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Published at 12th of October 2019 03:01:44 PM

Chapter 134

Chapter 134: What a loser!

“It’s Yun shixiong . Yun shixiong is coming!” Someone caught a glimpse of the icy-blue clad figure and immediately exclaimed .

The figure of the man swept through the air and landed within the crowd .

Looking at the godly figure who seemed to have been crowned with jade, the students couldn’t help but gasp in amazement .

Is Master Yun, who has always gone his own way, going to intervene today?

Yun Qianche withdrew his hand and stood in place .

“What’s going on, did you just move your hand?”

Qian Ba was still somewhat cowardly in front of Yun Qianche, since his very first day in Yuntian College .

After entering Yuntian College, he has passed various tests in just a few years and obtained the qualification to enter the College’s Treasure Pavilion and the Library Pavilion . On top of that, he advanced to the Spiritual Honor level in the shortest time possible .

Even Qian Ba was afraid of of this kind of man… .

Shifting his attention to Yun Qianche, Qian Ba slightly drooped his head low .

“Yun shixiong, don’t blame me for teaching this damened girl, she kicked me first!”

Hearing Qian Ba’s claim, Zilan was enraged .

She has been exposed to numerous forms of shamelessness, but nothing compares to this .

“Are you still a man? It was obviously you who provoked us first . But now you are dumping all your faults to us . What a chicken!!”

The look on Qian Ba’s face changed immediately .

He glared at her and wanted to retort .

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But Yun Qianche interrupted him, “Since all classes are over, don’t linger in the college . Everybody disperse . Everybody will have no good end when this matter reaches the dean . ”

Yun Qianche’s calm order reverberated imposingly .

Who doesn’t know that Yun Qianche is Dean’s favorite?

Now that Yun Qianche has issued an order, who’d dare doing otherwise?

The groups of spectators scattered one by one .

The students of Class 7 also left one after the other .

In any case, Yun Shixiong is now their temporary teacher so they are not worried that he would turn towards outsiders .

“But Yun Shixiong —” Qian Ba was unwilling to let go .

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He gritted his teeth and stared daggers at Zilan and Feng Chuge .

Yun Qianche shot a glance at Qian Ba and narrowed his eyes, “Everything is entirely just a misunderstanding . There’s no need to quarrel about it . What’s more, you are their shixiong . How come you couldn’t even let your Xioa Shimei go?”

Qian Ba nodded and squeezed out a word of agreement behind clenched teeth, “Yes —”

“Alright, this matter ends here today . ”

The faint voice of Yun Qianche passed through their ears with an indistinct coldness .

That feeling, though it was faint, was very frightening .

Qian Ba, who always bullied the weak by feared the strong, wasn’t looking forward into openly defying Yun Qianche’s order . He finally nodded with great reluctance .

Feng Chuge originally didn’t want to spare Qian Ba and planned on slowly playing along with him until she has drained him off his physical strength, under which she would have let him have a taste of her colorless and tasteless ‘Feng Chuge’ signature poison . By that time, Qian Ba would die .

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But now, everything has been disrupted by Yun Qianche .

With so many talents watching, it was inconvenient for Feng Chuge to say anything .

As the crowd slowly dispersed, the place returned to peace .

Feng Chuge swept a look around then glanced at Yun Qianhe .

His side profile was indeed unearthly . He’s worthy of the worlds second most beautiful man .

Feng Chuge stared at him, “I don’t like people meddling in my affairs . ”

Laughter bubbled up within Yun Qianche’s somewhat grinning face .

It disappeared in a split of second however, before he turned to meet Feng Chuge’s gaze, “I’m your temporary teacher so naturally, I’m responsible for you . And did you think it isn’t a big deal to get involved in an informal fight inside the College?”

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