Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 146

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:01:58 PM

Chapter 146

“David, take me to Fabio!” Lu Zhiyu pressed the headset on his ear, immediately connecting to the central supercomputer . The entire base was controlled by this supercomputer . Its origin was the Sub-Brain of the SS Eternity .

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Currently, it took the form of this supercomputer . Thus, all of the robots and equipment were under its control . The restructuring of the base and the island were all completed through its power via his commands .


Lu Zhiyu saw a rail car arrive instantly to pick him up . He took off towards one of the laboratories within the base .

This particular lab specialized in robot manufacturing research and testing . It also housed the first group of researchers that was recruited by Lu Zhiyu .

Lu Zhiyu walked in and saw several people observing the trial stage of their newly manufactured second model construction robots . Compared with the first model robots, these were much more flexible, having capabilities to engage in more responsibilities and more important engineering tasks . They also had a longer operation limit . Currently, they were planning on replacing all of the first model construction robots .

Fabio Rossi was the director of the Robot Manufacturing Research Laboratory . He was the former head of the gear planning research team at the Italian National Bionic Research Institute . He had later entered the laboratory of Nicholas Debye for research on silicon-based life palms . In other words, he was specially recruited by Lu Zhiyu for his outstanding research skills .

Lu Zhiyu was very curious about the origin of silicon-based lifeforms . According to the available information, the remains of silicon-based life were unearthed from an ancient temple in the Americas . As such, the remains of this silicon-based lifeform should have crashed onto Earth thousands of years ago, which led Lu Zhiyu to wonder many things…

How did it reach Earth? Were there more of its kind? Where was it from?

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To Lu Zhiyu, there were many puzzles to solve, which he wanted answered . But so far, there hadn’t been much progress towards that end .

Fabio Rossi was staring at a magnified image on his computer . His black eyes focused on the metallic cells in front of him . He watched as the nanobots constantly formed designs according to his demands .

An Asian man was also observing by the side, and the two stood up when they saw Lu Zhiyu approaching .

“Boss, you’re here!”

Lu Zhiyu nodded, then looked at the Asian man on the side . “Dr . Gu Chaoran, you’re here, too?”

Gu Chaoran was a male, who was around forty years old . He had been the head of several important projects at NASA, making him one of the top experts in his field . His expertise in aerospace technology almost unsurpassed any others in the world . He was well-known as being among the elite .

But, Nicholas Debye had used a few tricks in order to drive him out of NASA . It hadn’t been difficult, since Asians were often excluded and treated with suspicion within NASA .

Thus, he had disappeared without a trace . No one knew that he had been recruited by a mysterious organization that was hidden on a secret island in the South Pacific .

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Gu Chaoran nodded . “We have a few ideas right now!”

The two of them looked at Lu Zhiyu . This mysterious man was the owner of the entire island . He seemed to know a little bit about everything, though he wasn’t an expert on much of anything .

But, in regards to raising funding and creating the research environment that had been provided, he was unsurpassed . In particular, the supercomputers, metallic cells, and the nuclear fusion technology (obtained from the bio-nuclear energy machine from the Insects of the first world) were beyond their wildest imaginations!

In addition, the laboratory provided them with a research environment and conveniences that were far beyond their expectations . They had construction robots, which were assembled through metallic cells, at their hands, as well as access to any research that they wanted, from all over the world!

Even Gu Chaoran was here . Everything was now in place . This lab had miraculously transformed from an empty shell into a super base that could even construct and research spacecrafts!

“According to your feedback, our current robot technology has been completed . I think we should now start building a space station in space . We can then assemble our spaceship around this space station . As long as we can launch the components of the spacecraft into space and assemble it there, the difficulty of my mission will be greatly reduced . ”

Lu Zhiyu nodded . “Have you finished the preparations for these plans?”

Dr . Gu Chaoran shook his head . “Not yet, it will take some time, but it shouldn’t be too difficult . The most difficult thing is the nuclear power engine problem . Although you provided some of the related technologies, there are quite a few processes to go through before we can move them onto a spacecraft . ”

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Gu Chaoran wanted to say that the difficulty was insanely high, but in the face of the futuristic robotics and the almost magical metallic cells, the difficulties of making a spacecraft was simplified by countless steps .

When they had first talked to Lu Zhiyu, they had felt like they were listening to fabricated myths . It didn’t sound like the design for a spaceship, but rather the blueprint for a Transformer, a living metal ship with evolutionary capabilities and self-awareness .

To Gu Chaoran, supercomputers like David had already broken through the toughest obstacles in manufacturing a spaceship . The rest of the tasks did not require any technological innovation . As long as he applied his experience from NASA, it would be simple .

This made Gu Chaoran very excited . It was a lifelong dream of his to make a large manned spaceship . He had once thought that he could not complete this dream within his lifetime . He had never thought that it was about to be fulfilled, thanks to Lu ZHiyu’s support!

Lu Zhiyu was also very happy . Apparently, it had gone even more successfully than he had expected . “So, do you need anything else?”

Gu Chaoran immediately replied, “We still need a rocket launching platform . I came to visit Fabio to discuss this with him . As for the manufacturing of the rocket, it will be conducted by Fabio’s robotic production line . Molly is in charge of the rocket design, as she is our best rocket system control expert . She is also currently leading the design team!”

“Everything is in the design phase, which will take some time . But, as long as there are no errors in the details, we should be able to launch the first rocket test soon . Afterwards, we will proceed with the design of the space station and the overarching design of the entire spacecraft . ”

Lu Zhiyu patted Gu Chaoran’s shoulder . “You can request whatever you need from David . He will relay it to me, so that I can satisfy your requirements . I will be gone for a while . In the meantime, Dr . Gu Chaoran, you will be in charge of the base . I hope to see our own spacecraft as soon as possible . ”

Gu Chaoran nodded seriously . “You are my boss, and I will report directly to you!”

Lu Zhiyu nodded . The real manager of the base was David . If anything happened, David would immediately lock down the entire base and capture the target . All contact with the outside world was carried out by robots . These people could not leave the base . Their families had been placed there by Nicholas Debye from the Vatican Church . Hence, there was nothing for Lu Zhiyu to worry about .

After surveying the progress throughout the entire base, Lu Zhiyu returned to the ground again . Immediately upon his arrival, he saw a message from Nicholas Debye .

“There is news on the ruins of the silicon-based lifeform, I have already sent people to investigate . There should be results soon . ”

Lu Zhiyu’s face lit up with a slight hint of joy . He put down his phone . A small, almost invisible dimensional gate opened in the living room, which emitted a faint glow .

With a flash, Lu Zhiyu once again disappeared from the face of the Earth…