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Chapter 435
Marlene was dumbfounded about Xiao XiRan's words . But before she can speak, Xiao XiRan suddenly hooked his arm on her waist and pulled her towards him .

Looking at each other with a murderous gaze, Xiao XiRan said on his thoughts . 'You already took my baby, now you even took my wife as your contracted witch! You're looking for death!'

Just like Marlene, YuYan tried to struggle on Li FuJin's arms, but he tightened his embrace; making her face remained buried on his chest .

Unable to get away from Li FuJin's arms, while she cannot even able to look at her big brother . YuYan's face instantly turned dark, so as Marlene .

But YuYan's body suddenly released an unbearable aura . While a sudden drop of temperature immediately spread towards the whole dining room .

Li FuJin: "…"
Xiao XiRan: "…"

With YuYan's obvious displeasure, Li FuJin's raging anger instantly dissipated . But his heart skipped a beat after his wife suddenly bites his chest using her sharp teeth .

Li FuJin: "…"

His gleaming scarlet eyes instantly turned back to its temporary color . While ignoring the pain after being bitten, Li FuJin's tight embraced loosen a bit which made YuYan raised her head to look at him .

Li FuJin: "…"

Li FuJin's face remained expressionless while he looked down at YuYan who has a gloomy face . Then he coldly said . "I don't like it when you're touching anyone . Not even your brother . "

YuYan: "…"

YuYan's face turned darker . She thinks that Li FuJin's excuse was unreasonable . Especially that it his words mean forbidding her to get close to her brothers .

Ignoring the sweet taste of Li FuJin's blood on her mouth, YuYan gritted her teeth then she seethed in anger . "So what?! I don't care! Let me go!"

Although she felt very thirsty after tasting Li FuJin's blood, YuYan tried hard to resist the temptation due to embarrassment to do it in front everyone .

She pushed Li FuJin's chest which made him stepped back, but YuYan looked at him with a warning . "You! Don't ever tell me to stay away from my big brothers!"

Li FuJin: "…"

Li FuJin secretly frowned, his heart is pumping fast with fear that YuYan might suddenly leave him again . How did he forget that she was no longer the same as before?

His face remained expressionless as he looked back at YuYan who's obviously very mad . Li FuJin can't help missing the times when she was afraid of him .

Before Li FuJin can speak, YuYan turned around to look at her big brother . But Li FuJin's arms hooked her waist again; pulling her towards him, bumping her back on his chest .

Despite her annoyance, YuYan ignored Li FuJin's actions that felt like she will disappear at any moment while throwing a warning glare at Xiao XiRan .

Xiao XiRan: "…"

Xiao XiRan whose gleaming eyes returned to normal after YuYan released her unbearable atmosphere, was taken aback on how YuYan looked at him .

"Baby, I was just asking him . He forced your big sister-in-law to… Aahhh . . " Xiao XiRan's words were suddenly interrupted as he screamed in pain .

Marlene's face was black as a pot . She was very angry after Xiao XiRan imprisoned her on his arms, but finally able to get away from his tight embrace .

She immediately pinched Xiao XiRan's ears to stop his words and pulled it mercilessly after hearing his claims . "Who told you that he forced me?!" Marlene seethed in anger .

"I'm the one who asked him to be his contracted witch!" Marlene added with a annoyed voice . "You idiot! Watch your words! Don't create any misunderstandings!"

Xiao XiRan: "…" She asked him?!!! Why would she?!

Marlene felt very displeased at Xiao XiRan after thinking that it was Li FuJin who asked her to have a contract . Especially the fact that their deal was for him to do anything she wants .

Because of Xiao XiRan's words, Marlene looked at Li FuJin with apologetic eyes . But her worries that he might feel bad disappeared when he slightly nodded .