Lord of Hell - Chapter 18

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:15:25 PM
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Chapter 18

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No one could utter any word when they heard that it was a fourth grade pill, everyone turned to look at Yama, even though Nan Gong created a third grade pill, they could somehow accept it because of his age as he seemed to be older than Yama but Yama who looked younger could produce a fourth grade pill even without the help of a fire spirt was a big shock to them .

Nan Gong was greatly regretting accepting a mission to come and challenge the Heaven Pill house, if he knew a monster like Yama resided in this place, he would have not stepped in this place at all, all his confidence was shattered and he started to hate Yama even more!

Li Wei who was on the floor with his mouth wide open is feeling very sad, once everyone knows a disciple from the Heaven Pill house beat them utterly even without the use a fire spirit, his pill house status will be heavily damaged and whats even more regretting was that now he has challenged them twice, he can not challenge them again for a year, regardless Li Wei knows that the rise of Heaven Pill House is imminent .

Wei Yang was very happy, he didn't expect Yama to give him this big of a surprise, initially he thought Yama was going to embarrass himself since he did not use his fire spirit, but now after looking at the results, he couldn't help but feel a sense of joy since Yama agreed that he will be concocting pills for them, it will also mean that the rise of his Pill House will be certain! He can even push himself to the second position on the Kingdoms Pill ranking .

Ye Ming was shocked, he didn't expect Yama to be hiding this monstrous of a talent, he can only think of the 'senior' that Yama mentioned and was feeling really happy that the senior has given all his teachings and method to Yama, he was now thinking that bringing Yama out of the Kingdom was a very good choice by his Patriarch otherwise all his talent would be wasted in the Ye Clan .

"HAHAHA GENIUS GENIUS!!!, Lie Wie I think is better if you take your disciple out otherwise your gonna face even more humiliation, so what if your disciple has a fire spirit!" Wei Yang broke the silence amongst the crowd and start giving a bit of payback to Lie Wie .

Lie Wei was really feeling embarrassed with nothing to do he took his disciple who looked to have his confidence shattered along with him .

"Just wait a moment!"

Lie Wei halted his footsteps as he turned to look back to see who stopped him and the person was none other than Yama .

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"What do you want brat! You won are you happy!" Lie Wei couldn't stay at this place anymore otherwise he will be paying more humiliation .

"I want to talk to your disciple Nan Gong" Yama replied

"Listen you won! I admit my defeat! I will challenge you again later onwards!" Nan Gong didn't want to talk to this guy at all, he had full hatred for this person .

Wei Yang and the Heaven Pill house lot was very confused and didn't know why Yama would want to talk to Nan Gong .

"YOU . . . . YOU . . . . " Nan Gong was stuttering while looking at Yama and a hint of fear could be seen in his eyes .

Lie Wie who noticed the change in Nan Gong was flabbergasted .

'You were just shouting at him and I could feel the hatred in your heart but why are you stuttering all of a sudden and why is your legs shaking?'

Ye Ming who saw this was feeling a bit scared because he has noticed a similar scene before when Yama dealt with a demon, he can still clearly remember that scene where the demon was begging Yama for forgiveness .

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'Does that mean Nan Gong is a demon?'

Ye Ming turned to look at Yama but he couldn't see any movements from Yama as he only had a smirk on his face .

Yama actually summoned his Judgement Book out and made it visible only for Nan Gong, Yama already sensed the Judgement Book colour change when he first saw Nan Gong but when he looked at the details of the demon residing inside Nan Gong's body he couldn't help but be surprised, because the demon residing in Nan Gong's body was none other than a demon who worked for the Hell Hall, this demon was well known in the Hell Hall as a Medicine Demon, this demon worked specially under an elder of the Hell Hall .

It was no doubt that Nan Gong had the talent to concoct pills as the demon residing in front of him has concocted so many pills in Hell . Yama obviously heard of the Medicine Demon named Marichu alas Yama did not interact with the elders who took care of treating demons when he was in Hell, as he was busy commanding the demons and torturing sinful humans .

Yama immediately wanted to ask questions but he first waited to check what the main problem was before dealing with Nan Gong, now that the initial problem was sorted out, he definitely wanted to held back Nan Gong to ask him questions about his arrival .

"I want to talk with you privately come with me" Yama commanded .

"Brat! Don't go too far!" Lie Wie obviously couldn't see Yama commanding his disciple .

"Yes" Nan Gong replied which made Lie Wie shocked, he has never expected his disciple to listen to Yama, he was pondering over what in the world just happened .

Nan Gong however was really frightened, he has never expected to see the Judgement Book ever again when he arrived in this world . The Judgement Book only has one owner and that's the Lord of Hell itself, but he clearly knows how the Lord of Hell looks like, so to see him in young boys body made him very confused .

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Yama and Nan Gong walked to a separate room while everyone watched them, Yama closed the door shut to make sure no one can hear their conversations .

"Marichu! Why are you here? and Why are you in this guys body?"


Nan Gong who heard Yama just speak went on his knees straight away, he has no more doubts now, there is no way anyone will know his name other than people of the Hell Hall, so the person who he is facing right now is none other than the Lord of Hell .

"Lord! Please forgive me for earlier . I deserve to die" Nan Gong said to Yama, he has been disrespectful to the lord of hell all this time there is no other punishment than death that he deserves for his actions .

"Don't worry, you did not know it was me . Now I am going to ask you few questions I will be expecting an answer from you" Yama said to Nan Gong .

"Yes Lord"

"How and when have you come to this world?" Yama asked his first question

"Lord, I am not sure myself either, I was concocting a pill in Hell but all of a sudden I was transported into this persons body three months ago . I also noticed that my powers have gone too and I couldn't make any contact to the Hell Hall"

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Yama could tell that Nan Gong's reply was true and real, he himself was transmigrated three months ago so it was no use of asking him further questions as he will not have any idea about the situation in Hell at the moment .

"Lord . . . . " Nan Gong wanted to ask Yama a question but hesitated after seeing Yama who seemed to be thinking about something .


"Lord are you here to take me back to hell?" Nan Gong asked .

Yama who heard this didn't know wether to laugh or cry .

'Take you back?! I myself cannot get back to Hell! How in the world am I going to take you back!'

"I myself don't know why I am here! It looks like something has happened in Hell, we need to return as soon as possible"

Nan Gong who heard this was shocked! He has never expected the lord of hell to be facing the same problem as him, but he can clearly see that Yama still has the Judgement Book .

"Then Lord, what shall we do ?"

"First get strong, I believe we can find a way back once we are strong enough to break the dimension of this world and once we get back we will first visit the Heaven Hall"

"Yes Lord, I will definitely put my best to get stronger" Nan Gong was really excited now, not about the fact that he will be heading back to hell but he will be visiting the Heaven Hall, when the lord of hell visits Heaven Hall, that place is always a massacre and for him to be able to witness this event! He just couldn't wait for that day .

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