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Published at 24th of September 2019 10:00:57 AM

Chapter 41

Feng Chuge looked down at the kitten in her arms curled like a meatball, “Yeah… . isn’t it cute?”

Achen’s sneered, “It’s stupid . ”

When it heard the word ‘stupid’, the kitten perked up at once and hissed . But at the pair of eyes Achen was shooting at it, it instantly withered down .

Noticing the way the two was acting up, Feng Chuge couldn’t help laughing, “This little meatball seems afraid of you . ”

She has witnessed this kitten’s awesomeness!

It had been fearless before the Shui siblings but now, it’s cowering betraying its fear towards Achen .

“Meat ball (Rou Tuan)?” Achen shot another chilly glance at —

“That’s a good name . It suits it well…”

Feng Chuge choked .

She was just calling it without thought… .

However, the name did sound quite befitting .

Feng Chuge reached out and stroked the kitten’s fur . “Then I shall call you meatball…”

Meatball’s claws danced twice in the air seemingly in protest but with just one look from Achen, it completely calmed down .

FEng Chuge raised a quizzical brow with that exchange .

Now, she is 100% sure that Meatball is really afraid of Achen .

Eyes passing over the bowl of noodles on the table, Feng Chuge exclaimed, “Oh, eat quickly . If you don’t, this will be wasted!”

Achen picked his chopsticks up and started to move .

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After just a bite, Achen’s complexion altered a tiny bit .

“How is it? Is it tasty?” Feng Chuge asked, the bottom of her eyes brimming with a little expectation .

Achen’s eyes glimmered and he eventually swallowed a mouthful of noodles . He ate all with not a bit left, even the soup was totally polished off .

“En, it’s delicious!!”

At the sight of Achen’s contented appearance, Feng Chuge’s smiled, “It’s good that you liked it . ”

But at the same moment, a certain someone’s cold voice rang, “Woman, next time, remember not to mix sugar with salt again…”

The smile on Feng Chuge’s face stiffened .

Sugar was mixed with salt… .

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That wasn’t the point… .

She scolded Achen . “It wasn’t tasty and you still ate it? You’re stupid!”

“It was done by my future lady, so of course, I have to give support!” Achen crossed his arms across his chest, the epitome of a young adult .

The future lady… .

Hearing those words again, Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes in disbelief… .

This kid, all thoughts running in his head all day has all been his future wife… . Who the hell instilled these thoughts in him?!

After leaving Achen, Feng Chuge immediately ignited her incense (fengyue xiang) and urgently called for a woman from Fengyuelou whom she recalled specialized in cooking .

Achen actually hasn’t minded it . Two days in a row, he pestered Feng Chuge endlessly to cook for him personally .

Feng Chuge couldn’t resist his pleas and could only go along with his wishes .

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The food might not have been passable but Achen ate all of them with relish .

Soon, it was the day of the banquet which the emperor had arranged in welcome for Feng Chuge .

The banquet was set in the evening .

On the afternoon of the same day, Zilan was about to dress Feng Chuge up .

Looking at Zilan and Biluo who were busy picking jewelry with utmost regard, Feng Chuge couldn’t help but chuckle, “Okay, we are just going to a dinner . Why do we need something so grand?”

“Miss, didn’t we say it all? We are going to dress you up perfectly as our young lady . Let’s see if those crowd of snobbish people won’t be awed with your beauty!!”

Feng Chuge stretched her lips, “We have to keep a low profile ~~ low-key~~ . ”

“How could you keep a low profile? Your entrance must absolutely be shocking enough . ” Zilan rebutted, her eyes flashing with excitement . She could even imagine the faces of those group of people at the real stunning countenance of her Miss .
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