu instead! Yue Yu need this pill more than me…”

Yue Yu hurriedly shook her hands and rejected her, “No, don’t waste it. The Martial Arts Pill will be useless if I am the one who eat it. I still have a long way to be an Innate. I will rather do it slowly and build a strong foundation. In the future we will definitely be able to make Martial Arts Pill again, so we can talk about it again then. I don’t need it now, give it to Bing-er instead!”

When Yue Bing heard it, her face blushed as she give out a sweet smile, “No need, with brother helping me to train, I believe I will become an Innate soon. I’m improving very quickly nowadays, I haven’t reach my limits yet, so I don’t exactly need it. I think Big Sister Yi Nan would need it more, or Vice Principal and Grandma Wu Teng. Let’s give the pills to people who needed it the most!”

Luo Hua City Mistress also agreed.

Her situation was more or less like Yue Bing’s. Her powers had been improving very quickly with Yue Yang’s help nowadays, she had not reached her limit or bottleneck to her powers. So he didn’t really need the pill.

Furthermore, Yue Yang would definitely not stop at making three Martial Arts Pills. In the future, if she had reached her limits and was unable to improve any further, she could still ask him for them.

“I, I, I…” Although Yi Nan had levelled up from the great battle, she had encountered some kind of bottleneck when she was training. She felt that her cultivation speed was slower than the other girls.

Most importantly, Yi Nan was gravely dissatisfied with her own combat power.

She felt that Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress were all useful to Yue Yang, able to help him with their strength. Only she was a burden to him. Sister Wu Hen could help him research Runes while Sister Wu Xia was his best partner in combat, their harmony was incomparable to anyone else. They were practically a perfect match made in heaven. Compared to the other girls, Yi Nan felt that she, his fiancee, was extremely useless.

If she could lend him her strength like Luo Hua City Mistress and the others if she eat the Martial Arts Pill, why wouldn’t she do it?

It’s just that everyone had refused it, it was very awkward for her to say since she was the only one who wanted it…

Yue Yang lightly patted Yi Nan’s head and said gently, “Let’s decide it that way then. I will help you to control the power of the pill. I was too busy last time, so much that I forgot to help you improve your strength. I can make up for it now. Yi Nan, you’ll be the first one!”

“Unn!” Seeing that Yue Yang was patting her head in front of the other girls, Yi Nan was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to bury herself inside.

Her face felt like fire as she blushed red, all the way to her ears.

Especially when she remembered how she lied to him about wanting to betroth her sister to him. She was actually betrothing herself to him, and she had brazenly gave him the Jade Pendant Necklace, warning him not to have a tragic ending like Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai. She had also repeatedly told him to find her… Yi Nan felt all the more embarrassed when she remembered these past memories. Fortunately the other girls didn’t laugh at her. Fourth Mother had even praised her saying that she was brave and smart, and that she would be a good daughter-in-law.

Afterwards, her identity was revealed, and Yi Nan didn’t dare to meet Yue Yang anymore, afraid that he would make fun of her trying to betroth herself to him.

Remembering the past, Yi Nan felt an urge of wanting to laugh.

Yue Yang was extremely hilarious in the past, he was unable to tell that she was a girl. He told her various heartfelt things, saying something like, “Brother Yi Nan, let’s go and pick up some girls… Brother Yi Nan, I’ll introduce you to some big-breasted girls… “ He had even said something about “In front of my bed, there are two pairs of shoes. Taking off my clothes, I left them on the floor…”

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(Shiro: the two shoes is a pun from China’s most famous classical poem, Quiet Night Thought)

If he knew that she was a girl at that time, he would definitely not do that. He would definitely pretend that he was an honorable guy.

However, that ordinary, yet impressionable poem that he recited to her, the “Quiet Night Thought”, really resonated with her, leaving her with a homesick aftertaste.

In front of my bed, there’s bright moonlight
Could it be frost on the ground instead
Lifting my head, I gaze at the bright moon
then lower it, thinking of my home

If he had not said this poem that time, she wouldn’t have bothered with him. She had always thought that he was a skirt-chaser, a happy-go-lucky guy that liked to make trouble. Unexpectedly he was full of secrets that he wouldn’t say out no matter what. He would only reveal it if he had no other way. Yi Nan couldn’t help but think of him. When she accidentally met him at the Mercenary Guild, this brat had purposely teased her, saying that he couldn’t write his name and told her that his name was Titan. He had even said that Titan was the name of a dwarf. When she asked her aunt later on, she had explained that Titan was the name of the biggest giant in the Outer Realms, who could even defeat Giant Dragons… Of course, the thing that she was most suspicious about was that she had managed to fool him.

Strictly speaking, not counting Xue Wu Xia who was his past fiance, she should be the first girl that he met, right?

Since she had given him her Jade Pendant, she was also the first girl who gave him a betrothal gift, right?

By any chance, could he still be carrying the Jade Pendant that she had given him?

Yi Nan shyly looked up, gazing at Yue Yang.

But she suddenly realized that the surrounding people had all left without her knowing, there were only the two of them in that room. She immediately panicked.

Turning around, she prepared to leave, but Yue Yang grabbed her hand instead.

Yi Nan’s heart rate shot up as she protested with a small voice, “Re-release me!”

“If I release a beauty’s hand that I managed to grab onto, wouldn’t I be a big fool?” Not only did Yue Yang refuse to let her go, he even reached out and pulled Yi Nan to his embrace. Yi Nan was embarrassed to death. With regards to his perverted move, she tried to avoid him with her weak body, her fists beating against his hand, asking him to release her. Her face was completely red, even her snow-white neck was blushing red too.

“Stop it, if you have something to say, just say it.” Yi Nan avoided Yue Yang’s hug and succeeded in struggling free from his arms.

She realized that he still held on to her hand, so she didn’t reject him and allowed him to continue holding her hand.

The feeling of letting him holding her hand felt so mysterious, comfortable and warm, yet chest tightening at the same time. It was so strange.

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Yue Yang knew that he had to be patient, haste would just ruin everything. The little lamb was always his all along, he could eat her up slowly, there’s no need to hurry.

Pulling Yi Nan’s hand, he sat down, purposely looking at her who had refused to look at him, “Brother Yi Nan, it’s been a long time since we chat. Do you want to discuss about big-breasted girls?”

When Yi Nan heard him, she immediately punched him, unable to bear her shame, “You still dare to say it? You liar… Say, you have already realized I was a girl back then, right?”

Yue Yang laughed as brightly as the sun, and replied back, “If I really didn’t know back then, what would you say?”

“Then you are really an idiot!” Yi Nan laughed out. When she thought about how he had called her Brother Yi Nan before, she couldn’t hold her laughter.

“What if I pretended not to know?” Yue Yang asked again.

“Then you are a liar… a big liar!” Yi Nan pouted at him. She felt that he might have realized it afterwards, but didn’t say it, and even plotted to tell her about the story of Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai. He must have said that to hint that she was a fool. When she thought about it again, when she was nervously putting on the Jade Pendant Necklace onto his neck, he must have been laughing at her in secret a hundred times over. What a hateful liar! Yi Nan was so angry that she wanted to punch him, but when she looked up and saw his smiling face, the strength in her punch become as weak as an ants’.

“Do you like fools or liars more?” Yue Yang inched closer to her, almost touching her nose.

“Who, who would like the likes of you… That, that was my aunt’s deciding without my permission…” Yi Nan felt that this scoundrel was going to kiss her, and she felt extremely nervous. She felt her lips tightening and parched, and she was completely unprepared.

He was going to kiss her, what should she do?

Yi Nan wanted to lick her lips and relax her tensed expression first, but she was afraid that Yue Yang would see through her nervousness. She was more afraid of him misunderstanding that she longed to be kissed by him…

Yue Yang’s lips were only one cm apart from Yi Nan’s, it was as if their lips would touch if one of them speaks.

The hot breath coming out of their mouths make her feel dizzy.

Yi Nan was so nervous that her heartbeat increased like crazy.

As her heart continued to thump wildly, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to avoid him, but she was afraid that he would be angry with her. Moreover, she also kind of want to be kissed… She didn’t dare to kiss him first, but she was willing to wait. She knew that this scoundrel would definitely kiss her, but he was teasing her, trying to make her kiss him first… That is impossible. She would definitely not let this scoundrel get his way. He had fooled her to betroth herself to him last time, making her give the Jade Pendant to him. Now he even wanted her to kiss him first, that is definitely impossible!

“Do you want to hear another story? I can tell you the story about Xu Xian and Madam White. Wanna hear it?” Yue Yang slowly blew onto her small, delicate lips, making her blush even redder.

“…” Yi Nan was both embarrassed and furious. What kind of story was he going to say at this kind of time? If he wanted to kiss her, then he should kiss her. She couldn’t last any longer. Can’t he just tell her the story later on?

“Do you want to hear the story?” Yue Yang leaned in even closer to her, almost touching her red lips, so close that she could almost feel the heat coming from his lips.

“I, I’ll bite you to death!” Yi Nan shouted out in frustration. If this brat did not kiss her right then, she would really be angry with him.


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