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Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 19.2

Published at 21st of January 2020 06:08:17 AM

Chapter 19.2

The morning Ain arrived at Ishtalika by the water train .

 Around the same time, there was a bit of a commotion at the Archduke Augusto’s residence .


“……Hey, Grandfather? Let’s talk about me going to study abroad in Ishtalika . ”

 “Um uhmm……That isn’t something that easy, you know? “


 Krone was pressing Archduke Augusto .

 She asked him to send her study abroad in Ishtalika .

 Obviously, this was so that she could be close to Ain and Olivia .


 “Why it isn’t easy? Is it money? Or is it about manners and academy ability? I didn’t want to say this in front of Father, but I’m better when compared to him in all these areas, don’t you think? “


  Krone nonchalantly spoke ill of her father, Harley, as if it was nothing .


 “Umu, you’re right Krone, that might certainly be true . ”

 “F-Father……? “

 “What, Harley? Say it . ”

 “……No, it’s nothing . ”


 Harley was a hard worker, but there was nothing he could say .

 It was meaningless since, after all, Krone quite excellent, just like she had said .

 In fact, Krone’s excellence was true to the point where she greatly outperformed him in manners and academic ability, and that was the reason of Harley’s troubled expression .


“So, Grandfather? What’s it going to be? “

 “You want to be with Ain-dono that much?”

 “Father . I honestly think it’s better to call him Ain-‘sama’ . ”

 “How curious, I was just thinking the same, Harley . ”


 Ain was the only son of Ishtalika’s second princess .

 No matter how great of an Archduke he was, calling ‘dono’ to someone belonging to the royal family of a great power did not feel right .


“I want to go . If not, then what’s the point of this Star Crystal?”

 “That’s true, but…… uhmm . ”

 “Haaa…… Father . It might be impossible to do it right away, but let’s let her go . ”

 “Harley! Don’t say it as if it’s that easy! “

 “Even if you tell me that, you know Krone’s will becomes stronger when she’s stubborn . Didn’t she stopped talking to you for three months that time?”

 “W-Well……! “


 Archduke Augusto made one mistake when Krone was four years old .

 He accidentally stepped on a doll she really liked .

 It might’ve been only that, but Krone was quite angry at him at that time .

 And, until her mood finally became good again, Krone decided to completely ignore the Archduke for the next three months .


“I think this might be good considering the situation in the near future . ”

 “I know, right, Father? Ishtalika is amiable and a pacifist country . However, with this time’s incident, I feel we might have overstepped . At the very least, the break of diplomatic ties with them might be inevitable . ”

 “The worst would be getting attacked by Ishtalika…… no, that would be actually the end . Harley, what do you think would be the next bad thing?”

 “Those guys in Euro and Rockdam getting the backing of Ishtalika . ”


 Archduke Augusto casted his gaze downwards at Harley’s words .

 He then pondered on some of those predictions .


 “Father . Could you tell me your current priorities? The home? The country? “


 Augusto felt hesitant to answer, but still, he spoke his thoughts .


“It’s useless to keep it to myself . It is true we’ve served and contributed to Heim generation after generation . Both me, and the Augusto house as a whole . But what I think…… What I feel more precious is my family, and those who serve this house . ”

 “You’re right, Father . ”


 Despite him being at the top of the nobility, for Archduke Augusto, his family was the first and most important .

 He had a strong love for his family and his household .

 He did serve the country and valued it quite a bit, however, when it came to priority, his family would always come first .


“Then, Grandfather, does that mean!? “

 “It’s impossible right now . Let’s think about it slowly . ……It would be fool to go to Ishtalika straight from the Roundhart port . ”

 “You’re right . It’s best to think about the diplomatic relations . But even so, a ship from Heim might give a terrible impression . The next best thing would be to use one from Euro . ”


“Grandfather! I can go to Ain’s place then!? When!? “

 “Calm down, Krone . I’m thinking a year, within a year it might be good for you to leave for Ishtalika . We’ll get things ready in the meantime . ”

 “For real!? I love you, Grandfather! Thank you! “

 “Fu fufu……Krone is a good girl . ”


 Archduke Augusto relaxed his expression after being told he was loved by Krone .

 Seeing this, his son Harley couldn’t help but to smile wryly at him .


“I just hope this doesn’t end in us looking for asylum, Father . ”

 “Indeed . ”




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 A few tens of minutes after those outrageous revelations .

 Just as they talked inside the meeting room, a knock was heard on the door .


 “Who is it?”


 Warren asked to the person knocking .


 “I’ve come after preparing what you’ve asked, Warren-sama, but……”

 “I’m coming . ”


 The one knocking on the door was a civil servant .

 He was one of Warren’s subordinates .


“Indeed . Looks like everything is correct…… Olivia, do you have any objection? “

 “If something bad happens to Ain, I’ll let him suck another national treasure magic stone . ”

 “It won’t . Nothing bad will happen, so please spare me from that……”


 It seemed this was something related to Ain; however, he had no idea what it was about .

 Next to him, Chris smiled lightly at him as is trying to reassure him .


 Ain too, couldn’t help but feel curious about how another national treasure might taste like .

 He swore in his heart that someday he would taste it .


“Nya nyaa!? Ohh, Olivia is really back, nya! “

 “……A c-cat? “

 “Ara, it’s been a while onee-sama, your fur is quite pretty today too . ”

 “Huh?! Is that so, nya!? You have a great taste, Olivia . ”

 “M-Mother, who is this……cat?” 


 As Warren-san walked out the door to talk with the person who brought some papers, in his place came in a large cat, about 120 cm tall . It was a cat with black fur, walking in two feet and wearing clothes .

 The cat’s fur was shinny and pretty, and was visibly well taken care of .

 And what’s more, this cat spoke in human words .


“I’m not a cat, nya! How rude!! Just by looking at my beautiful fur you should knyow I am the first princess! “

 “The first princess!? A cat!? “

 “Nyaike I said! I’m not a cat, nya! I’m Katima Von Ishtalika! The respectable first princess, nya! “

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 ’Even if you say that’, Ain thought to himself, but didn’t say it out loud since it seemed troublesome .

 He seriously thought she was just a cat, but since Chris next to him said the same, he had to believe it .


“M-Mother’s…… big sister? “

 “Yes . Katima-sama is Olivia-sama’s sister . She’s Ishtalika’s First Princess . ”

 “Are they not blood-related?”

 “We are, nya! You’re totally rude……is that what you think of the great complex royal bloodline? “

 “What’s this about complex royal bloodline?”


 Ain felt less nervous talking to her since her greeting was more casual than Silvird’s .


“The Ishtalika Royal Family’s bloodline has had a large number of races, so it’s not surprising that new royalty is born as some of those races nya!  That’s why I said complex bloodline, fun, right nya?”

 “(Is the royal bloodline alright……?)”

 “By the way, who are you nya? Not even greeting me, the First Princess, you’re very rude . ”

 “Katima . This child is Ain…… Olivia’s kid . ”


 Katima asked about the identity of Ain .

 And the one who answered her question was Silvird .


“Ahh, I see, nya~……Eh, Nyaaaaaaa!? Olivia’s child!? How!? Then, that makes me…… uhmm, his sister, nya? “

 “Your position would be his aunt . ”


  Martha corrected Katima .

 It was unclear why she thought her position would be the sister .


 “A-Aunt, nya……? Almost as if my little sister gave birth to a child……”

 “That’s exactly why I said that . ”


  Getting gradually more irritated by the restless cat named Katima, Ain went ahead and touched her neck .


“Hey, what are you……nya~……you’re really good a petting, nyaa . I have to admit it, nya . I’ll allow you to call me Katima as a reward, nya . ”

 “……Thank you very much, Katima-san . ”


 He touched her aunt like one would pet a cat, but apparently, she didn’t have a problem with it .


“Ohh, it seems Katima-sama has already opened up to you, Ain-sama . ”

 “I don’t know if I can call this her opening up, but yeah . ”

 “That’s fine . Katima-sama? You already checked the documents, right? “

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 “I did nya, and I also signyaed them already . ”

 “Thank you very much . The Queen, who was set to visit a neighboring town, also signed it in a hurry . All that’s left are His Majesty and the Princess’ signatures . ”


 Every member of the Royal Family was signing the document .

 It looked a bit strange .


“Yes, I’m fine with it, here Father . ”

 “……Alright . I’ve signed it too . ”

 “Then, I, Warren, together with Lloyd-dono will serve as witnesses . Lloyd-dono, if you please . ”

 “Umu……Alright, I see no problem with it, Warren-dono . ”

 “Then, my turn……Okay . I give my consent too . ”


 Everyone passed over and checked what seemed to be an important document .

 The word witness had also come out .

 Something was moving at a tremendous speed .


 “Then, Your Majesty . If you will . ”

 “Umu . I, Silvird Von Ishtalika . Acknowledge Ain and accept him into the Royal Family of Ishtalika! “

 ” ! Mother, does that m……”

 “Yeah . Now you have a home to return to . “


 Ain was delighted .

 He was happy to have a new family, since until just now, he had no place to call home anymore .

 And even thought the royal family was quite a large home, his joy was still great .


 “Yes, thank you very much, Your Majesty . Now, onto the second one . ”

 “Eh? The second……? “


 Ain wondered about those words; however, the content was read without paying mind to his concerns .





“I, Silvird Von Ishtalika . By my name, I declare you Ain Von Ishtalika, crown Prince . ”


 From a houseless child to becoming part of the Royal Family .

 Ain thought this was a considerable improvement in his life, but he didn’t think it would go even beyond that .

 For the time being, he decided to look at Olivia next to him, but she was just staring at him with an angelic smile .


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