Low Dimensional Game - Chapter 40

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:05:42 PM

Chapter 40

Lu Zhiyu placed a sequoia tree in his lab and put the soul of the Tree of Life into the sequoia . Every day, he observed and examined the tree to understand more about the characteristics of souls .

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At the moment, there was a fresh drop of blood in a test tube . It contained the deified cells which Lu Zhiyu had created, and he had been observing it carefully for a while now . They were his own cells, deified using the mind power he had obtained after a few days of meditation .

Ever since he had deified his brain and obtained the mind power space, the efficiency of his mediation had grown significantly . His mind power and consciousness had fused together to form his soul, which had a very stable structure . Now he could enter the zero-dimensional world for a long time without worrying about being assimilated .

Originally, increasing his mind power by one would take over ten days, and his mind power had only managed to reach 128 SFU after several years . Now, he could gain one SFU mind power increase in a day of meditation . As compared to the past, it was over ten times faster . Indeed, it was a major improvement!

Even so, Lu Zhiyu had calculated that it would take about 6400 SFU mind power to deify all of his cells . The cells in his brain only accounted for two percent of his whole body . With his current progress, it would take him at least seventeen years to deify all his cells and enter the next stage .

After some research, Lu Zhiyu now knew some characteristics of deified cells . One of them was that no changes would occur to the ordinary parts of a deified cell . The only difference was the deification . To be more precise, on the cellular level, the cell would have the characteristics of mind power and also Lu Zhiyu’s spiritual imprint .

The second feature of a deified cell was that the cell was extremely invasive . Regardless of what organism the cell came into contact with, it would immediately start to corrode the cells of the organism, changing the organism’s form closer to Lu Zhiyu’s form .

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The third thing he observed was that deified cells could be easily shaped and controlled . He could control and adjust his own deified cells freely . In this way, Lu Zhiyu could change his genes and strengthen himself according to his own imagination . He could even give himself various abilities that would otherwise only exist in legends!

When he first figured out these characteristics of deified cells, Lu Zhiyu was very excited . Such powerful plasticity and controllability… Once I understand the genetic template of some powerful creatures, I can actually turn into them . I can change myself into a dragon which can change its size and shape freely .

Lu Zhiyu thought about something else immediately . No, not just that . As long as I can understand the laws of nature, and understand how electricity and fire are formed, I can burn them onto my genes . In this way, I can possess various extraordinary abilities . It will not just be abilities from my physical body obtained via genetic inheritance . Instead, I can really control lightning, fire, metals, magnetism, gravity, and temperature!

Of course, normal cells would not be able to tolerate changes like this, but deified cells were not normal . He would be able to control his deified cells up to the smallest details, and adjust, strengthen, and modify them according to his will . Moreover, his strong restorative ability could also help him to endure such changes .

As long as his mind power was strong enough, he could truly be like a real god; he could change the laws of nature, control the elements, create massive destructions with the flip of his hand, and crush stars in just one punch .

He also knew that if he deified his entire body and became a totally deified creature, his body would no longer have any weaknesses . Even if most of his body was destroyed, as long as some of his cells managed to escape, he could revive . He could actually become an invincible, god-like being only heard in legends!

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This was why Lu Zhiyu wanted to deify his entire body as soon as possible . Looking at the deified cells that he had created, Lu Zhiyu felt like he had just opened a Pandora’s box .

Of course, he was still very far away from becoming a deified creature, and he would not be able to complete it anytime soon . Nevertheless, Lu Zhiyu could also start to try other things at the moment, or begin collecting information so that he would know what to do after getting deified .

Lu Zhiyu waved and summoned an ant-person who had been guarding at the doors into his lab . He hesitated for a second, after which he extracted the blood containing his deified cells with a needle and injected it into the ant-person .

Then, he opened the nutrient pool made from a freezer at the side and made the ant-person lie inside . He closed the tub off and began observing the changes to the ant-person attentively .

Immediately, Lu Zhiyu saw the body of the ant-person collapse . Then, its lean body began to expand . Lu Zhiyu could feel that the ant-person’s cells were changing rapidly and drastically .

Lu Zhiyu’s deified cells were assimilating the ant-person’s entire body rapidly, affecting all its cells like radiation . The deified cells changed its cells and regrouped its genes . One drop of blood was all it took to completely change the ant-person .

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Lu Zhiyu could feel his human genes and longevity genes assimilating the ant-person, turning it into a being that more closely resembled himself . The ant-person shrank in size, and muscles began growing around its joints . Its shell was slowly replaced by many muscles, and a layer of skin began developing over the newly-formed muscles .

“This is amazing . How can a drop of blood achieve this?” Lu Zhiyu muttered . “The invasiveness of deified cells is terrifying!” Lu Zhiyu could imagine that even if a real deified creature was dead, its corpse could still turn a barren piece of land into a hotbed for thousands of lives .

If the deified creature was powerful enough, maybe a person would be affected on the most fundamental level by just looking at the creature or being close to it . The person’s form would also change towards that of the creature and become its spawn . In fact, he would never be able to escape its control . With such an ability, what could better describe the creature other than the word “demon?”

“Oh no!” Lu Zhiyu suddenly seemed to have felt something .

The ant-person’s body began to quickly collapse . Within a few seconds, the ant-person’s body fell apart, turning into bloody lumps on the ground .

Lu Zhiyu raised his hand and many pinpricks of microscopic cells rose out of the ant-person’s body, converging back into a drop of blood in the air .

Lu Zhiyu sighed, “I failed . ”

Just now, Lu Zhiyu could feel that his spiritual imprints in the deified cells were invading the ant-person’s cells, but they were met with resistance . The fusion was unsuccessful, and it caused the ant-person’s genes to fall apart .

Lu Zhiyu put the deified blood back into the test tube and sealed it off with a cork . Then, he sat on his chair and started thinking . Ant-people are not very intelligent, but they still have their own minds . It is only natural for their bodies to instinctively resist any foreign invasion . Therefore, there was a conflict with my spiritual imprints .

So this means that if I can find someone who will not resist my will at all, I can change him, on the most fundamental level, into a spawn that carries my bloodline… Why does this sound like creating a mad religious believer?