Love Betrayal - Chapter 1

Published at 24th of August 2019 09:54:40 PM

Chapter 1

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The sounds of swords going against each other filled the air . Standing in the middle of the circle, I turned around seeing my third senior fall to the floor .

"THIRD SENIOR!" I screamed while running toward him .

His body fell into my arms, his blood filled my hand and tears flooded across my face .

"Chao Li . "

I turned around facing him after a long time .

"How's my bear? Are you happy?" I asked him with tears in my eyes .

He pointed to his left and I saw Snow being hanged .

"Give up" he said .

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"You took everything from me, what else do you want?" I asked .

"Chao Li, don't listen to him . . " Third Senior said as he closed his eyes .

More and more tears flooded my face .

"Don't cry, surrender and tell us how to use the Crystal Bear . "

"Qing Han, why did you turn against me? Why did you have to betray me? When we were together, I didn't tell you everything because I knew something was odd . Did you know, you have to keep me alive, if you want to use the bear . "

I took out my sword and was ready to stab myself in the heart until he held me back .

"Chao Li, you're not gonna die yet . You're very useful to my father so I'm gonna keep you alive . "

5 YEARS AGO . . . .

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"Emperor Sama, Chao Li is here to see you . " I said .

"Stand up, did you know your family recently died in a fire . "

"Yes, I know . "

"Do you not have any tears?"

"No, my tears all came out on the day, there's no tears left . "

"I like you . Thanks to all your things your family members did I'm gonna grant you a wish . "

"Chao Li has one wish . That is to let me participate in the Tan Shang event . "

"Tan Shang? The one this is held every 4 years to join Tan Shang Academy?"

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"Yes . "

"Ok, I agree . "

"Thank you, Emperor Sama . " I said as I bowed down .

I left the court room and went to Crystal Palace . Crystal Palace was a ancient palace where the Queen and King of Crystal Tribe stayed . It was there where my both of my parents died .

4 DAYS AGO . . . .

"FIRE! FIRE! BRING WATER!" A maid shouted .

"Fire?" I questioned myself . I ran toward the place where the fire was . It was the Crystal Palace I soon found out . My parents came to my mind and I ran in the palace until soliders held me off .

"LET GO OF ME!" I shouted .

"Ms . Li, you're parents are gonna be ok, don't worry . " A solider said .

The soliders released my arms as the fire grew bigger and then I knew my parents were not gonna come out of Crystal Palace alive .

One word flew through my mind "Revenge", I had to take revenge to those who put the fire . The fire seemed like it was planned on the hottest day of July, so I promised myself to take revenge for my family . As the fire cleared away, soliders went in and came out with my parents dead body . I looked at my parents and walked away with unsteady steps . I walked passed Flower Palace and I saw a dead flower sourrounded by pretty flowers . I walked toward the dead flower with heavy steps .

"You're just like me . " I said .

A ugly flower sourrounded by pretty ones . All of a sudden, my tears fell on the flower and a white gleam went across the sky causing me to close my eyes . The next thing I knew, the ugly flower became a crystal bear . "Crystal Bear isn't it part of the Crystal Tribe?Why is it here in the Flower Palace?" I questioned myself .

Snow started to fall from the sky and the bear woke up .

"Since, you don't have a name . I'm gonna name you Snow . " I said .

He went into my arms and fell asleep, then the stopped falling .