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Published at 16th of October 2019 01:38:23 PM

Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Strut around

Feng Chuge who felt uneasy came out to see . Now, she could only see Meatball curling in her arms and shiverring as if in fear .

She hugged him and looked around . She couldn’t spot any figure nor other cats as Zilan has mentioned .

“What’s wrong? What has scared you silly?” Feng Chuge caressed his fur and crooned to soothe him .

She is well aware that Meatball is particularly spiritual .

As she asked, meatball seemed to understand .

Meatball withdrew his gaze in the distance and lay obediently in Feng Chuge’s arms .

“Meow ~~”

He screamed and after that, stick his tongue and licked Feng Chuge’s hand…

Feng Chuge smiled fondly, “It’s okay, let’s go back . ”

He nuzzled deeper in her embrace as they went back in the opposite direction . But Meatball still didn’t forget to poke his head out and strutted while looking in a certain direction…

The sunset plated the black robes with gold .

The small body wrapped around it was exuding a powerful momentum .

Until Feng Chuge disappeared in the distance, Achen’s hands which were clenched tight slowly loosen up… .

No way…

He can’t wait for two months to end .

He must restore his original shape as soon as possible!!

…… .

The sun has risen to signal a new day .

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Early in the morning, the whole of Class 7 was looking fresh .

Everyone was full of energy, waiting for Yun Qianche’s arrival .

Earlier, Feng Chuge’s arrival has caused a small commotion .

“Xiao Shimei, yesterday, Qian Ba hasn’t hurt you, right?” Su Ande asked .

Feng Chuge shook her head . “Didn’t you all see it? Do I look like I’m hurt?”

“That being said, but who knows what Qian Ba, that insidious villain, has doen in the dark? Maybe, he has used poison . ”

A smile brightened Feng Chuge’s eyes .

Poison… .

Yesterday, she really wanted to use some .

Su Ande didn’t realize the look on Feng Chuge’s face and continued, “Xiao shimei, no matter what, you’d better be careful about Qian Ba . He isn’t a good man . Yesterday, he has suffered a loss from you . He’ll certainly strike back . ”

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“Okay, I know . ” Feng Chuge nodded . ” Su shixiong, our class is about to begin . Teacher should be here by now…”

Su Ande understood what Feng Chuge meant . He scratched his head and chuckled twice, then got out of the way as he was blocking Feng Chuge with his body .

He walked back to his seat .

The moment he sat down, two classmates whispered, “Su Ande, you’re really different to our Xiao shimei…”

“Say, are you really treating her like our Xiao Shimei? But I think you don’t have a chance… Haven’t you heard that Xiao shimei knows the world’s first beautiful man?”

“Uhmm… Su Ande, if you really want to chase Xiao Shimei, you have to work harder . ”

The two people laughed .

Su Ande couldn’t help but glance at them . “What nonsense are you talking about? How could I have such thoughts of our Xiao Shimei?”

“Who would believe you? Otherwise, what are you being nice to her for?”

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“Didn’t Miss Jing Lian ask us to take good care of our shimei?” Su Ande reminded .

The two who were spinning tales in their minds nodded .

“Oh, so you don’t like our shimei . You like Miss Di Jing Lian…”

Su Ande was caught off guard and the color on his face turned a bit unnatural .

He turned his head around and answered, “What nonsense? Sit back, teacher will be here soon . ”

The two grinned and sat back in their original positions .

Their conversation all passed through Feng Chuge’s ears .

Feng Chuge didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but their voices were just too loud .

When Di Jing Lian’s name was mentioned, a crease formed in between Feng Chuge’s brows… .

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