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Chapter 460
His voice remained cold and murderous, but despite his anger, Xiao MingRou's handsome face cannot hide the feeling of being helpless . He would rather let go of his hatred than let his daughter live with the seals for the rest of her life . Therefore, Xiao MingRou has no choice but to let go of Li FuJin . Nonetheless, Xiao MingRou's words were something that Li FuJin did not expect . He subconsciously arched his brows with interest and confusion . Li FuJin stared at his future father-in-law with his inexpressive eyes, wondering why Xiao MingRou is acting different than what YuYan told him before .   He will not forget the sadness on YuYan's eyes the time she told him how she felt about her father . 'I don't think he recognizes me as a daughter . ' When he recalled the time when they were still together, Li FuJin had a speculation that YuYan was her father's child from another woman to treat her differently . However, it was different when Li FuJin had met YuYan with her childhood memory in the forbidden forest . She was cherished by everyone and close to her parents . What more was for YuYan to keep on mentioning her daddy like a spoiled child which obviously shows that she's closer to her father than her mother . Li FuJin remembered that YuYan even used her father's blood to compare it with his . But it was a shocking revelation when he found out that she was a Xiao . He started to wonder why would YuYan lived away from her family . Li FuJin can't grasp any reason for her to be treated like an outsider when they met . Growing up separately from her siblings aside from Mo YuMin, YuYan's last name was change into Mo instead of Xiao after she woke up from a coma . It is suspicious indeed especially that Li FuJin found out about her personal information at the university's level ministry; YuYan only has one brother and no parents . Even Xiao XiRan did not disclose his relationship with YuYan which was misunderstood by everyone . So who would ever expect that they were actually siblings? Nevertheless, everyone was too stupid not to notice YuYan's resemblance to Xiao XiRan, but if you will look close, their appearance was not far from each other . Aside from the colour of their hair, YuYan's innocent eyes were cute as Xiao XiRan; round and lively to be exact . But because of his playfulness, it was not noticeable . Of course Li FuJin would not pay too much attention to Xiao XiRan . He is not stupid not to think that people might suspect that he likes men once he stares at his brother-in-law . Therefore, Li FuJin didn't put Xiao XiRan in the eye, but it turned out that they were siblings that belongs to one of the most wealthy and powerful families in crystal country . Worse, Li FuJin didn't care about the Xiao Family . He failed to realize that YuYan looked like her older brother Mo YuMin, who has resemblance with Xiao XiRan and Xiao YuYi . Hence, after finding out that YuYan was one of the identical twin sisters, Li FuJin doesn't understand why Xiao MingRou would act like he hated her . Besides, the incident twelve years ago should have made Xiao MingRou cherished YuYan more than he did when she was still a child, especially after being in a coma for ten years . She suffered a lot because of Li FuJin, but YuYan was like a toy that has been thrown away . But why would Xiao MingRou treat her like she has no importance than before? With those questions and speculations, Li FuJin feels that there is something wrong . Of course he expected that Xiao MingRou hated him due to what happened in the past . What Li FuJin did not expect after Xiao MingRou treated YuYan like no one . But his future father-in law finally showed how much he loves his daughter .