Mages Are Too OP - Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: 465

Chapter 465 Position Established

Everybody was stunned as they watched Betta flee . Then, they all withdrew their gazes and stared at Roland .

The little blue fireball was gradually growing larger in Roland’s hand .

“Why is it blue?”

Everybody here was an expert in magic in their local area . They might have pulled some strings, but they couldn’t have been admitted by the Red Magic Tower if they didn’t have any expertise .

So, they knew very well what color an Inferior Fireball should be .

But why was this fireball blue?

While the students were confused, Montasisa knew what was going on very well .

As a Master who had been devoted to evoking magic, and an experienced Mage on his way to being a Legend, he knew that the fire would be blue when its temperature reached a certain point .

Also, only the fiery spells above the fifth ring could be blue in most occasions .

It meant that the fireball that Roland was preparing was extremely powerful .

He walked to his old friend and said in a low voice, “Be careful . This kid is rather strange . Don’t be tricked by him . ”

Triton slightly nodded . Naturally, he knew what blue fire meant too .

“Don’t worry . While this fireball looks powerful, it’s essentially still an Inferior Fireball…”

Two seconds passed while they talked to each other .

At this moment, the fireball had expanded to fifty meters in diameter .

As the fire grew much bigger, the magic waves that it emitted became very obvious .

Everybody sensed the immense shock of magic power, which seemed to be exploding at any moment .

Also, the quantity of the magic power was huge .

If it exploded, everybody here would suffer an intense hit .

At this moment, the students who were still in the main hall finally understood why Betta broke the window and escaped .

Then… with awful looks as if they had just accidentally stepped into a pit of poop, they ran out crazily like panicked ducks .

Breaking all the windows around them, they jumped out one after another .

They weren’t as quick and neat as Betta . One of them even fell on the ground after his long magic robe snagged on the ragged window frame after he broke it .

Then, he tore his robe crazily and fled, half rolling and half crawling, without caring about his ripped robe at all .

As a result, Roland and his two teachers were left alone in the main hall .

A fireball forty meters in diameter shouldn’t be called an Inferior Fireball anymore but a Superior Fireball . To make things worse, this fireball was a blue one .

Controlling the fireball above his hand steadily, Roland asked with a smile, “Mr . Triton, this is already my best . Do you really want me to throw it out?”

If his teacher’s defensive spell didn’t work out, the fireball could raze the whole building to the ground .

Now that Roland had been transformed into an Elemental Lord, his elementary spells were much more powerful than before .

Roland was not being petty . If his teacher intended to establish authority by teaching him a lesson, the man must be prepared to be taught a lesson instead .

Triton seemed calm on the surface, but he was secretly cursing in his heart .

Awing the students in a new class by teaching their monitor a lesson was a tradition in the Red Magic Tower .

After all, all the Mages were proud, and it would be difficult to teach them if they weren’t admired .

For years, the tradition had been observed smoothly . Triton didn’t expect to meet anyone so tough .

He could tell that the fireball was already very dreadful . Yet, the kid was still talking .

He could still talk when he was trying his best?

Was he really trying his best?

“Don’t worry . ” Triton put on a casual smile and said . “This won’t be a problem for me . ”

While talking, he set up magic barriers in front of himself .

One, two… Even Montasisa helped add three barriers around Triton .

A sector of ten transparent barriers surrounded and protected Triton and Montasisa .

Because of the surging magic power on the thick barriers, Triton’s face and voice was rather obscure behind them .

“Can I throw it now?” asked Roland with a smile .

He would’ve canceled the spell as soon as his teachers gave in with any excuse .

After all, Roland was always courteous and respectful of the elderly .

But Triton was stubborn too . As a capable old man, he was reluctant to flinch .

He snorted and said, “Throw it . You think your little ball can hurt me?”

While Triton talked, Montasisa stepped to the side and behind him .

Seeing the nervousness on their faces, Roland slightly reduced his magic power and threw out the fireball . At the same time, he snapped his fingers and flashed out of the main hall .

Hiding behind the main hall, the students looked inside apprehensively .

They couldn’t see very clearly, but they could sense the situation inside with their mental power .

Right while they were enjoying the drama, Roland suddenly appeared before them out of thin air .

A flash?

He was capable of using flash when he wasn’t a Master yet?

Before they could think it through, an intense explosion burst out from the dormitory building .

The whole building, as well as the ground nearby, trembled hard . Then, the bright and intense flames squirted out from five broken windows like five dreadful fire surges .

The strong heat could be sensed even if the students were a dozen meters away .

The air around them became dry and scorching .

Everybody’s robe rustled under the strong wind .

Everybody looked at Roland in fear, but Betta heaved a sigh of relief .

“Good thing that Roland didn’t try his best . ”

Betta knew very well that, if Roland had thrown out a fireball with his best, probably half of the east district would’ve been affected .

Everybody was even more speechless after hearing that . Soon, the heat waves from the dormitory building dwindled .

Very soon, Triton’s voice came out of the dormitory . “Come in . ”

His voice wasn’t as loud as before, and he sounded rather exhausted .

Nobody moved; they simply looked at Roland .

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Roland waited a moment and then voluntarily flashed back .

Betta walked faster and leaped in through one of the windows .

The other students finally had the courage to move . Since they weren’t as agile as Betta, they could only crawl back through the windows .

The wooden frame of the windows had been burned . They were still burning hot when the students touched them .

Entering the main hall, the students found that it had been blackened, and the floor stone had cracked because of the heat .

As for Triton and Montasisa, there was a clear area around where they were standing . Everything behind that invisible line was fine, except that the gate had been opened . Also, behind the gate, there were two split, blackened belts that stretched at least twenty meters all the way to the edge of the street .

Everybody blinked their eyes as they saw the scene .

That spell seemed overly powerful .

Their teachers looked no different from before, except that both of them seemed worn out .

Everybody could feel it .

They looked at their teachers in a weird way .

They wanted to laugh, but they didn’t really have the courage to .

After everybody crawled in, Triton said, “Since we’ve already met each other, we’ll cut to the chase . The class will officially start tomorrow morning . The campus is in the middle district . You should be smart enough to find it . Also, take your black badge with you when you go to the class . Only those with the black badge can pass the barrier outside of the campus . ”

Everybody listened quietly .

Triton glanced around at all the students but intentionally skipped Roland . Then he asked, “Do you have any questions?”

He waited for a while, but nobody said anything .

Triton was about to dismiss them, when Roland suddenly asked, “Mr . Triton, I’m told that the students can rent bigger houses or buy manors in the east district if they can afford it, right?”

“Of course they can . ” Triton nodded .

Roland asked again, “May I know what powers a monitor has?”

“You have a lot of powers,” Montasisa suddenly interjected . “For example, if anyone wants to ask for leave, or to get out of the Red Magic Tower for business, they have to file an application to their monitor and ask for his permission . Also, only a limited number of students from each class are allowed to go to the school library every day, and it’s up to the monitor who gets to go to the library . There are also other powers that are trivial . ”

Roland frowned . Though a monitor seemed powerful, the powers meant that he would waste a lot of his time .

However, the power to decide who got to go to the library was quite handy for him .

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“Okay, it’s time for us to leave . ” Montasisa looked at Roland and said, “Roland, since you were the one who deformed the main hall, you will be responsible for repairing it . ”

“Not a problem . ”

Now that Roland accepted the request, Montasisa dragged Triton away .

If they were to stay here any longer, Triton would collapse to the floor . His mental power was already growing disordered .

After the teachers left, Roland walked out too . He needed to hire some people from the west district to repair the main hall of the dormitory building .

After Roland left, everybody was greatly relieved and began to whisper to each other .

“My goodness, why is Roland’s Inferior Fireball so powerful, and why does it have a different color from ours?”

“It’s probably because he has a special bloodline . ”

“It’s true that anyone who can create a spell can’t be ordinary . I estimate that the two teachers might’ve been no match for Roland if he had attacked with his full strength . ”

“The Ruby Class will be interesting in the future . We’ll all have to lay low when he’s in charge of us . ”

After that, everybody looked at a certain pair of young nobles from Fareins .

The two men lowered their heads, not daring to look back at their fellows .

Triton and Montasisa returned to the middle district . Then, Triton sat straight down on a rock next to the road .

He breathed heavily with sweat dripping from his forehead .

“S*it . Who is this kid? His fireball drained my magic power after hitting my barriers . How old is he? Is he another Melf or Mordenkainen?”

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