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Chapter 206

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However, YuYan noticed Jie MeiFen's blushing cheeks while she silently walks after Xiao XiRan who's holding her hand while approaching YuYan .

Xiao XiRan stopped in front of YuYan, he releases Jie MeiFen's hand while Zhiyuan ignored him with a mischievous smile on his lips, but observing Xiao XiRan's move .

"Baby, be careful . . " Xiao XiRan said and swiftly followed by a tight hug and a kiss on YuYan's forehead before he smiled with gentleness towards her .

Jie MeiFen: " . . . " You pervert! Stay away from my friend!

Zhiyuan: " . . . " This stupid brat! Do you want to die?!

YuYan: " . . . " Big brother! You'll make me get killed!

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Recovering from shock after Xiao XiRan's unanticipated actions, Jie MeiFen's face turned deary, she swiftly pinched Xiao XiRan's ears and pulled him away from YuYan .

"Ahh! Sweetheart, it hurts . . . " Xiao XiRan sweetly complained while he gently holds Jie MeiFen's wrist .

Xiao XiRan: " . . . "

Sweetheart, don't be jealous!

She's your future baby sister-in-law!

YuYan: " . . . " Sweetheart?

"I'm not your sweetheart!" Jie MeiFen said while not letting go of Xiao XiRan's ears before she turned to look at YuYan and made a sweet smile on her lips .

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YuYan blinked her eyes twice, she looked at her big brother then looked back at Jie MeiFen who's has an obvious blushing cheeks .

Not long after, like she felt that there's something unusual between the other pair, until there's a twinkling stars on YuYan's eyes and a delightful smile appeared on her lips .

YuYan: "☆☆" MeiFen becomes my big brother's girlfriend??

Jie MeiFen: " . . . " Don't look at me like that . . It's not what you think . . .

Trying to ignore her blushing face, Jie MeiFen looked at YuYan with a meaningful eye . "Good luck . . It's pay back time for what Fa Liling did to you on your first day . "

Understanding Jie Meifen's gaze and recalling how Fa Liling treated her on her first day, an unexpected naughty smile appeared on YuYan's lips .

With a surprise for seeing YuYan smiled differently from what she used to, Jie MeiFen secretly felt excited after recovering from disbelief .

As for Xiao XiRan, there's a deep excitement on his heart seeing his baby sister seems to be growing up, but there is still worry that YuYan might get out of control while fighting .

Therefore, Xiao XiRan immensely threw a look at Zhiyuan with a meaningful eye, but Zhiyuan only smiled enchantingly, yet its seems like both of them understood each other's unknown gaze .

Four people did not speak, YuYan just nodded at Jie Meifen in agreement while the other two seems to threw each other a silent gaze that no one understands what it means .

Finally, the first match for today's evaluation for pairs that were scheduled for sector S was for YuYan and Zhiyuan against Tang Shisu and Fa Liling .

Watching below the platform, Mr Zhao and the other sector S professors are accompanied by the other sector professors and homeroom officials of fourth level to evaluate the student's martial art strengths .

The seats around the platform are also been occupied by the whole fourth level students who are excitedly waiting to watch the fight and know who will be the top ten students .

Some students are also waiting for their turn, especially it is the evaluation for SR and ISR students, while the IR students are just there to watch and support .

Stepping in at the platform, two pairs of fierce eyes are looking straight at YuYan while they ignored Zhiyuan like he doesn't exist .

Oblivious to Xiao XiRan's actions towards YuYan earlier, a deep hatred began on Tang Shisu's heart with resentment that Xiao XiRan ignored her after the day they rolled the sheets .

Tang Shishu was always jealous of Jie MeiFen, but she suspect that the reason why Xiao XiRan started to ignore her was because he was interested on YuYan .

Furthermore, the thought that Xiao XiRan did not have second thoughts to disregard what happened between them made Tang Shishu feel more absolutely incensed .

As for Fa Liling, she still had resentment against YuYan after Li FuJin saved her on their match when they wanted to know YuYan's code .

After YuYan was assigned to be Li FuJin's evaluation pair, envy began to cover Fa Liling's heart with feelings that she lost to a new student .